Turkey Shoots Down Russian Jet – What Happened

The Real Story About Syrian Refugees

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Trump & Horn

Here Is What Is Wrong With The GOP - NH GOP Chief Fights Resignation Calls After Slamming The Republican Front Runner

Polic Officers

Obama Has Managed To Really Piss Off Law Enforcement Again

Michael Flynn

Former DIA Director Who Briefed Obama Has Harsh Words - He Got Good Intel, Investigate The White House

Elise Labott

New Emails Show CNN Reporter Took Orders From Hillary Aid - Journalist, She Is Not


The Number Of Cyber Attacks On US Companies Since November 2014

Common Core

Massachusetts Has Become The Latest State To Stop Common Core


Exposed - Obama's Love For Jihadi Muslims & Hate For Persecuted Christians


I Screwed You - Obama Quietly Releases Plans For 2,224 New Regulations Ahead Of Thanksgiving

Donald Trump

Trump Fires A Warning Shot At RNC "That Wasn't The Deal"


VA Employee Ran A "Private" Business Out Of The Clinic



One Picture Sums Up Obama's Idiotic ISIS Policy

Merkel's Madness

Huma Email Reveals - Hillary Often Confused

Chicago Protests

Protests Rage In Chicago Over Video 

Jihad John

ISIS Radicalizes "Thousands" In The US

Margot Wallstrom

Blaming Israel For Paris Attacks - What Do You Do With Complete Idiots


Michigan's Welfare System Is So Helpful - Phone Assistance & All Forms Now In Arabic


What?  Obama Says Climate Conference Will Be A "Powerful Rebuke" Of Terrorism


Lawmakers Ask Top Generals To Defy Obama If He Tries To Close Gitmo


Obamacare Regulation May Put Craft Breweries Out Of Business 

Bernie Sanders

The "Bern" Is Top Contender In Time Magazine Person Of The Year  Think About That For Awhile

Ahmed Mohamed

Obama's "Clock Boy" Suing For $15 Million

Computer Hackers

Biggest Hack In US History "Stonewalled"

Muslim Woman

Switzerland Bans The Burqa - Those Who Rebuff Our Values Are Not Welcome

Useful Idiots

Marriage Of Low Information Zealots & MSM Equals "Useful Idiots" 


Democrat Sent To Prison For "Ambulance Chasing" Scheme - Lawyer's Deficiency of Character

Illegal Aliens

DHS Knew Illegal Aliens Falsely Claimed "Credible Fear" To Stay In US & Did Nothing

Debbie Waserman Schultz

DNC Debuts New Website To Help Slow-Witter Liberals Talk Politics To Their Republican Uncle 

Mike Rawlings

Dallas Mayor Who Fears White People Lives In 92% White Neighborhood - PC Idiot

Bill Clinton

Crooks - Clinton Foundation's Colombian "Private Equity Fund" Was Unregistered

White House

Emails Show DOD Analysts Told To "Cut It Out" On ISIS Warnings

White House

Interactive Map Shows "Radical Mosques" Across US

Hillary Clinton

Huge Backfire - Hillary Tweets "All Sexual Abuse Accusers Deserve To Be Believed" Tweeter Goes Nuts Reminding Her Of Her Husband

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The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon

Trump Nation – 3 Questions About Donald Trump

Why Won't The VA Fire Employees Accused Of Fraud


Syrian Refugees

The True Cost Of Europe's Muslim "Enrichment"

Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh - One GOP Front Runner Not Equipped To Be President

Ben Carson

Ben Carson Tumbles


Yes, Obama Did Just Admit He Is A Muslim!

