Obama's Rhetoric Doesn't Match Reality

Bowe Bergdahl's Ex-Platoon Mates

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Blumenthal Clinton

Leaked Private Emails Reveal Clinton Aid's Secret Spy Network

Hillary Clinton

Uh-Oh...Liberal CBS Poll Shows Hillary Favorability Underwater

Hillary Clinton

I Wiped My Server Clean - After I Got Caught

Shane Smith

Degrading The Office - Obama's Latest Interviewer Had Sex With A Japanese Doll For A News Story

Lorretta Lynch

Lynch Admits She Had Evidence On Terrorist & Drug Dealers Money Laundering And Did Nothing

Mark Levin

Levin - Obama Believes Israel Is "Illegitimate"


The House Of Morons - After Passing A Balanced Budget Resolution They Pass A Massive Budget Busting Bill

Pot Smokers

Is Legalizing Marijuana Going To Make Americans Stupid

Credit Cards

Feds At Play - USDA Employees Used Government Credit Cards At Bowling Alleys, Barbershops - Don't Worry It Was Only $192.2 Million

VA Hospital

VA Construction Chief Retires Keeping Bonuses & Life Time Pension Amidst $1 Billion Cost Overrun

Cruz Makes Inroads In The Most Important Primary Of All

By Hook & By Crook You Are Going To Pay For Global Warming

Proving The Founders Wrong

Mitch McConnell

Republicans May Come Together & Agree The New Budget Should Do One Thing

Muhammadu Buhari

Corruption On Another Scale - Why Obama Refused To Help Fight Boko Haram

Hillary Clinton

13 Words You Can't Write About Hillary Anymore - They Are Watching


Obama Just Took New Executive Action On Immigration

Alejandro Mayorkas

Does This Guy Look Like A Characterless, Rule Breaking Bureaucrat - Well He Is


Complete Sell Out - Obama Says Iran Can Run Centrifuges In Their Fortified Underground Bunker

Sex Party

DOJ Sex Party Report - FBI, DEA, ATF All Federal Employees Hard At Work

Harry Reid

Dirty Harry Gets Dirtier

Tom Wheeler

2 Suits Filed To Challenge FCC's Net Neutrality Rules

Global Warming

Climate Scientists Now Doubt Global Warming Because The Science Is So Bad


Road Trip, Another Golfing Vacation Because Nothing Important Is Going On

Harry Reid

Dirty Harry, Clown Of The Senate, Is Leaving - Unfortunately He Is Not Headed To Jail

Jeh Johnson

DHS Chief - Yes Tens Of Thousands Of "Unaccompanied Kids Still Crossing Into The US


Soldiers Who Died Searching For Bowe Bergdahl

Bowe Bergdahl

Everything The White House Told You About Bowe Bergdahl Was Wrong

Thomas Piketty

Another Socialist Theory On Income Equality Wrecked By 26-Year-Old MIT Grad 

Barabara Lee

Mentally Challenged Congresswoman Claims Global Warming Will Turn Women Into Prostitutes


Oil Prices Go Crazy As Saudis Go To War In Yemen

Nicolas Maduro

Liberals Paradise - Chaos In Caracas

Ron Fournier

White House Caught Again Trying To "BS" Us On Bergdahl - Video

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 The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

The Discredited Liar, Lying

The Criminal Arrogance Of Hillary Clinton

 Bowe Bergdahl 

John Boehner

Pro-Life Protesters Hauled To Jail From John Boehner's Office


Bureaucrats At Work - Panicked DMV Pinheads Buy Guns Rather Than Improve Service

Middle East

Arab Media Blasts Obama For Iran Nuke Deal

Susan Rice

The Moron National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, Makes A Fool Of Herself Again

Mark Levin

Mark Levin Blast FOX News For Attacking Ted Cruz - What Do They Want, Jeb Bush For President

Corrine Brown

Dem Rep Claims It's Racism Preventing The Vote On New AG, Who Refuses To Uphold The Constitution


