Sad Day For Justice In Baltimore

Baltimore Police Officer Speaks Out

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Michael Moore

Left-Wing Nut, Jabba The Hut, Demands Cops Be Disarmed & Blacks Be Let Out Of Jail

Marsha Blackburn

Congresswoman Tells Obama - Keep Your Hands Off Our Appliances


Obama Proposes Solution To Inner City Problems - Impossible To Come Up With Anything More Stupid


Seattle May Day Turns Violent


Obama Admin. Continues To Fight Proof of Citizenship To Vote

Gun In Bathroom

Capitol Police Left Guns In Bathrooms - Kids Find Them

George Soros

Hypocrite Left-Wing Socialist, Soros,  Won't Pay Taxes, Now Faced With A Monster Tax Bill

David Wildstein

Former Chris Christie Ally Pleads Guilty In Bridgegate

Geet Widers

Congressmen Try To Deny Visa To Out Spoken Critic of Muslims

Tea Party

IRS Still Targeting The Tea Party

Bernie Sanders

Left-Wing Socialist, Bernie Sanders, Announces White House Run

These 13 Republicans Just Cast Pro-Abortion Votes

Citizens, Not Judges, Should Determine Future Of Marriage

The Great American Traveling Riot Circus

Iran Nukes

UN Warns, Member States Are Now Hiding Iranian Nuclear Violations


Obamacare State Exchanges In Financial Trouble

Cover Oregon

Yet Again, Government Pinheads Screw Up & Try To Blame The Private Sector

Mexican Helicopter

Chaos Erupts After Drug Cartel Gunmen Shoot Down Mexican Military Helicopter

Javad Zarif

The Appalling Mr. Zarif - Iran's Revolting Foreign Minister Speaks At NYU


Has Obama Declared War On Christian Schools

John Barrasso

GOP Prepares List Of Demands If Supremes Rule Against Obamacare 

Freddie Gray Cops

Freddie Gray Homicide - 6 Officers Charged

Bush Obama

George W. Bush Silent No More - Destroys Obama For War Against ISIS

US Navy

US Navy To Accompany US Ships Through The Strait Of Hormuz

Scott Walker

Liberals Think "Searsgate" Will Topple Scott Walker

ISIS Fighters

Massive Truck Bomb Attack On Hospital - Video

Gay Marriage

Most Gays Aren't Even Interested In Marriage

Yazidi Hostages

ISIS Lines Up 600 Yazidis & Executes Them In Northern Iraq 

Bernie Sanders

Self Labeled Socialist, Bernie Sanders Raises $1.5 Million On First Day Of Presidential Run

Bill Clinton

You Guessed It - Clinton Charities Vacuumed Up Millions Of Your Tax Dollars Too

Sally Kohn

Liberal's Lefty Loon Elevates Her Level Of Ignorance - Completely Forgets Who Has Run Baltimore For 40 Years

David Stockman

David Stockman - Crony Capitalism

Iran Nuke Site

Obama's Trusted Friends Caught Cheating On Nukes Again

Xi Jinping Putin

New Russia-China Alliance Another Blow To The Community Organizer

Wind Farms

It's A Bad Time To Be In The Renewable Energy Industry


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Marilyn Mosby
The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon  The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons
Hillary Manmoban Singh

Wanna Be Confused – The ABCs Of LBGT

Progressivism – Empire Of Lies


Chris Hayes

This Is Not A Joke - MSNBC Host Delivering The Lowest Cable Ratings To Discuss The Burden Of Being "Smart In Primetime"

 Stephine Rawlings Blake

Welcome To Liberal La-La Land - Baltimore Mayor Said "Let Them Loot, Its Only Property"

Freddie Gray

The 18 Crimes Freddie Gray Was Charged With Before His Death


Denver School Won't Let Student Eat Lunchbox Cookies - Sends Note Home To Parents

Brooke Baldwin

CNN Reporter Blames Military Veterans For Baltimore Riots - Somehow These People Are Actually On The Air


