Everything That Goes Wrong Will Be Blamed On Brexit

Why Don't Feminists Fight For Muslim Women

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Idaho Muslim Rape - Obama Prosecutor Silencing Americans With Threats Of Arrest

Trey Gowdy

Trey Gowdy Explains To Obama How A Subpoena Is Supposed To Work

Latinos For Trump

American Latinos For Trump Blast Politico


The Next Wave Of Terror - Economic Jihad

Hassan Nasrallah

Hezbollah Sends A Big Thank You To Obama, Clinton & Kerry


Obama To Ignore Supreme Court - I'm Still Not Deporting Illegals

Michael Levin

Man Featured In Elizabeth Warren's Anti-Trump Ad Voted For Trump

Geert Wilderss

Here We Go - Dutch  Party Chief, Geert Wilders Urges Netherlands "Nexit"

Luis Gutierrez

Illegal Alien Loving Lawmaker Busted Funneling Hundreds Of Thousands of Dollars Of Campaign Money To Family 

Abdul Wahi

I'm Sure You Know All About Another Muslim Shooting A Cop In Pennsylvania 




Why Not Admit The Obvious, Obama Won't Blame Them Because He Agrees With Them

For Democrats, "Innocent Until Proven Guilty" Is A Problem That Should Be Undone...Very Scary

The Licensing Disaster


Macy's Stock In Free Fall Since Dissing & Dumping Trump

Syrian Fighter

Rebooted Pentagon Program Trained Fewer Than 100 Syrians

Hillary Clinton

Trump Campaign Details 49 Blistering Allegations About Hillary Clinton

Christopher Dickey

Right On Cue - Media Libs Declare Brexit Voters Racists, Xenophobes


Here's What Was Perfectly Acceptable At "Bash Whitey Night" At BET Awards


Signs Of Insurrection Amongst ISIS

Irene Martin

San Bernardino US Immigration Head, Up For Award After She Blocked Law Enforcement & Lied To Them

Deorge Will

Maskgrating Conservative Comes Out Of The Closet...George Will Chooses Hillary Clinton & The Stacking SCOTUS With Liberal Judges

London Taxi

London Taxi Ads Roll Out

EU Flag

The Hated EU Rules Were Costing Britain $46.6 Billion Annually With Nothing In Return



GOP Report - Obama Admin & Clinton Knew, In Real Time, The Benghazi Attack Was Not Because Of A Video

Muslim Woman

"F--- America" Muslim Woman Makes Terror Threats At LAX

John Ashe

Official Set To Testify Against Hillary Found Dead

Pro-Abortion Sign

20 Crazy Pro-Abortion Signs At SCOTUS The Media Won't Show You

Whoopi Goldberg

Does Whoopi Goldberg Understand What "Pro-Life" Actually Means??

Paul Ryan

House Republicans Take First Stab At Reforming The Tax Code

California Capital

Police Officer - Sacramento Riot Started By Left-Wing Extremists

Bike Bell

Bike Bell Warning Label...Stupid Warning Labels Meant To Protects Us Cause $589 Billion A Year In Frivolous Law Suits  


Sorry Chris Wallace...Hillary Did Go Home & Sleep During Benghazi Attack

Jerrold Nadler

This Fat Little You Know What Democrat... Claims The Constitution Was Intended To "Increase" Government Power


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The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons The Daily Account's Daily Carttons

New Calls To Investigate Baltimore's Prosecutor

Refugee Security Concerns Around The World Raise Questions


Chauncy Jones Black

This Is The Best Story You Will Read Today - Teen Takes Bus To "Rich People's Kroger" To Ask For Food

Nigel Farage

"The EU Is Failing, The EU Is Dying, I Hope We've Knocked The First Brick Out Of The Wall"