A Tale Of 2 Budgets


Congress To Investigate Business Complaints Targeted By "Operation Choke Point"

Iranian Ship

Iranian Ship Unloads 185 Tons Of Weapons In Obama's Success, Yemen

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz First To Announce Run In 2016


Hero With Concealed Carry Stops Slaughter

Saudi Arabia Fighters

Saudi Arabia Launches Airstrikes In Yemen

Gina McCarthy

EPA Chief Subpoenaed - Pulling An "IRS" Deleting Emails & Texts

Thomas Jefferson

Convention Of The States - The Solution

Obama Nato

Obama Snubs NATO Chief

Hillary Clinton

MSM Reporters Give Hillary A Standing Ovation After She Takes No Questions About Her Illegal Emails

Minimum Wage

They Know Not What They Speak - Minimum Wage Effects On Employment


Obama Wanted "Revenge"

Jonathan Gruber

Obamacare Architect "Voters Are Stupid" Gruber, Being Investigated For Other Over Billing - He Thought Everyone Was "Stupid" Too

Scott Walker

Surprise - SCOTUS Upholds Wisconsin Voter-ID Law

Planned Parenthood

GAO Confirms - Planned Parenthood Uses Taxpayer Funds To Promote Abortions 

Lorretta Lynch

Obama's Nominee Tied To HSBC Cover-Up

Capital Building

GOP-Controlled House Passes Balanced Budget Plan

Hillary Clinton

The Clinton's Corruption Chronicles Continue

Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson Calls Obama A "Psychopath" - Is His Diagnosis Correct

Yemen Rebels

Obama's Yemen Policy Leads To Chaos & Lack Of Intel

High School

Progressive Education - Hundreds Of Failing Students Given "Easy Pass"

Beth Van Duyne

Mayor Takes A Stand Against Muslim Shariah Law

Nancie Atwell

Meet 5 Award-Winning Teachers Who Reject Common Core

Illegal Aliens

Obama Taking Fire From All Sides On His Illegal Amnesty


Andrew Hanen 
A new report says the U.S. faces a severe shortage of doctors. In fact, things got so bad that yesterday a triple bypass was performed by Dr. Dre. - Conan O'Brien

Flashback – Steve Crowder Becomes A Liberal

Judge Claims DOJ Mislead Him On Immigration



Liberals Now Have 414 Traitors In Congress, More House Reps Sign Letter Warning Obama On Iran Deal

Hillary Clinton

She Did It Again - In 2008 Claimed To Disclose All Donors, Now Refuses

Dodd Frank

Dodd Frank Was Nothing But A Federal Power Grab & You Are Paying The Price


Top Doctor - Obamacare "Designed" To Close Rural Hospitals

Starbucks VS Dunkin

Top 5 Reasons To Ditch Starbucks For Dunkin

Texas License Plate

Supreme Court To Hear Free Speech Case Over Battle Flag

Patrick Moore

GreenPeace Founder - Dr Patrick Moore, Climate Change Isn't Caused By Humans


It's Over For Starbucks, Even The Liberals That Buy Over Priced Coffee Had Enough


CNN Tries To Correct Their False "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" Narrative, But Just Quite Can't


UN "Watered Down" Human Rights Report On ISIS War Crimes Is Still Shocking

Hillary Clinton

Keeps Getting Worse - Hillary Set Up "Massive Fundraising Operation" Inside The State Department

Sarah Saldona

Obama Forces ICE Chief To Back Down On Call To Crack Down On Sanctuary Cities

Military Weapons

DOD Claims They Lost Track Of Another $500 Million Worth Of Weapons In Yemen


Starbucks "Race Campaign" Makes The Company A National Laughingstock

Hillary Clinton

The "Fix" Is In - DOJ Argues Government Has No Duty To Search Hillary's Emails

James Himes

Dems At Work - $350,000,000 Plus Such Sums As Necessary


While US Troops Flee Yemen - Obama Plays Golf & Watches Basketball


So Do White Lives - 7 More Whites Murdered In One Week By Black Thugs

Muslims Prey

Italy & Spain Have A Growing Muslim Problem 


US Allies Humiliate America's Muslim President


UVA Frat House

UVA Frat "Exploring Legal Options" Against Rolling Stone Over False Rape Story


Brilliant - Police Departments Hiring Immigrants As Officers


Muslims Attack Police In A London District (Video)- Did Your News Tell You About It? 

