Top ISIS Commanders "Take Refuge" In Hillary's Libya  
N.H. Polls

Bernie Sanders Is The 1% - The Clueless Masses Flock To This Nightmare Socialist

SNL Skit, Bernie Sanders & Larry David Talk Democratic Socialism

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Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan - Obama's 2017 Budget Is Dead On Arrival

Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio's Debate Glitches Were That Important & Here Is Why

Marco Rubio

Senior Senate Staffer Reveals The Marco Rubio Story You've Never Heard

Sanders Clinton

Dead Heat With Sanders

John Kasich

Kasich - I Should Have Run In The Democratic Primary

Jeb Bush

Do Or Die In N.H.

North Korean At Night

The Road To Utopia, The "Greenest" Nation On Earth Is A Nightmare

Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio's 7 Top Achievements In The Senate

ISIS Fighters

German Intel Admits ISIS Sending Fighters To Europe Disguised As Refugees

Carly Fiorina

Republicans Push ABC To Include Fiorina In Debate


Gallup, We Hate To Admit It, But America Is Conservative

Everything You Need To Know About Socialism In 20 Quotes

Chicago Cops Blame "ACLU Effect" For Increase In Gun Violence


It Continues - Colorado Veterans Face Bureaucratic Pinheads, Wait Times, Denied Care

The Bern Supporters

Wall Street Distrust Fueling Millennial Opposition To Hillary


Is Linkedin The "Canary" In The Silicon Valley Gold Mine

Marco Rubio

Marcobot Malfunctions

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz Has One Hell Of A Closing Statement At The GOP Debate

Debbie Wasserman Schiltz

Behold A Moron & Her Most Tone-Deaf Tweet In The History Of Twitter

Sanders Supporter

Dozens Get Free Bernie Sanders Tattoo - Proof They're Morons

Joe Biden

Dems Hint At Joe Biden Presidential Run To Replace The Lying Queen, Hillary


Obama Depicted As Murderous Devil In Downtown Moscow Claiming He Has Murdered Over 500,000 - Are They Correct  

Letter To The Editor

Flashback - Hilarious Letter-To-The-Editor "12 Reasons I Voted Democratic"


No Man's Land - Civilization Suicide

Chris Christie

Christie Chews Up Marco Rubio & Spits Him Out

French Protesters

Protests Over Immigrants Continue To Swell In Europe

Donald Trump

Trump's Closing Statement At The GOP Debate


Iranian Arrogance

Kim Jong Un

North Korea Defied International Warnings & Launched A Long-Range Missile

Dimwitted Dems

Democrats Caucus Chaos - Caught Switching Iowa Delegates From Sanders To Clinton

David Cameron Obama

UK Pushes Obama For Power To Serve Warrants In US - Alarm Bells Going Off All Over

Hillary Clinton

The Liar, Lied Again About The FBI Email Investigation


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The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon

Young Women Offended By Hillary Clinton

Judge Napolitano On Hillary's Emails


Howard Dean

Howard Dean - Labor Unions Are Nothing More Than Super PACs That Dems Love

Elijah Cummings

Benghazi Committee Dems Secretly Gave Thousands In Bonuses To Staff While Blasting Probe's Cost

Secretaries Of State

Do Past Secretaries Of State Make As Much For Speeches As Hillary?

Hillary Clinton

Uh-Oh...Something Is Really Starting To Stink In The Review Of The Democratic Iowa Caucuses 

Rick Santorum

MSNBC Host Asks Santorum 3 Times, What Has Marco Rubio Done...He Can't Answer It

John Kerry

Top House Republican Demands The Disgrace Of A Secretary Of State Explain $1.7 Billion Iran Payment

Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum Drops Out Of The Presidential Race


January Gun Sales Set Yet Another Record

Marco Rubio

La Opinion, The Nation's largest Spanish-Language Newspaper, Calls Rubio A Republican Obama 

