What They're Not Telling You About Sweden 

Video III – Rigging The Election – Hillary Was Personally Involved

Gingrich, Megyn Kelly Duke It Out Over Media Bias

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Forest Fire

Sanctuary City Illegal Alien Starts $61 Million Fire In National Forest

Trump Hillary

Study - Trump Got More News Coverage, 91% Was Hostile

Paul Ryan

There's A Push For The GOP To Postpone House Speaker Election


The 2nd Amendment & The Inalienable Right To Self-Defense

Mike Crapo

Sen. Mike Crapo, Pulling His Endorsement Of Trump 3 Weeks Ago, Now Says He Will Vote For Him - Morons In Washington  

John Kerry

John Kerry Receives An Award For Negotiating The Worst Deal America Has Ever Made 

Brunell Donald-Kyei

WOW - Trump Vice-Chair Of Diversity Goes Off On Hillary & Obama - Watch This


Financial Jihad: Somali Refugee Group Stole Millions From Americans In Less Than 1 Year

David Petraeus

David Petraeus - ISIS "Rose Up From Ashes" Because Obama Reneged On US Commitments

Donald Trump

Hillary's Internal Poll - She Crashes To 12% Favorable

Attempted Silencing Of Assange Leads Directly To Clinton

A Lesson In Hollywood's Hypocrisy

Think You Know How Bad The Clintons Are?

Voting Machine

It Has Started In Texas Already - Machines Switching Votes To Hillary

Donald Trump

Trump Cuts Off Fundraising Events For Republican Party


Obama Won't Waive National Guard Bonus Repayments

Illegal Aliens

Illegal Aliens Go Door-To-Door On Behalf Of Hillary

Hillary Clinton

Top Hillary Ally: Hillary Was Not "Forthcoming" - "She Wanted To Get Away With It"


Venezuelan Government: No Food (What Is Left Of It) For Those Who Criticize Us - Isn't Socialism Great


Obama OKs Deal To Transfer US Technology, Training And American Planes To Iran

Trump Rally Tampa

Trump Has 3 Rallies In One Day & Over 20,000 At Just The Tampa Rally

John Podesta

This Guy Is A Real Piece Of Work - Emails Instruct How He Wants Polls To Be Rigged

Hillary Clinton

Did CNN Tell You Hillary Tops 2015-16 Jihad Donors List?



Meet The Arizona "Civilian" US Border Patrol - They Have Had Enough

William Boykin

Lt. Gen. (ret) William Boykin - Radical Muslims Plan To Infiltrate Every Element Of Our Society, Including The Church

Hillary Rally

Hillary Rally In Dem Stronghold Broward County Florida

Kaine Rally

Tim Kaine Rally In Florida & Only 30 People Show Up

Hillary Clinton

WikiLeaks - Hillary Instructed "Friends & Allies" To Lie About Her Emails


Finally The Truth: Staggering Obamacare Cost Hikes Lay Bare The Democrats Stupidity 

Donald Trump

Why I'm (Still) Betting Big On Donald Trump To Win

Jill Stien

Green Party Candidate, Jill Stein,  Blasts Hillary The Laughing Psychopath - See Why  

Muslims In Italy

Italian Government Shuts Down Illegal Mosques & Tells Muslims To Start Obeying The Law: That's Not Going To Happen 

Hillary Clinton

Truthbomb From Rasmussen Poll - More Americans Want Hillary Indicted Than Elected


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The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

Donald Trump's Full Gettysburg Address – You Need To Hear This

Every Reporter On Hillary's Payroll Just Leaked


Jim Justice

Democratic Candidate For Governor In West Virginia Owes Millions In Taxes - You Decide

Hillary Clinton

Follow The Money From Clintons To The FBI

Hillary Clinton

Fake Websites, Fake Polls, Fake News, Fake Leaks: The Desperate Maneuvers Of The Losing Clinton Campaign

Hillary Clinton

Poll: Most Voters Say Hillary Should Have Been Indicted

TTP Trade Deal

Canada Walks Out Of EU Trade Deal, They Are Not Corrupt Like Hillary & Obama

Hillary Clinton

How Can People Vote For Hillary When Her Own Staff Has A Difficult Time Dealing With Her Lying?