US Commanders Now Openly Challenging ISIS Strategy Of Outgoing Obama

Keystone Pipeline

TransCanada Sues US For $15 Billion Over Keystone Pipeline

British Voters

Brexit - A Very British Revolution

Hillary Clinton

Pro-Clinton Super PAC To Spend $10.5 Million In Swing State Pennsylvania

Lorettal Lynch

Panama Papers Biggest Sandal This Year - Obama's AG Doesn't Want To See Them

Hillary Clinton

Hillary's Big Failure Kept Secret For 30 Years & Changed Everything


The Dems Sit-In Stunt Was Really About The Buffet & Fund Raising

Donald Trump

Trump Stuns His Critics - Raises $11 Million Dollars In 48 Hours






Meanwhile, In The States...Taxes Perpetually Going Up


Saudi Journalist, "Mullah Obama" Is Paving The Way For Iran To Go Nuclear

John Koskinen

House Republicans Seek To Eliminate The Lying, Document Destroying IRS Chief's Paycheck

Hillary Clinton

Oops...Now Hillary's State Dept. Calendar Is Missing Scores Of Entries

Dems Catered Food

Look Where Dems Got Their Food From During Their "Sit-In"

Illegal Aliens

D.C. Officials Sound Alarm On Illegal Alien Crime Spike


Obama Disappointed In British Voters, But Hailed Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists - Do You Get It Now?

Cecilia Velasquez

Democratic Lawmaker Indicted On Food Stamp Fraud

Old Hippie

Profiling The "Progress" Of Liberals

Officer Caesar Goodson

Not Guilty Again - Baltimore's Freddie Gray Cops Persecution Falls Completely On Its Face 

Democrat Sit In

Democrats Staged The "Sit In" To Complain About The Constitution


Louie Gohmert

Rep Gohmert, If Orlando Was About Guns, Then Boston Was About Pressure Cookers

Donald Trump

Trump - British Want To Be Able To Have A Country Again...And I Think It's Happening In The US

Lynch Obama

Defenseless In The Face Of Our Enemies


Immigration Angst Fueled UK Exit From EU


Court Forces School To Let Who Ever Into Who Ever Bathroom, When Is Enough, Enough 

Mitch McConnell

McConnell Quashes Senate Effort On Gun Control

Hillary Clinton

Left-Wing, Just Make It Up Huffington Post...Has Written Just 3 Stories About Clinton's Email Server Scandal In 3 Months

Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh Shocked By Trump Speech


Obama Warns...Globalization Is Coming - Brexit & Trump Will Never Succeed

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo...Proudly Plunging Toward Bankruptcy

Hillary Clinton

How Bad Of A Candidate Is Hillary - She Just Read "Sigh" From Her Teleprompter - Watch


The UK officially voted to leave the European Union. It caused the British pound to hit a 31-year low. You could tell Brits were struggling today. Queen Elizabeth was wearing one of those cardboard crowns from Burger King. - Jimmy Fallon

All About Earmarks

Trump Regrets Calling Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” - This Is Just Funny


Muslim Terrorists

Ramadan Bombathon...Over 900 Killed 


"No Fly, No Buy" Means "No Freedom"

Tuker Carlson

Tucker Carlson Drops A Bombshell About Paul "RINO" Ryan

Marco Rubio

Rubio - I'm Running For Senate Re-Election

Lynch Obama

Ex-Terrorism Prosecutor - Redacting 911 Calls Shows Obama Administration Becoming "Sharia-Adherent" - Do You Get What Is Going On Now?


District Court Tells Obama He Can't Regulate Fracking

Wendy Bell

White TV Anchor Fired After Racial Comments Fights Back With Discrimination Lawsuit

Donald Trump

Trump Ready To Run A Different Kind Of Campaign


Shocking - Refugees Already Getting US Public Assistance Qualify For Biz Loans That You Don't...& DHHS Doesn't Track If They Are Paid Back 

Hillary Clinton

Hillary's Hypocrisy...Donor List Reveals Big Pharma, Bain Capital, Big Banks While Her Useful Idiots Have No Clue

John Brennan

Stunning - MSM Shows Ignore CIA Chief Contradiction Of Obama

Supreme Court

Supreme Court Rules Cops Can Break The Law To Enforce The Law - Your 4th Amendment Is Now Gone