Rand Paul

Rand Paul To Kick Off 2016 Run On April 7th

Hillary Clinton

Was Hillary Running Her Own Rogue Intel Operation

Common Core

Common Core Failing - Teaching Standards Not Met 


Obama Says His Only Regret Is Not Closing Gitmo On "First Day" - Freeing Hundreds Of Terrorists

Michelle Obama

Only Eat What I Tell You To Eat - Just Stuck You With A $78,741 Dollar Rental Car Bill For One Day

North Korea

North Korea - We Have Nukes & We Will Use Them

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck "Obama Is A Special Kind Of Liar" - Brought Lying To An Art Form


ISIS Posts US Military "Kill List" With Home Addresses


Obama's Latest Most Favored Nation Secretly Planing To Attack America

Al Qaeda

Massive Suicide Bombs In Yemen - 140 Dead, Hundreds Injured

Israel Air Force

Israel Closer Than Ever To Decision On Hitting Iran


Obama Using Global Warming To Deflect From His Criminal Activities

John Koskinen

Are You Ready - IRS Chief Blames Obamacare For Not Answering Your Phone Calls

Dirty Harry

Dirty Harry Backed Firm That Lied To Get Millions In Stimulus Cash & He Knew It

Glenn Beck

Here Is Why Glenn Beck Said He Is Out Of The Republican Party

Netanyahu Obama

New Rift Opens From Obama After Netanyahu's Victory

Ready For Hillary

Amazing - Dems Like Being Lied To & Ripped Off

Rush Limbaugh

Will Other Republicans Try To Out "Cruz - Cruz"


Americans Define Perfect Presidential Candidate "Must Change Obama's Policies"

Ted Cruz

It Took The Left Less Than A Day To Question Ted Cruz's Eligibility To Be President

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama's Eating Law - Bureaucrats To Start Weighing Children In Daycare


Complete Pathetic Narcissist - Criticizes Tom Cotton For The Exact Same Thing He Did Twice 


Illegal Alien With Drug Charges Released, Then Brutally Murders 3 - Thanks Obama

Biden Obama Kerry

Iran Has Said They Will Never Produce Nuclear Weapons & I Believe Them


Push By Left-Wing Loons To Punish You For "Denying" Global Warming 

Capital Building

The Week That Could Break The House

Mahmoud Abbas

Something Is Very Wrong - Obama To Abandon Israel & Support Palestine At U.N.


Another Scorned Ally Turns To Russia - Obama Is Destroying The US

Hillary Clinton

Other Government Agencies Demanding Answers, Can They Delete & Not Keep Emails 

Paul Ryan

GOP Lawmakers Warn Obama - Don't Even Try Raising Taxes By Executive Order


Obama Floats Making Voting Mandatory - Vote Or Pay A Fine

Francois Hollande

What France Really Thinks Of US Iran Policy

Steffon Davis

Legally Owned Gun Makes Him Convicted Felon

John Kerry

The US Traitor Is Gearing Up For 2016 Run If Hillary Implodes

Black Panthers

Armed Black Militants Call For The Murder Of Cops - What Do The Race Baiters Say About This


Egypt Fights ISIS - Obama Cuts Off Egypt - Disturbing Questions About Whose Side Is He On

Ajit Pai

FCC Commissioner - New Net Neutrality Laws Taxes Going Up In Months



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Parents Must Sign Permission Slip To Allow Kids To Eat One Oreo Cookie

The Media Was Responsible For The False “Hands Up, Don't Shoot”


Global Warming

Uh-Oh...More Evidence of NOAA Climate Data Tampering 

Gina McCarthy

Watch A Senator Dismantle The Left-Wing EPA Chief Who Testifies She Does Not Know If Global Temps Are Going Up