Darrell Issa

Darrell Issa - FBI Has "No Choice" But To Recommend Hillary Indictment

John Kerry

Does This Idiot Even Understand ISIS Fighters Are Muslims

Franklin Graham Obama

Rev. Graham Hits Back Hard On Obama's Visit To A Radical Mosque

Bernie & Hillary

The Bernie Insurgency - If He Makes It To The Election He Will Help The GOP

Flint Water Plant

Michigan Emails Show Officials Knew Of Flint Water Disease Risk

Border Patrol

Border Patrol Agents Are Being Ordered To "Stand Down" By Obama Administration

Ben Sasse

Sen. Ben Sasse - Conservatives Don't Need A "Republican Barack Obama"

Hamas Fake Tank

Hamas "Tank" Mocked On Social Media

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Tells Voter Making $41K A Year, You're Going To Feel The "Bern" Your Taxes Are Going Up


At Mosque, Obama Forgives Muslims For Terrorists, But Won't Extent Same Courtesy To Gun Owners

Javad Zarif

Iran's Foreign Minister - John Kerry's Full of Crap, We Have Full Access To $100 Billion Already

Ted Cruz

Cruz Bets Iowa Pitch Will Also Play In N.H.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Thinks $150,000 Gift Is Not Very Much


Obama Proposes Raising The Gas Tax By 136% - Screw Poor People

Lyndon McLellan

Justice Finally - Judge Makes IRS Pay Legal Fees To Store Owner They Illegally Seized $107,700 From

Hillary Clinton

What Voters Know About Hillary Clinton - She's A Crook


Terrorists Taking Advantage Of US Soldier's Hampered By Insane Regulations


Shocking Disclosure - TSA Cannot Even Verify Employees Criminal Histories

Rand Paul

Rand Paul Suspends His Presidential Campaign

Police Officer

Georgia Professor Boots Uniformed Police Officer From Class Over Service Weapon

Donald Trump

Trump Is Back - If We're Attacked, We'll "Beat The S--t Out Of Them"

Hillary Clinton

From The Party That Claims Voter Fraud Doesn't Exist, Comes Claims Of Voter Fraud In Iowa


The Marco Rubio campaign is now selling a T-shirt that calls Marco Rubio "bae." Hillary Clinton called it "such a desperate attempt to appeal to young people, I can’t believe I didn’t think of it first." - Conan O'Brien

Undercover Video – Common Core Exec, I Hate Kids, It's All About The Money

Lew Rockwell – The Truth About Trump


Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck's Media Empire Burning Down In "Abyss Of Backbiting" 


Rafael Cruz - "Sleeping Giant Awakening"

Martin O'Malley

Martin O'Malley & Mike Huckabee Suspend Their Presidential Campaigns

Ben Carson

Carson Accuses Cruz Campaign Of Spreading False "Carson Dropping Out" Rumors

Muslim Riot

So It Begins Here - US City Overrun With Criminal Refugees


Take Another Look At The Enhanced Video Of The Shooting Of LaVoy Finicum 

Cheryl Mills

Cheryl Mills, Hillary's Chief of Staff, Refused To Speak To Investigators About Hillary's Email Account - What The Hell, These Are Public Employees

Bernie Sanders

Sucking Up To Sanders - Liberal Media "Feels The Bern" 

Afghan Scholars

Religion Of Peace Issues Fatwa Against...Peace Talks

Hillary Clinton

"This Was All Planned" Former IG Says Hillary, State Dept. Are Lying

John Bolton

ISIS, Iran Are Going To Take Advantage Of Obama's Final Year Of Helping Them


Is The Left-Wing Politico News Imploding? 