Illegal Aliens

Obama Released 52,000 Illegal Alien Kids "Into... Not Deported Out Of" The US In FY 2016

Dinesh D'Souza

Dinesh D'Souza Explains Why Conservatives & Christians Must Vote For Trump - Watch

Hillary Clinton

This Pathetic Woman Now Has Benghazi Disappear From Her State Dept. Calendar

Kejjy Ayotte

Kelly Ayotte's Dismissal Of Trump Backfires, Another RINO Flushed Out 

Hillary Clinton

Clinton's Carnival Campaign Comes To Cleveland - Watch This

Joseph DiGenova

Former Prosecutor - The Clintons Are So Corrupt, Everything "They Touch Turns To Molten Lead"

Presidential Debate 3

"Rigged" Debate? Hillary Had A Teleprompter Built In To Her Podium Again

Nancy Pelosi

America's Embarrassment - Republicans Only Support Trump, Because They "Don't Want To Pay Their Fair Share Of Taxes"


Pentagon Asks Soldiers To Repay Bonuses


The Obama-Clinton Banana Republic

Global Warming

EPA Spends $10.8 Million For Teacher Training On "Environmental Re-Education"

Hillary Clinton

Wall Street Journal Rips Hillary's Threatening Views On Liberty - Trump Has "Superior Grasp" On Constitution

Donald Trump

Trump's Battle Cry Against Clinton Corruption In Gettysburg

Paul Ryan

Think The First Amendment Protects Books & Movies? Government Officials Don't Agree

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Illegally Campaigns At North Carolina Early Voting Location, Couldn't Care Less About The Law

Claire McCaskill

Claire McCaskill & Top Dems Conspired To Smear State Dept. Watchdog Over Email Investigation


The Truth About The Democratic Party's Wikileaks Subterfuge

Secret Service

Confessions Of A Clinton Bagman - In His Own Words 

Sheriff Joe

Charges Against Sheriff Joe "Orwellian Beyond Imagination"

Sweet Cakes Bakery

Christian Bakery Sued By Lesbians Forced To Close

John Podesta

Hillary's Campaign Chief Tried To Hide Kremlin-Tied Company Connections

Hillary Clinton

Is Hillary A "Nasty" Woman - By Her Security Staff's Accounts, Yes

Doug Band

Resigned Top Clinton Aid - I Could Name 500 Different Examples Of Their Conflicts Of Interests


Gun-Controlled Australia Admits, Criminals Still Armed...It Failed

David Petraeus

1,000 Clinton-Petraeus Emails Missing From The Files

  Samsung announced recently that people who turn in their recalled Galaxy Note 7 phones will be eligible for a free Note 8 next year when it debuts. Said customers, "I'm not falling for it. I've been burned by Samsung before." - Seth Meyers

Treason – Our Banana Republic Exposed

Voter Fraud, Clinton Fraud & Election So Far


Judge Jeanine

Judge Jeanine Schools Geraldo Rivera "I Could Indict Them In 3 Seconds!!" - Watch

Voting Machine

Hacking Democracy - "Those Who Cast Votes Decide Nothing. Those Who Count The Votes Decide Everything", Joseph Stalin - Watch This Video

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg Brilliantly Defends Board Member Who Supports Trump

Huma Abedin

Abedin Implicated Hillary In Pay-To-Play With King Of Morocco For $12 Million

Voter Fraud

Dems & Dead People Can't Read - What Voter Fraud Looks Like In 23 States

Liberal Nut

Watch - A Liberal Nut Tries To Troll Trump Supporter, Cops Turn The Tables


MSM Committing Massive Fraud & Economic Red Alert

Donald Trump

About That "Pillar" Of American Democracy.....

Ann Coulter

Hillary's Advantage: The Media - Trump's Advantage: The Issues


The Cowboy Nation Rides Again

Donald Trump

Third Debate, Finally A Fair Fight


Ex-DOJ Election Attorney Says 4 Million Dead People Voting & DOJ Doesn't Care

Hillary Clinton

Uh-Oh...Podesta Email, Staffer Claims Hillary "Doesn't Seem To Know What Planet We Are Living On"

Ayatollah Khamenei

Iran Seeking "Many Billions" Of Dollars In Ransom To Free More US Hostages

Hillary Clinton

Team Hillary Responds To Latest FBI/State Dept. Controversy - "Quid Pro Quo" Is Latin For "This Is How We Do Things" So Shut Up!