Bill Maher

Bill Maher Blasts Liberals For Defending Islam - Muslims Sharing Western Values Is Bulls**t

Illegal Aliens

Watch The Brazen Arrogance Of Illegal Aliens

Bernie Sanders

"No Clue Bernie" - To Hell With The Fossil Fuel Industry

United Healthcare

Obamacare In Death Spiral As United Health Pulls Out

Michael Moore

Jabba The Hutt Offers His Michigan Home To Syrian Refugees, Sorta


"Daily Slaughter Of Blacks" Rocks Major US City - Black Lives Don't Matter Here

Donald Trump

Reuters National Poll, Trump Now Leads By...23 Points

FOX News Poll

After Paris Attacks - Trump Up, Carson Down - Read More


The Mainstream Media Is Really Stupid - Its Not 10,000 Its 100,000 Refugees

Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton Gives Himself A 71% Raise Thanks To De Blasio, Obama

Hillary Clinton

The Latest From The "Lying Queen" Promises Enough Clean Energy To Power Every Home In America

Al Waleed Bin Talal

Saudi Prince Pledges $32 Billion To Promote Islam/Sharia In America

Donald Trump

Trump Blasts The "Dishonest Media" He Is Completely Correct 

Laredo Texas

5 More Syrians Detained At Laredo Texas Port Of Entry


5 Gimmicks In The Highway Trust Fund Bailout


Majority Of Americans Feel Like "Stranger In Own Country" & Trump Knows That 


GOP Elite Bring Out The Keystone Cops To Try & Derail Trump

Fighter Jets

US Pilots - Obama Blocks 75% Of ISIS Strikes


Rachel Maddow

Liberals Finally Admit What They Think About "Free Speech" & It's Ugly

James Inhofe

Senator Inhofe - There Is No Way Americans Are Going To Pay $3 Billion Into Obama's Climate Change Fund


Obama In Malaysia - Oceans Will Rise, More Drought, More Flooding, Bigger Hurricanes & Typhoons

College Student

College Fees Going Up - They Are Going To Add "Global Warming" Fees To Tuition

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood Caught Continually Over Billing The Taxpayers

Barkery Sign

Bakery Posts Politically Incorrect Sign & Sparks Huge Backlash 

John Kerry

Another Administration Moron Declared "Al-Qaeda Neutralized" Right Before The Mali Attack

Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions Exposes Obama's Refugee Plan - 72 Terror Cases In US "Ignored"

Charles Martland

Shocking - Green Beret Kicked Out After Confronting Afghan Rapist

Global Warming

Nonsense - Top Scientists Demolish Global Warming Crap

I heard that AMC will broadcast a marathon of the entire “Godfather” trilogy on Thanksgiving. So if you want to watch a dramatic family falling apart on Thanksgiving - now you've got TWO ways to do that. - Jimmy Fallon

The Un-Armed Forces Medley – Trump For Prez

This Is Amazing – Hillary Brags About Her Failed Foreign Policy


Abdelhand Abaaoud

Paris Terror "Mastermind" Used Migrant Crisis To Get Into Country


Top Job In 2016 - Electing A Real "Commander-In-Chief" To Keep America Safe & Free 

Rand Paul Mitch McConnell

Rand Paul Forces McConnell To Pull Refugee Housing Bill


More Than 500,000 People Homeless In The US, But We're Going To Give Refugees Housing And Money

Carson Williams

Carson Backs Away From Top Adviser

Donald Trump

Trump Accuses White House Of Not Helping Syrian Christians

Hillary Clinton

New Poll Indicates Colorado Not High Enough To Choose Clinton

Donald Trump

WSJ - Trump Rides A Blue-Collar Wave

Ann Coulter

Coulter - When The Third World Attacks

European Union

Economics Lessons From Europe Hillary & Bernie Never Learned

James Comey

FBI Braces For Islamic Holiday Terror Attacks


US Among Top 4 Countries From Were ISIS Supporters Tweet From


Consumers - Obamacare's High Deductibles Makes It Impossible To Go To The Doctor

Rajat Gupta

Bill Clinton Loves To Work With Felons

Cruz Rubio

It's On - Cruz & Rubio Trade Blows On Immigration Slugfest

Moammar Gadhafi

Obama & Hillary's Overthrow Of Gadhafi "Fueled ISIS Rise"


Limbaugh - Obama Not Interested In Winning Against ISIS, He Is Asking Us To Not Believe Exactly What We See


Yes, I Still Want To Bring As Many Muslim Refugees To The US As I Can & Make You Pay For Them