Loretta Lynch

Loretta Lynch - We Will Release The Orlando 911 Calls, But Edit Out The References To "Islamic Terrorism"


Attorney - Democrats Don't Give A S--t About Gun Rights

Hillary Clinton

The Lie That Is Hillary

Bernie Sanders

Sanders Lets Taxpayers Feel The "Bern" Of His Security Costs


Ex-FBI Agent - "We Are Totally Off Our War-Fighting Game"

Alan Daphne Crawford

Arkansas Muslim Couple Caught

Bernie Sanders

The Future Of The Socialists Deceptive Revolution




House Candidate Wants To "Make America White Again"

Hillary Clinton

Hillary's Lie About Taking "Sniper Fire" In Bosnia Coming Back To Haunt Her

Senate Republicans

Senate Republicans To Defy NRA & Gun Owners

Bryan Pagliano

Clinton IT Specialist Invokes 5th More Than 125 Times In Deposition

John Kerry

America's Embarrassment - "Zero Evidence" Muslim Refugees Making It Through US Screening Pose Greater Risk...His Own CIA Says That's Not True

Hillary Clinton

Trump Campaign Launches "Lying Crooked Hillary" Website

John Koskinen

House Moves Closer To Removing IRS Chief

Donald Rumsfeld

Donald Rumsfeld - "I Just Can't Imagine Not" Voting For Trump

Empty Podium

Hillary Goes 200 Days Without A Press Conference

Crisis Of Character

Networks Blacklist Author Of Clinton Expose

Loretta Lynch

When The Attorney General Of The US Claims We May Never Know The True Motive Of The Radical Muslim Terrorist's Orlando Attack...You Are In Big Trouble

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Big Government - Bureau Fails To Protect Its Own Pinhead Bureaucrat Employees

Capital Building

Gun Control Bills Voted Down

Barack Hussein Obama Sr.

Unearthed Letters Cast Doubt On Obama's Family Story

Trump & Carson

Trump, Carson Woo Evangelical Leaders Together

Omar Mateen

Obama Has Shaken The Hands Of Muslim Leaders Who've Killed More Gay People Than Omar Mateen

Mickey Hicks

Flashback - Does The Government Still Think This Cub Scout Is A Terrorist

Erdal Kuyumcu

Turkish Actor In US Admits Selling Nuclear Technology Material To Iran

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton's Extravagant Lifestyle & Why She Will Never Connect With The Middle Class 


MSM Swoons Over Dems "Unprecedented" "Historic" Stunt 

Hillary Clinton

Damning New Emails Released

Muslim Arrested

Anatomy Of The Terror Threat, Files Show Hundreds Of US Plots With Refugee Connections

Malzberg Fields

Must See TV - Hoaxer Michelle Fields Gets Called On Her Many Lies & Walks Off Interview

Democrats Sit-In

Disgraceful Dems Stage Senseless Sit-In On House Floor...To Try And Take Away Your Rights

Ann Coulter

How Does Immigration Reduce Mass Shootings?


Islamists Attack Christian Village In Egypt - Torch 80 Homes - Thank God Loretta Lynch Is Not Investigating Because We Would Never Know Why They Did It

Illegal Aliens

Criminal Illegal Aliens Committed 10 X More Crimes Than Obama's Admin Told Congress

Nicolas Maduro

Venezuela Could Turn Even More Violent If Maduro Recall Blocked

Paul Ryan

Why Paul Ryan Wants Hillary To Win The White House

Bernie Sanders

Feel The "Bern" - Sanders Refuses To Pay Interns His $15 Hour Living Wage

Donald Trump

Trump Receives Standing Ovation At Evangelical Meeting - Watch


IRS Spends Millions On Guns & Ammo Every Year... Wait A Minute, If You Did That You Would Be A Terrorist

Chaka Fattah

Longtime Congressman Convicted Of Fraud

Hillary Clinton

I'm Above The Law - Another Hillary Scandal No One's Talking About 


Iran's Nuke Program Confirmed - Obama Knew It & Funded It

Muslim Teacher

U.N. Funding Jihad Propaganda In Palestinian Schools


Another Bloody Weekend In Chicago - 9 Killed, 37 Wounded 

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Why Did America Fight The Korean War