UC College Students

UCSB Students Stage "Anti-Border" Patrol Protest - F--K Your Borders

Muslim Mirgants

Scandinavia Embraces Trumps Eviction Plan - We Must Deport These People


No They're Not - The Buffoons At The EPA Under Fire Again In Flint 

John Kasich

John Kasich Proud Of The New York Times Endorsement - But Claims He's Not A Liberal

Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum Rips Megyn Kelly, FOX News For Making Sure "Game Is Being Staked" In Elections

Bernie Sanders

Uh-Oh...WaPo Slams The Bern For "Selling His Own Brand Of Fiction"

Ann Coulter

I Was Hoping For A Taller Honest Man


FBI Releases Video Showing Oregon Protester's Shooting Death - Full Version



James Inhofe

GOP Chairman Takes Aim At Obama's Climate Change Rules

Scott Brown Daonald Trump

Scott Brown - Trump Is The "Agent Of Change" To Fix Washington

Capital Building

Just So You Know - Congress Works 111 Days This Year

Melissa Harris Perry

The MSNBC Loon, Melissa Harris Perry, Is Worried About Our Fugitive Slave Act

Jeb Bush

Did The Floundering Floridian Pay For "Seat Fillers" At Rally

Hillary Clinton

Flashback - Hillary Escaped Whitewater Indictment, Compared To "Mafia Kingpin"

FOX News

How Out Of Touch With Conservatives Has FOX Become


The Lying King Caught Again - Claimed He Learned About Hillary's Homebrew Server From Media, But He Emailed Her Repeatedly 

Rand Paul

Rand Paul, "If You Want To Defend The Country, It Begins With Border Security" - Obama Doesn't Care About Your Security


Did Mike Huckabee Make A Deal With Trump - You Decide


Feds Sneaky Plan To Infuse Small Towns With Muslims Meets Resistance

Cologne Germany

Cologne Germany - Passes Out Leaflets Telling Muslims Not To Rape Women Or Urinate In Public

Ted Cruz

Watch - Cruz Gets Tired Of FOX's Debate Questions, "I May Have To Leave The Stage"

Hillary Clinton

How The FBI Could Force DOJ To Prosecute Hillary Clinton

Man Surprised

Guy With Useless Degree From $62,965-A-Year College Can't Believe His Student Loan Debt

Matt Towery

Pollster Matt Towery - Debate Was "A Disaster For The Republican Party"

Voter Fraud

New Hampshire Combats Voter Fraud Requiring ID For 1st Time

Snow Storm

Baltimore - Plows Still Haven't Cleared Streets

Hillary Clinton

Ex-Aide, Hillary Sent Classified Info On Her Blackberry

Coin Toss

When The Flip Of A Coin Wins An Election

US Border

Feds Plan To Cut Border Monitoring After Texas Officials Ask For An Increase


Chief Of House Armed Services Committee - I'm Sick Of White House Budget Battles

Soros Hillary

Hillary Claimed She Will Stop Billionaires From Buying Elections, Then Takes $6 Million From George Soros - Do You Honestly Know Anyone More Pathetic

Stacy Dash

Stacey Dash Driving Libs Crazy, "It's Not White People Holding Blacks Back"


Pro-Obamacare Legal Expert Finally Admits Obama Broke The Law

Donald Trump

You Just Have To Love This - Trump Tells Supporters To "Knock The Crap Out Of" Tomato Throwing Leftists - "I'll Pay The Legal Fees" Stands Up For Civil Society 


Comparing The Candidates Tax Plans

Swedish Girls

The Swedish Town Destroyed By Muslim "Refugees"

Muslim Migrants

Europe's Muslim Rape Epidemic - Why Haven't US Officials Learned Anything

Elijah Cummings

Dems Waste $2 Million Obstructing Benghazi Committee Investigation

Obama Muslim

Obama To Attend Mosque Service To Celebrate Islam In US - Wake Up America!

Illegal Aliens

Illegal Alien Zealots Won't Admit They Are Destroying California

Muslim Invasion

Invasion - 92% Of Muslim Migrants Entering Sweden Are Male

Marco Rubio

Dems Claim Republicans "Lying Through Their Teeth" About Ending Iran Nuke Deal

Donald Trump

America Is Mad As Hell & Not Going To Take it Anymore 

Hillary Clinton

Email Felonies Grow - Too "Top Secret" To Release 


Report, Afghanistan "Even More Dangerous Than It Was A Year Ago"

White House

Obama Admin's Plan To Get New Immigrants To Vote 

Muslim Shooting Philly Cop

When Is A Crime Committed In The Name Of Allah Not About Islam?