Boko Haram

Rare Access To Former Boko Haram Held Towns In Nigeria

Thomas Pickering

No, We Did Not Have Access To All Of Hillary's Emails In Benghazi Probe

US Fighter Jets

Unprecedented - US Pilots Claim Obama Has Tied Their Hands In Fight Against ISIS


Pathetic - Obama Blames Bush For ISIS In Latest Interview (Video) Someone, Somewhere Is Going To Believe Him


Seattle's Minimum Wage Law - A Slow-Motion Face Plant Right Before Our Eyes

National Archives And Records Administration

National Archives Tried To Hide Email About Living In Fear Of The White House


WaPo's "Non-Biased" Fact Checking Pinocchio Gets 4 Pinocchios For Not Telling The Truth

Senator Obama

Pathetic Hypocrite - 2008 Senator Obama Sent Emissary To Iran To Tell Mullahs Not To Sign Deal With Bush


Union Goon Who Worked One Day As A Substitute Teacher Suing For A $30,000 Per Year Pension 

Founding Fathers

"Convention Of The States" Gains Ground To Rein In The Federal Government

Illegal Alien

DHS Releases More Than 30,000 Illegal Alien Criminals Back On To Your Streets

Tom Wheeler

Surprise - FCC Somehow Claims They Determine Who Has "First Amendment" Rights


Obama Proves He Hates The Military - Systematically Tearing It Apart Along With Your Security 

Uh-Oh...Judicial Watch FOIA Docs On Benghazi Already Belie Hillary's "No Classified Emails" Claim 


The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

Are Obama's Rules Of Engagement Killing US Troops

Mr President, Who's Side Are You On

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Over Water Bungalows 
Vacation Like The 1% 

Daimler Truck

Daimler Unveils Super Truck - 12-MPG Pulling A Load


12 Surprising Downsides Of Getting Rich


What A Speeding Ticket Will Cost You In All 50 States

Computer Hacker

How To Tell If You've Been Hacked

Kenneth Rowe

This Man's Incredible Escape From North Korean With A MiG-15 In 1953


Somebody Is Really Pissed, $180 Million Cocaine Shipment Just Confiscated From Colombian Drug Dealers

Chevy Volt

What?...Chevy Recalls 50,249 Volts For Carbon Monoxide Buildup

Cruise Ship

11 Reasons You Should Never Take A Cruise


Why Automakers Are Building New Factories In Mexico, Not The US

1974 Volkswagen Thing

You Will Never Guess What This 1974 Volkswagen Thing Sold For At Auction

Cadillac Ranch

Weirdest Roadside Attractions Across The US

Druck Woman

17 Of The Strangest Laws In America

Shelly Sterling

Donald Sterling's Wife Shelly, To Face Off With His Mistress Over Money


America's 25 Best Sandwich Shops

Alcoholic Drink

The Irrationality Of Alcoholics Anonymous

Google Larry Page

Google To Face Antitrust Charges

Wine Bottles

High Levels Of Arsenic Found In California Wines

Tommy Chong

Tommy Chong On Weed, Jail & Getting High With The Beatles

2015 Dodge Hellcat

Dodge Suspends 2015 SRT Hellcat Orders

Bill Cosby

More Women Accuse Bill Cosby Of Sexual Assault

College Campus

Why More US Colleges Will Go Under In The Next Few Years

Trailer Rundown

Rundown Trailer Selling For $1.2 Million

Alan Adler

No "Degree" Inventor Is A Smashing Success & Can Teach You Something


What The US Knew About Hitler In 1943


States Consider Abandoning Daylight Savings Time


Is $2 Dollars Gas Making A Comeback

Charlie Sheen

Uh-Oh...Charlie Sheen Launches Racist Tweet At Obama - You Decide

Old Bottles Of Wine

How Does Wine From A 1864 Shipwreck Taste?

Boston Snow

Boston Breaks Snow Fall Record 

Mercedes Self-Driving 
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