Obama Flooding Us With Foreign Workers Despite High Unemployment

IRS – Lois Lerner's Blackberry Wiped Clean

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Al Gore

Al Gore Asking Democrats For Money Because Of Global Warming

Jerry Brown

A State Without Borders - Governor Brown Welcomes "All Illegals" To California

Ben Carson

Dems Going After Ben Carson After He Won A Iowa Straw Poll

Kim Jong Un

North Korea Building Missile Submarine - What Are The Odds It'll Sink


Obamacare - Reduced Hours, Cost Hikes, Cancellations, Enrollment Attrition


Muslim Asked If Islam Demands Massacre Of Christians

Lois Lerner

IRS Scandal "Compromised" GOP Lawmakers Demand Special Counsel

Huddle House

You Will Never Read This In The News - US Marine Severely Beaten By Racially Motivated Blacks


Obama's Libyan Strategy Creates Another Civil War

Greg Gutfeld

Greg Gutfeld Interviews A Badass Green Beret


Where Government Incompetence Ends & Malice Begins

Victim Mentality Afflicts Black Americans

How Best "Not" To Respond To ISIS

Muslim Jihadist

Austria - Springboard For Global Jihad, Yes Austria

Burger King

Burger King Plans To Escape Insane US Corporate Tax System


Obamacare, I Mean You Now Pay For "Gender Reassignment"

Padma Lakshmi

Union Thugs Attack Bravo's Top Chef - Scared For Her Life


Did You Know You're Paying For "Organic Chickens?"

Common Core

Common Core Architect's History "Deeply Biased" Against US

Al Sharpton

How Al Sharpton Is Using Obama, Ferguson & MSNBC


How Much Of A Threat Is ISIS To The West

Illegal Aliens

Check Your Backyard For Murder Convicts Released By DHS - Here's The Map

Clare Lopez

Shocking Interview - Our Southern Border Is A War Zone - By Design

The Daily Outrage


Egypt, UAE Join The Libyan Afterparty

Lois Lerner

IRS - Lois Lerner's Blackberry Deliberately Destroyed After Start Of Congressional Probe

Global Warming

Scientists Abandon Science To Popularize Global Warming

Capt. Ron Johnson

Uh-Oh...Ferguson's Capt. Ron Johnson Caught Pulling Gun On Unarmed White Kids On Bikes


Yes They Did It Again - Security Data Lost After Backing It Up...On The Same Hardware


Feds Building Database To Track "Hate Speech" On Twitter

Burger King

Here's The Beef - Dems Want To Boycott Rather Than Help


CNN Employees "Scared To Death" Over Impending Cuts - Advertisers Leaving 


Alleged Israeli Drone Shot Down Over Iran


Just So You Know - 92% Of Saudi's Believe ISIS Conforms To The Values Of Islam




Burger King Thinking Of Moving To Canada

Watch Hypocrite Libs Says Bring Illegal Children, But Not To My House


Michael Brown

WH Sending 3 Officials To Michael Brown's Funeral - But Snubbed 2 Star General & Margaret Thatcher

Ralph Peters

Obama's Reign Of Error


Obama Hatches Plan To Explode Welfare


How Obama "Set Free" The Head Of The Evil Murdering Terrorists ISIS 


German Minister Accuses Qatar Of Financing ISIS


Police Militarizing With Few Checks On Power

Pink Cookie

Feds Ban School's 40-Year Tradition The Beloved "Pink Cookie" 

Cops Shooting

Video Shows Cops Shooting Man Putting His Gun Down - Or Does It - Watch It Several Times

Civil War Cannon

Is America On The Brink Of Civil War

Illegals Aliens

TSA Finally Admits Illegals Fly With No ID

UK Border

UK Border In Chaos Also


Flight Diverted After Hackers Tweet Bomb Threat

Shannen Allen

New Jersey Justice - Prison For Telling The Truth

Ukraine Troops

Ukraine, Competing Parades As East-West Divisions Deepen


Obamacare Horror Stories & Every Dimwitted Dem Voted For This

Sylvia Burwell

HHS Does A End Around The Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby Ruling

Basher Al-Assad

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner


Chicago Gets Chilling Islamic Terror Tweet - From Right On Their Streets

Charles Krauthammer

Obama's "Willful Blindness" On Terrorism

John Kirby

Pentagon Official - White House Leak On Failed Foley Rescue Endangers Future Operations


Is ISIS About To Become A Nuclear Power


The One Question About Ebola That Nobody Can Seem To Answer


"Group-Think" School Program Turns Kids Into Sheep

Rick Perry

Rick Perry Building 2016 Momentum In Wake Of Indictment

Gilbert Arenas

Gilbert Arenas Calls Race Baiter Al Sharpton A "Coon" & Hasn't Helped Anybody But Himself

Scott Walker

Documents Show A "Witch Hunt" Against Scott Walker & His Supporters

Darren Wilson

Irony - Liberals Tried To Shut Down Darren Wilson Supporters & It Backfired Big Time