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan & Republican Leaders Plot Against Trump & The American People


American Faces Cybersecurity Threats...One Of Them Is A Presidential Candidate

Trump Protesters

Dems Planted Paid Agitators At Trump Rallies, Then Claimed Trump Supporters Are Violent

Trey Gowdy

Leaked Emails - Hillary Wanted Trey Gowdy Discredited

Hillary Clinton

Everybody Knows She Stole Furniture From The White House, But She Was Also Accused Of Stealing State Department Furniture

College Students

Hillary Supporters In College Struggle To Name One Accomplishment, Yes These Kids Can Vote - Watch




Hillary Clinton

A Frightening Preview Of Hillary's America - Very Dark

Clinton Trump

Sparks Fly At Al Smith Charity Dinner In NYC 

James O'Keefe

James O'Keefe Files Formal Complaint To FEC Over DNC's Criminal Conspiracy

Hillary Clinton

WikiLeaks - Hillary Took Algeria Off Terror Watch List After Donation To Clinton Foundation


8 Times Liberals Claimed An Election Was Stolen Or Rigged

Al Gore

Flashback - Al Gore Refuses To Concede Election...That's OK Because He Is A Dem

Jullian Assange

John Kerry Lied Again - US Did Urge Ecuador To Act Against WikiLeaks Leader Assange

Donald Trump

Financial Times - "Disruptive Donor" Fuels Trump's Republican Revolt

Elizabeth Warren

Dems Pull The Fake Pocahontas Off The Reservation To Go On The War Path To Attack Trump 

Trump Clinton

Polls Methodology Review - Analysis Shows Trump Win


First Muslim Majority American City Council Inching Towards Sharia Law...Shocking  

Brooke Baldwin

CNN Host, Brooke Baldwin Doesn't Understand Trump's Call For Term Limits Because There Are Already "Term Limits" On Congress - Do People Really Watch CNN?


NBC Paints Republicans As "Violent" Following GOP Office Firebombing & Proof Clinton Campaign Paid Thugs To Disrupt Trump Rallies

Barbi Twins

2 Playboy Models Making Stunning Trump Claim

Hillary Clinton

Uh-Oh...Emails, Hillary Needs A Podium, "Can't Walk Around"

Hillary Clinton

"Huge" Gender Pay Gap Found At The Clinton Criminal Foundation, Screw Women

Malik Obama

Obama's Brother Will Be At The Debate...Cheering On Donald Trump


We Have A Problem Huston - Millennials Have Little Or No Knowledge Of Socialism Or Communism

Hillary Clinton

"Take The Money!" Clinton & Aides Agreed To Take Foreign Money


Voter Fraud Exists - 3 More Cases

Hillary Clinton

Surprise, 96% Of Campaign Contributions Of More Than $200 By People Who Work In News Media Have Gone To Clinton

Man Attacked

Video - 2 Teen Girls Attack 62-Year-Old Man

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton "Lashed Out" Over "Clinton Cash" Book - We're Not Stopping Taking Money From Foreign Dictators

Joe Biden

Uncle Joe Biden Says He Would Like To Take Trump Out "Behind The Gym" 

Soros Clinton

Soros Gives $61 Million To Hillary's PACs

Hillary Clinton

Military Furious - Hillary Commits Another Crime In Debate By Leaking Nuclear Secrets 

Sheila Jackson

This Stupid Democrat Doesn't Know The Difference Between Wikipedia And WikiLeaks - Texas Voters Should Be Embarrassed - Watch

Donna Brazile

Proof The New Lying Liberal DNC Chief Is Wrong About WikiLeaks Emails

Trump Clinton

You Won't Hear This In The MSM - Several Polls Show Trump Gaining Or Ahead Of Hillary

George Soros

Hey Dimwitted Dem - George Soros Master Plan Plays You For A Useful Idiot 

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Caught Obstructing Congressional Investigation Into Private Server

Democrat Voters

Election Board Won't Stop Sending Dead Man's Family Absentee Ballots

Hillary Clinton

Debate Whopper!! - Hillary, Dressed As Chairman Mao, Claimed 90% Of The Clinton Foundation's Money Goes To Programs, In-Fact It Is Only 6%  

Hillary Clinton

Finally, A Formal Complaint Filed Against Clinton Campaign For Violating Campaign Laws

John Podesta

Hillary's Slimebag Campaign Chair Heckled During CNN Interview "We Got Your Emails John Podesta"

 Podestra Clinton

WikiLeaks Email - Podesta Actually Says "It's OK For Illegals To Vote" 

Who Ever Restroom Sign

Federal Judge Blocks Obama's Transgender Decree Nationwide 

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Caught Calling Black Servants The "N-Word", Maybe Because Founding Member Of The KKK Was One Of Her Mentors 

Republican Campaign Office

Another Republican Campaign office Vandalized

Donald Trump

Trump Reveals Term Limit Details

Hillary Clinton

I Want Paid Thugs At Trump Rallies To Disrupt Everything - Yes It's True & Now You Know Why That Happened