Stunningly Stupid - MSNBC Declares White Supremacy Doesn't Require Having White People Involved

Muslim Woman

2 Texans Allegedly Murdered By Muslims & The Reason Is Beyond Disturbing

Brady Olsen

"Hero" High School Teacher Tackles School Shooter

Capital Building

GOP Budget Negotiations Hit A Snag Over Defense Spending

Gerri Willis

Only 6% Of Clinton Foundation Expenditures Go To Charity


No Trust - Texas Governor Orders Guard To Monitor Feds Strange Special-Ops Exercises

Al Sharpton

All Rev-Ed Up - The Sleazy Rev Gets Physical With Reporter

Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush - 11 Million Illegals Should Stay - There You Go, An American Jobs Killing Liberal

Baltimore Stadium

Thugs 1 - Baltimore Orioles 0 

Baltimore Police

Confirmed - Baltimore Police Told To Retreat

Ronald Reagan

Reagan's Recovery VS Obama's - It's Not Even Close

Hillary Clinton

Watchdog Group Blasts State Dept. After 4 Year Battle For Documents

Jerry Brown

Welcome To Insanity California - $10,000 Fines For Wasting Water

Baronelle Stutzman

Christian Florist Targeted For "Personal Ruin"

2016 Election

All Presidential Candidates Caught In The Same Lie


Gay Marriage

Idaho City's Ordinance Tells Pastors To Marry Gays Or Go To Jail


DHS Rejects Request To Investigate "Guest-Worker" Program Abuse

Clinton Family

Clinton Foundation Is Nothing More Than An Out-Of-Control Family Business Conning Everyone

Common Core

Anti-Common Core Parents Threatened With Jail

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Praised GM After Massive $685,000 Donation & Refused To Report It 

Fire Fighter

Baltimore City Council President Apologizes To "Rioters" For Calling Them Thugs

Washington DC

The City Of No Consequences

Lois Lerner

Lost & Found - Watchdog Recovers Thousands Of Lerner's Emails

Baltimore Mayor

Baltimore Mayor Claims Media Fanned The Flames Of Riots

Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King Would Be "Heartbroken" 

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake

Moron Of The Week - Baltimore Mayor "We Gave Those Who Wished To Destroy The Space To Do That"

 Rand Paul Hillary Clinton
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen attended a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton in New York City this week. Hillary told them, “Good luck with the reboot of your '90s show.” And they said, “Thanks. Good luck with yours.” - Jimmy Fallon
Baltimore Riots

Shocking – CBS News “Anti-Christian Bigotry”

Class Of 2015


Baltimore Riots

When Washington Fiddled While Baltimore Burned

Rush Limbaugh

The "Real" Reason For Obama's Illegal Executive Amnesty

Global Warming

Hoax Slayers - Top Scientists To Check Questionable Global Warming Data

Al Sharpton

Don't Worry Baltimore - The Reverend Al Is On His Way


We Are In A Police State Right Now


Marching Into Hell - A Blunt Message To The Young People Of America

WH Correspondents Dinner

Media Elites Revolt Against White House Reporters "Nerd Prom"  


Watch The Clueless Baltimore Black Thug Rioters 


Union Thugs Attack Goodyear For Opening Plant In Mexico - Clueless At The Union Hall 

Carly Fiorina

Yes, Carly Fiorina Was Fired, But She Is The "Most Valuable Player Of The Month"

Boomer Esiason

Boomer Esiason Blasts University Of Maryland's "American Sniper" Snub

Ben Affleck

More Trouble For PBS & Affleck - Affleck's Mother Denies His Claims

Vivek Murthy

Here We Go - New Controversial Surgeon General Starts With His Gun Control Agenda

Gay Wedding Cake

Massive Fine Levied Against Oregon Bakery Owners

New Americans

Shocking - DHS Working Overtime To Add 9 Million "New Americans" By 2016 - You're Paying For Your Own Demise