Scott Brown

It's On In New Hampshire

Supreme Court

Administration Offer New Rules On Birth Control After Supreme Court Rules On Obamacare

Chinese Jet

Chinese Jet Threatened US Intelligence Aircraft

AJ Huntsman

Connecticut Trooper Steals Cash & Jewelry Off Dying Motorcycle Crash Victim

"A survey found that 75 percent of Americans don't use up all their vacation days. While the rest apparently loaned them to President Obama. He's on vacation again!" –Jimmy Fallon 

Choking Capitalism – Gov't Regulations Strangling Business

Ferguson And The Real Race War



Gun-Rights Group Persuading Dozens Of Towns To Repeal Firearms Regs In Legal Blitz 

Hamas Rockets

Declassified Report - Hamas Fires Rockets From Schools, Playgrounds, Hospitals


109,631,000 On "Means Tested Programs" - Welfare

Debbie Wasserman Sshultz

Wazz-Up Schultz "The Baghdad Bob" Of The DNC Says Illegals Are Backbone Of Our Economy

Venezuela Store

Socialist Paradise To Monitor How Much Food You Buy - Michelle Obama Would Love This

Mike Brown

Teacher Makes Sixth-Graders Re-Enact The Death Of Michael Brown


Beyond Belief - EPA Calls In DHS To Thwart Gross Bathroom Vandalism In Their Offices

Bank Of America

Is Bank Of America A Victim of Government Extortion

Fighter Jets

US Ramps Up Airstrikes In Iraq After Execution Video


SEIU Begs Workers To Keep Paying Because Now They Have A Choice

Mark Pryor

Desperate Dem Runs An Pro-Obamacare Ad But Won't Say The Law's Name 

Jay Nixon

Rush To Judgment - Missouri Governor Calls For "Vigorous Prosecution" Of Darren Wilson


The More Teachers Learn About Common Core, The More They Hate It

Autopsy Report

Uh-Oh...Over A Dozen Witnesses Back Darren Wilson's Story

Michelle Obama

Georgia School District Tells Michelle Obama & The Feds To Get Out Of Town


As Ferguson Violence Flares, Fingers Point To Outsiders

Western Land

Another Western Land Grab By The Administration

Black Mobs

Why So Much Anger In Ferguson - 10 Facts About The Massive Economic Gap Between White & Black America

Richard Nixon

Actions Over Words - How Nixon Saved The State Of Israel

Kurdish Fighters

Kurdish Fighters Lean On The Job & On The Front Line 


Journalist Quits Ferguson After Denouncing Media's Behavior

Ali Muhammad Browm

Media Ignores - American Jihadist Kills 4 

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton "Caught Misleading" The Public

Shawn Parcells

Ferguson, You Got Another Problem Mike Brown Autopsy "Expert" Is A Fake


Faces Of Delay - Heart Breaking Stories Of The VA Delivering "Death Sentences" To Veterans

Police Shooting

Have You Heard About The Black Cop Kills White Man?  Didn't Think So

Eric Holder

Holder Going To Ferguson - I'm From The Government & I Always Conduct "Fair" Investigations

Gina McCarthy

EPA Exceeds Its Authority - Congress Must Act

Cornel West

Left Wing Radical Cornel West - Obama Is A "Disgusting" Black President

Lois Lerner

The Consequences of Unaccountability


Just So You Know - 65 Former Lobbyists Currently In Obama Administration

Jet Fighter

Obama's Defense Cuts Jeopardize US Tech Edge For A Generation

Razor Wire

The Feds Buy Border Fencing To Be Erected 6,600 Miles Away From The Rio Grande

Jesse Jackson

The Race Hustler, Carpet Bagger Gets "Booed" In Ferguson For Asking For Donations


White House Rejects "Freedom Of Information Request" To Determine How Secure Obamacare Website Really Is

Hillary Clinton

The Question Is Not If Hillary Should Be In The White House, But If She Should Be In Jail

Mary Landrieu

Now She Is Caught Using Taxpayer Money For Private Charter Flights

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden's Epic Heist - He Took A Lot More Than The Media Is Telling You

Allen West

Allen West - Obama Is An Islamist & Here Are Just 6 Examples


Obama Slammed For Releasing Details Of Failed Foley Rescue Mission


Obama Stands Alone - Even Media Baffled By Deepening Isolation

Open Carry

Map - Where is Open Carry Legal


Hamas Kills 18 Suspected Israel Informants


TSA Sued Over Sex Assault Complaints - Exam Extensive As My Physician

Paul Singer

Paul Singer's Next Trick Will Make The Argentine Government Way Angrier

Don Lemon

CNN Anchor Claims People Can Buy "Automatic Weapons" In America - No Clue & Won't Admit He Has No Clue, Watch