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Hillary Plans To Implode The US Economy

DOJ Funneling Settlement Money To Left-Wing Groups


Illegal Aliens

Illegal Alien "Surge" At The Border Ahead Of 2016 Election

Chris Cuomo

Read This Very Carefully, CNN Host Tells Its 2 Listeners It's Illegal To View WikiLeaks Emails - CNN Has Crossed The Line

Hillary Clinton

Leaked Emails - Hillary's Top Aides Picked Which Emails To Turn Over "AFTER" Subpoena

Hillary Clinton

In Her Own Words - 13 Acts Of Treason By Hillary Clinton

Clarence Thomas

Shameful - The National Museum Of African American History & Culture, Snubs Justice Clarence Thomas

Peter Schweizer

Hillary Lied To The White House, Congress & Sold Favors On A "Global Scale"

Barack & Michelle

How Barack & Michelle Really Lost Their Law Licenses

Bob Bennie

Read It & Weep - Government Destroys Tea-Party Leader For Opposing Obama

Clinton Obama

White House Approved Hillary's Private Server - Lied Again When He Said He Didn't Know It Existed

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett Is No Saint When It Comes To Taxes, Avoided More Than Trump

"Gun-Free" Georgia Waffle House Robbed 2 Times In 3 Weeks - Damn Robbers Can't Read


Patrick Kennedy

Uh-Oh..."Quid Pro Quo" Between The State Department & The FBI - Unprecedented Corruption

Man In The Shadow

Clinton's FBI Files Actually Mention The "Shadow Government" At The State Department

Hillary Clinton

Wikileaks - Hillary Willing To Play Refugee Roulette With American Lives

Hillary Clinton

Gen. Mike Flynn - Hillary's Record On Libya Is Even Worse Than You Think

Jack Abramoff

Former Super Lobbyist, Jack Abramoff, Who Served Prison Time Warns, Hillary Is The Most Corrupt Person To Come Close To The Presidency


The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

Obama Is Refurbishing Mosques With Your Tax Dollars

Flashback – Recap Of The President Of The United States

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 Infinity Pool 

Anna Wertzburger

Grandmother Suing KFC For $20 Million Because She Didn't Get Enough Chicken


15 Millionaire Musicians Who Have Ghost Written Chart-Topping Hits

Tiny Homes

Detroit Is getting A Neighborhood Of Tiny Homes That Homeless People Rent To Own


5 Bad Foods Gone Good


WOW - Fisherman "Never In My Life Have I Seen Anything This Big"

Woman VS Man

Who Swears More At Work, Men Or Women

Solar Panels

Walking On Sunshine - Company Debuts Solar Sidewalks & Solar Roadways

Pontiac Tempest

This Is One Of The Oddest Cars To Come Out Of Detroit


Rolling Stones

Highest Grossing Music Tours Of All Time

Post Office Box

Australian Post Office Apologizes After Letter Takes 50 Years To Arrive


Hilarious Town Names Around The World


Massive Cyberattack That Took Down Major Websites Across The Internet


17 Retail Brands With The Highest Brand Loyalty

Neil Lassen

2 Guys In Their 20's Built A $150,000 Side Hustle Selling T-Shirts On Amazon

AMC Pacer

"Wayne's World" Pacer Was The Star Of The Barrett-Jackson Auction, If You're Stoned

Stock Market

Hybrid Robo-Advisors Will Manage 10% Of All Investable Assets By 2025

Hyundai Accent

The Most Dangerous Cars In America

Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal - "Substantial Number" Of Staff Voluntary Buyouts

Underground Church

Beautiful Underground Buildings


It's Raining In Los Angeles & People Are Losing Their Minds


Top-Paying & Lowest-Paying College Majors

USS Zumwalt

Navy's New Destroyer Rides Like A "Really Souped-Up" SUV

Home Library

22 Home Libraries That Will Give You Serious Reading Goals


10 Best TV Shows Of All Time



 National Parks 
Hillary Clinton  
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School Bus Home

9 School Bus Homes That Are Way To Cool For School

John Stumpf

CEO Sold Millions In Wells Fargo Stock Before Fraud Revealed


Can A Computer Beat Humans At Poker


53 Million Americans Don't Have A Traditional Desk Job, Here Is How To Freelance

1970s Bathroom

This House Hasn't Been Touched Since The 70s - It's For Sale, Check It Out

Hacked Emails – Elite Want Dumbed Down Americans

Inside The Tunnels ISIS Used In Mosul

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