Marco Rubio

Double Talk - Rubio Still Pushing Amnesty

Mark Levin

Clintons "Must Be Prosecuted"

Garry Kasparov

The Clinton, Putin Nuclear Scandal "Would End The Career Of Anyone Else"

John Koskinen

IRS Spends Millions On Bonuses & Cuts Customer Service

Police Raid

Wisconsin's Shame - Government Officials Using Cops To Retaliate


Irwin Horwitz

Texas A&M Professor Flunks His Entire Class, Then Quits

Harry Reid

It Turns Out His Name Should Have Been Dirty "Gridlock" Harry

Anita Njiy

Assistant Police Chief Refuses To Acknowledge The Pledge Of Allegiance 

Arctic Ice

Uh-Oh...Global Sea Ice Levels Defy Alarmist Predictions

Kshama Sawant

Seattle Socialist City Counsel Member Evades Taxes On Her Staffers While Demanding Employers Pay Up

Michelle Miller

Shocker On CBS - Earth "Not As Warm As Climate Models Predicted"

Hillary Clinton

It Won't Be Hillary

Emma Sulkowicz

Text Of "Mattress Girl" Lawsuit Will Shock You 

Emma Sulkowicz

Columbia "Mattress Girl" Lionized After False Claim Of Rape 

Pope Benedict

Islamic Jihadists Plotted To Murder Pope Benedict

Ted Cruz

GOP Presidential Hopefuls Skip White House Correspondents Dinner

Hillary Clinton

Veteran Defense Lawyers See Criminal Inquiry For Clintons

Dirty Harry & Mitch

You've Been Had Again - Democrats Still Control The Senate

Betty McCray

Rough First Day - New Mayor Suspended On First Day Over Voter Fraud 

Loretta Lynch

Confirmed - 10 Republicans Voted Yes To Another Lawless AG 

Jaime Herrera Beutler

Meet A New Kind Of Republican

Libya Migrants

Catastrophe, 500,000 People Displaced So Far, By Obama's War

Hillary Clinton

Clinton Cash - You Should Read This Before Hillary Goes To Jail

Marco Rubio

Poll - Rubio Emerges As Top GOP Contender

Obama's Brother

Obama's Brother, "Obama Is Dishonest" & Abandoned The Family

Supreme Court

Supreme Court Takes Up Gay Marriage - Do We Know The Vote Already


Union Thugs Take "Forced" Fees From 550,000 Non members

Bernie Sanders

Senators Call For Higher Wages For Senate Workers


Teachers Unions Are Scared To Death Of "School Choice"

Hillary Clinton

Another Clinton Coincidence...Or Maybe Not

Hillary Clinton

11 Explosive Clinton Cash Facts Mainstream Media Confirm Are Accurate


The Terror Strategist - Secret Files Reveal The Structure Of ISIS

Hillary Clinton

Hillary - "Religious Beliefs" Must Change For Sake Of Abortion


Even Nut Jobs In California Are Starting To Balk

Barack Obama

Obama's Top 10 Jokes At The 2015 White House Correspondent's Dinner


Dangerously Tangled Geostrategic Dilemma In Mideast Gets Worse

Vit Jedicka

Fed Up Czech Republic Politician Sets Up New Nation Based On America's Constitution 

Joe Biden

Joe "The Moron" Biden Says "No President Has Ever Done More To Support Israel's Security Than Obama"

Bill Clinton

State Department Documents Reveal Conflict Of Interest With Bill Clinton & Saudi Arabia

Ashton Carter

House Threatens To Cut Defense Secretary's Budget Over Bergdahl Stonewalling

Polar Bears

Global Warming Nuts Have A Melt Down When A Sceptic Gets A Grant

Tom Brady

Tom Brady Is Not Playing With Deflated Balls - Lets Obama Know He Doesn't Respect Him 

Shaneka Torres

Woman Shoots Up McDonald's Over A Baconless Burger - Where Is This Country Going?