Media Pulling Out Of Ferguson As New Evidence Brown Was The Aggressor


Here Is A Big Problem - CNN Refuses "Anti-Hamas" Ad - Watch & You Decide


Only In LA - Los Angeles Considers Paying People To Vote


Obama Drops Quick Statement On Foley "Beheading" Then Hits The Links

Darren Wilson

Did Darren Wilson Suffer An Eye Socket Fracture - CNN Says No

Ann Coulter

No Facts, No Peace

Ferguson Looters

Ferguson Looter "I'm Proud Of Us. We Deserve This"

Linda Ronstadt

Airhead Of The Day, Linda Ronstadt "No One Is Illegal,The Border Should Be Wide Open & They Should Just Come"

Military Vehicle

Suddenly US Alarmed Over Militarization Of Cops

Joe Biden

Joe Biden Stonewalled FOIA Request To Hide His Outrageous Personal Travel Costs 


GOP Warned - Conservatives Ready To Revolt

Chuck Norris

How Do You Convince Gun Owners To Vote - Get Chuck Norris To Make A Video Like This

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Sorry, Watch This Again - The Difference Between Stealing & Wealth Redistribution If You Are Confused

News Busted


Tom Coburn

Tax Credits Meant To Help Poor Communities Spent On Doggie Day Care, Sculptures & Breweries


Obama's Monsters Ball - Opens White House To Some Of Africa's Most Evil Dictators

Texas Rancher

Texas Rancher's Biggest Fear Is Getting Sued By Illegals Trespassing On Land

Al Gore

Oops...Qatar, Owner Of Al Jazeera & Backer Of Al Qaeda Doesn't Want To Pay Global Warming High Priest Al Gore For His News Channel

Kurdistan Women

Meet The Women Ready To Fight ISIS In Iraq



Make Sure You Understand This True Evil - ISIS Cuts 5-Year-Old Christian Boy In Half

Mark Steyn

Mark Steyn VS Michael Mann's Lawsuit - If This Trial Ever Goes Ahead Global Warming Is Toast

Dan Borgino

"President Chaos" Ex-Secret Service Agent Unloads On Obama 


Shocking - Government Spending Per Household, Exceeded Median Household Income 3 Years Straight

Hillary Clinton

The Pant Suit Narcissist Also Requires "Presidential Suite" 5 Other Rooms, Private Jet & More 

Shocking - Watch Border Patrol Confesses Citizenship "No Longer Matters" 

Barney Frank

Former Dem Congressman & Habitual Liar, Elmer Fudd, Accuses Obama Of Lying To American People - He Would Know

David Horowitz

Obama's Treachery - Why Are Republicans Treating Obama's Presidency As Normal & Not A National Disgrace 



Garbage In, Global Warming Out - 17 Years Of Weather That Won't Cooperate  

Yazidis People

The Final Solution - Why Muslims Want To Kill The Yazidis By Genocide

James O'Keefe

James O'Keefe - If You Think The US Borders Are Safe, You're Wrong


The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

What Do The Fans Of The “Redskins” Think About Changing The Name

WOW - Black Man Goes On Epic Rant Against Ferguson Black Rioters

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Phil Mickelson
 Burning Man

Slot Machine

After 20 Years, Stingy Slot machine Coughs Up The Big One

Green Mill

Al Capone's Favorite Chicago Bar, He Would Walk In The Front Door But Almost Never Walk Out That Door


GPS Devices Find Huge Water Loss In Western US


Giant Crack Opens Up In Mexico

Le'Veon Bell

Steelers RBs Arrested For Being Under The Influence Of Being Stupid


Does Money Make People Mean


Women Can Now Try Out Breast Enhancement For 24 Hours To See If They Like It


Will Remodeling My House Increase My Taxes - DUH!

1954 Ferrari

Wins Best Of Show

Shipwreck Bottle

200-Year-Old "Drinkable" Bottle Of Booze Found In Shipwreck



10 Least Tax-Friendly States In The US, Or Who's Really Getting Hosed


13 Worst Mistakes People Make In Their 20s


Class Action Against Facebook Attracts 60,000 Users


12 Bizarre Ways People Save Money

Mayan Discovery

2 New Mayan Cities Discovered

Space Station

Surprising Life Found "Outside" The Space Station

Mo'ne Davis

She's A Hit - Mo'ne Davis Becomes 6th Girl To Get A Hit In Little League World Series

Beer Drinking

The Most Powerful Man In The Beer Industry & You Know Nothing About Him

Google Car

Test Driving...Or Not Test Driving A Google Self Driving Car

Neil Stammer

FBI Nabbed A 14-Year Fugitive & Juggling Star By Accident

Giant iPad

There Is Going To Be A Giant iPad

Fast Food

Is British Fast Food Better Than America's Fast Food

SLS Casino

Vegas Storied Sahara Casino Reborn


America's 10 Fastest Growing Companies


Tarp-Gate, Chicago Cubs Cutting Ground Crews Hours To Avoid Obamacare


Hostess Closing Union Bakery That Created The Twinkie

Floating Cabin

When You See This Maine Floating Cabin - If It Isn't Summer Heaven Nothing Is

Solar Plants

Solar Plant Killing Birds, Called "Steamers" - One Every Two Minutes


The Highest Paying Jobs At Google



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