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Historical Importance Of The New Hampshire Primary

Bernie Sanders Fascism


Hillary Clinton

As The "Bern's" Poll Numbers Rise, Hillary Starts Promising More "Free Stuff" To The Illiterate

Solar City

Despite Billions Of Taxpayer Money, Solar City Slashing Jobs 


Video - Political Scientist, Islam Is Incompatible With America's Founding

Bill Clinton

The Perp's Rap Sheet - The Women Who Claim To Be Victims Of Bill & Hillary Clinton 


Remember When The NY Times Predicted The "End Of Snow"

Paul Ryan's False Claim There Is A Labor Shortage In H-2B Occupations

Israel & American Flags

Obama Admin Orders Labeling Of Israeli Goods

Benie Sanders Jane Sanders

Uh-Oh...Bernie Sanders & His Wife Caught With Hands In The Cookie Jar

Bruce Jenner

A New World Record Of Insanity Has Been Reached - International Olympic Committee, Transgender Men Can Compete In Women Events

Special Forces

Dems Are Claiming Special Forces On The Ground In Benghazi Are Liars

Senate Scorecard

Senate Conservative Scorecard


Angela Merkel

Germany Running Out Of Time On Refugees - Angel Merkel's Last Stand


Senators Seek DOJ Probe Into EPA's Lawlessness 

Benghazi Fighting

Take A Look At Hillary's Libya Success 

More Then 500,000 People Overstayed Their Visas In 2015 

College Graduates

It Is Starting To Happen, College Degrees "Irrelevant" To Big & Small Employers

Bernie Sanders

List Of Bernie Sander's $19.6 Trillion In Tax Hikes 

Obama Has Tied Our Hands In Afghanistan  


Francois Hollande
The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

CNN Reporter Ask Bernie Sanders Supports To Define Socialism

More Bernie Sanders Supporters

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5 Major Chains Pizza & Wings Tested - Who Won

Brittany Harper & Blake Fitzerald

Modern Day "Bonnie & Clyde" Ends Badly

Elsie Eiler

Inside The Life Of A One-Woman Town

Man Computer

What Google Paid The Man Who Owned For One Minute

Robot Farm

The World's First Robot Farm

Airplane Interior

13 Things Airlines Don't Want To Tell You

Ronda Rousey

Is Ronda Rousey Engaged

1967 Camaro

Believe It Or Not


America's 10 Most Hated Companies


Marshawn Lynch

This Pro NFLer Hasn't Spent A Dime Of His $49.7 Million Salary

Swiming Piggs

These Pigs Don't Fly, But They Swim

Grumpy The Cat

World's Richest Pets

Donald Trump

Trump Says What "You Can't Say"

Boring House

This Boring House Is Anything But, Take A Look

Brad Pitt

These 3 Things Are The Secret To Real Happiness 

Chris Rock

Chris Rock - I'm Not Dropping Out Of The Oscars

Electric Cars

There's A Big Problem With Electric Cars No One's Talking About

Andrew Feustel

The Amazing Perks Of Being A NASA Astronaut


Wall Street Moving To Nashville

Bernie Madoff

Why Are The Feds Still Sitting On $4 Billion In Madoff Money

House In Maine

The Fastest Growing & Shrinking States

Future Flight

London To New York In 11 Minutes

Dump Truck

The 18 Most Powerful Things On The Planet


The FBI's 9 Most Wanted Fugitives Still On The Run

Japanese Woman

Can Japan Solve Its Devastating Sex Problem


10 Ways Air Travel Will Change In 2016


They Tried One Of The Most Popular Diet Plans & What They Found Was Shocking

 Private Island
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Egypt Pyramids

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20 Inspirational Quotes To Brighten Your Day


Walmart Shutting 269 Stores

Custom Motorcycle

35 Incredible Bikes From The Miami IMS Show


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