Michael Brown Family

Instead Of Being Embarrassed For Raising A Thug, Michael Brown's Family To Sue The City Of Ferguson


Russia Undermining US Allies In Europe By Raising Doubts About Obama

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Moron NYC Protesters Call For Disarming The Police

Liberals Must Stop Enabling Crime

Mohammed Morsi

Obama Supported Ex-Egyptian President, Mohammed Morsi, Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison 

Hillary Clinton

Hillary's Spontaneous Coffee Shop Stop Was Completely Staged


Christians Are Being Systematically Purged From The US Military

Bill & Hillary Clinton

How & Why Foreign Governments Made The Clintons Rich


Why Is The VA Putting So Many Veterans On The Federal Gun Ban List?


Computer Security

Risky Business - Cyber Security Experts Claim Whistleblowing Brings Retaliation


Government Schools Have Essentially Become Criminal Enterprises


"The Right To Bear Arms?" - Gun Grabbing Sweeping The Nation


Senate "Just Rewrote" Constitution To Give Obama More Power - This Will Shock You


National Mall Trashed After Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day Concert

Dirty Harry - The Whole GOP Field A Bunch Of "Losers"



California Attorney General Declares - Undocumented Immigrants No Longer Criminals

Putin Rouhani

Russian Missile Sales To Iran - White House Claims Of Cooperation With Russia Collapses

George Will

Celebrating The Disinvited - Free Speech Never More "Dangerously" Threatened Than Now 

Hassan Rouhani

$50 Billion Signing Bonus For The Terror Regime Iran


US Military "Hostile" To Christians Under Obama - Morale, Retention Devastated

The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon

Hillary Broke Her Confirmation Promise To Disclose Foreign Donations

Sheriff Shares His Opinions On “Black Culture”

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 Mayweather Pacquiao

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby Accused Of Rape Again

Smart Bullets

Military's New Smart Bullet Can Hit Moving Targets

Bill Gates

Bill Gates Made 15 Predictions In 1999 - It's Scary How Accurate He Was


35 Books Everyone Should Read At Least Once In Their Lifetime

Trailer House

Oregon Man Turns Trailer Into Tiny House

Book Store

The World's Most Beautiful Book Stores

Brian Williams

The Guy Has A Problem

Chevy Concept Car

2015 Shanghai Motor Show Highlights


McDonald's Closing Hundreds Of Restaurants This Year


Why Google Is The New Evil Empire

Elon Musk

Tesla Launches Batteries For Homes, Businesses, Utilities


4 Plans Scientists Have To Contact Aliens

1973 Austin Allegro

100 Ugliest Cars Of All Time

Stella Maxwell

Victoria's Secret Has 10 New Angels & You Should Meet Them


Guess Which Is The Happiest Country In The World

Stock Market

Wall Street Can't Stop Talking About The "Ridiculous" Arrest Of The "Flash Crash" Trader


10 Nuttiest Vehicles At The Lane Motor Museum


This Mega McDonald's Bill Came To $890.00


Brace For A New Flood Of Foreclosures

Travis McHenry

Inside The Strange & Wonderful World Of Micronations


Astronauts Will Get Dumber On Their Way To Mars

Messenger Spacecraft

NASA's Messenger Spacecraft Will Crash Into Mercury - Ran Out Of Gas

Microsoft Computer

WOW - Check out Microsoft's "Holographic" Computer

Big Texan

Iconic Roadside Restaurants Worth Stopping For


One Big Reason Bitcoin Is Going Nowhere

Man Contemplating

Why Seeking Less, Not More, Is The Key To A Fulfilling Life

Ice Cave

80 Unreal Places You Thought Only Existed In Your Imagination

Yellowstone Valcano

Stunning Photos of Magma Found Beneath Yellowstone


You Will Not Believe What This 100 Carat Diamond Sold For

Airbus H160

Airbus H160 Helicopter - This Could Be Your Next Birthday Present

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Chris Christie

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Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby Does It Again


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