Louder With Crowder – Painting Muhammad



Hey Fact Challenged Liberal Loons  US Homicide Rate At 51-Year Low While 132 Million New Guns Added

Global Warming

These 7 Short Videos Clear Up Myths About Global Warming 


Obama Accelerates His "Emasculation Jihad" On The US Military - This Story Is Shocking

Sylvia Burwell

Arrogant & Shocking - HHS Head Replies To GOP Congressional Subpoena With One "Blacked-Out" Page - Go Pound Sand

Gina McCarthy

Supreme Court Delivers Second Defeat To Out Of Control EPA's Agenda In Just 7 Days 

Muslim With Gun

Is It Possible We Have This Many Stupid People? 60% Of Dems Think The Orlando "Radical Islam Terror" Attack Is A Gun Control Issue Not An "Radical Islam Terror" Issue 

Muslim Men

More Than 570 Charged, Convicted Or Connected To Terror Since 9/11

Job Market

Obama's "Absurd" New Employee Rules - Franchises Fight Back

S-300 Missile System

Obama Ignores US Law Banning Russian Arms Sales To Iran


Trump's Islam Narrative Is Reality


Muslim Woman

"Islamic Woman Refugee" Caught With Gas Pipeline Plans Arrested In New Mexico


3 Things Liberals Tried To Blame For The Orlando Attack Other Than Islamic Terrorism 

Paul McHugh

Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist - Support Of Transgenderism & Sex-Change Surgery Is "Collaborating With Madness"

Hillary Clinton

"The Warden" Billy's Girlfriend & Best Selling Author Claims Hillary Is A Sociopath & A Disgrace As Dem Nominee

Berlin Wall

Think Communism Is The Answer? Read This 


The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon

Guns, Islam & Orlando 6/22/16

When Everything Is A Crime In Ordinary Life

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Rio De Janeiro  
John Daily 

Super Yacht

Boats, Planes, Cars Of The Future

Ernestine Shepherd

World's Oldest Female Body Builder...Yes She Is 80-Years-Old

Alexander Aristotle

13 Of History's Greatest Philosophers Reveal The Secret To Happiness


10 Classic Cars Criminally Overlooked


Meet RAMSEE, The Security Guard Robot

Kevuntez King

Great Story - Teen Worked For 5 Years, Has Enough To Pay For College - Bernie Sanders Is Going To Be Pissed Off


IRS Finally Reveals List Of Tea Party Groups Targeted

San Francisco

San Francisco's Insane Housing Market Has Hit A Crisis Point


Steven Tyler

Say Good Bye To Aerosmith

Vehicle Roll Over

Man Charged $150 After Rescuing Family Trapped In A Car

Rio De Janeiro

5 Bad Omens For The Rio Olympics

Toy Story 3

Pixar's Most & Least Successful Movies

Free Money

Why This Tech Company Is Giving 100 People Free Money

Father Daughter

The Career Advice My Father Gave Me Made All The Difference In My Life

Russian Icebreaker

Russia Unveils "World's Biggest" Nuclear Icebreaker - Wait, Al Gore Said The Ice Would Be Gone By Now


The World's Most Densely Populated Islands

Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin Win In "Stairway To Heaven" Trial

Vending Machine

Bizarre Vending Machines Around The World


This Electric Bus Drives Itself

Hope Arkansas

The Poorest Town In Every State

Buick Enclave

The 14 Cars Most "Made In America"


21 Of The World's Most Unique Places On Earth

Sanford Wallace

"Spam King" Gets 30 Months In Jail 

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Hillary Clinton


20 Companies That Have Slashed The Most Jobs In 2016

Huge Diamond

Huge Diamond To Be Auctioned Off


25 Cities Americans Are Abandoning & Moving To

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Solar Power Paper - Lets You Plug Into The Sun

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Shocking & You Are Playing For It – The Growth Of Federal Regulations Since 1950

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