Dinesh D'Souza

Dinesh D'Souza - Obama Taught Me A Valuable Lesson - You Better Read This

Seized Stuff

The Feds Are Criminals - Take $4.5 Billion Worth Of Private Property From Americans In 2014

Hillary Clinton

No Joke - Clinton Campaign Threatens "Laugh Factory" After Comedians Make Fun Of Her

Gina McCarthy

Senate Votes To Repeal EPA's Global Warming Rules


Outrageous - Obama Threatens To Veto House Bill Improving Syrian Refugee Screening

Jeb Bush

What Happened To Jeb's Comeback Florida Poll: Trump Leads Rubio 36/18 Bush 5th


How ISIS Makes Its Money


Honduras Detains 5 Syrians With Stolen Greek Passports Headed For The US

Syrian Refugees

Update - 30 States Oppose Syrian Muslim Refugees

Chelsea Hillary

Clinton Foundation Revenues $172 Million - Gave Out $5.1 Million

Hillary Clinton

WOW - New York Times Attacks Hillary For Her Deceitful 9/11 Talking Points 

Huma Abedin

Hillary's Top Aid Failed To Comply With State Dept "Separation Agreement"

Bill Hillary Clinton

Pathetic People - Large Clinton Foundation Donor Conducted Review Of Clinton Foundation Tax Returns - Audited Themselves 

Democrat Debate

No One Watched The Democrats 2nd Debate & All They Missed Was Hillary Lying Her Ass Of Again

Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee To House Speaker Paul Ryan "Stop The Flow Of Terrorists To America Or Step Down"


Only 1/3 Of Obamacare Exchange Money Went To Obamacare Exchanges 

Donald Trump

Trump Embraces Parents of Children Murdered By Illegal Aliens - About Time Someone Did

Black Lives Matter

Campus Crazies - Dartmouth Protester Assault White Students While Screaming Racial Threats

Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter On Terrorist Massacre - "Trump Was Elected President Tonight"

Marco Rubio

Rubio Post-Paris Attack - I Still Want Be Bring Muslim Refugees To America

Hillary Clinton

Hillary In Debate - "We're Not At War With Islam" Unfit For Commander-In-Chief


Obama Has A Strategy In The Middle East & It's Working

Huma Abedin

Brilliant, Just Brilliant State Dept Sends Out Documents After 2 Years, Then Demands Them Back

Angelique Clark

Girl That Stood Up For Her Pro-Life Club Makes The School Pay

Benghazi Building

Hillary's Handy Work - Terrorist Taking Over Libya

Emmanul Bowden

Guess Who Anonymously Threatened To "Shoot Every Black Kid On Campus"


Terror Attack In Tel Aviv - American Tourist Killed

 Nancy Pelosi

This Characterless, Embarrassment Said "I Have Confidence In The President's Take" That ISIS Is Contained

Hillary Clinton

Muslims Are "Peaceful & Tolerant And Have Nothing To Do With Terrorism" No Sane Person Could Possibly Vote For This Pathetic Pantsuit 

Waad Ramadan Alwan

It Is Happening Right Now - Al Qaeda Terrorist Entered US Through Refugee Program - Caught Amassing Guns In Kentucky

Paris Terrorist

8 Different Migrants Used Same Passport Entering Europe As A Paris Terrorist

Illegal Aliens

Your News Forgot To Tell You Throngs Of Children Are Trying To Cross The Texas Border Again


Failing Left-wing NY Daily News Brazenly Claims NRA Is Helping Terrorists

Obama Golfing

$3,115,688 Is The Partial Tab For Obama's Golf, Vacation & Daughters NYC Trip & He Stuck You With The Tab

Welcome Refugees

State Dept. - Refugees Can Go "Wherever They Want To Go"

John Kerry

Ladies & Gentlemen, Meet Your Secretary Of State - A Complete Disgrace 

Donald Trump

Trump On Obama "I Don't Think He Was Meant For The Job"

Syrian Refugees

Now 15 States Refusing To Take Syrian Refugees 

Janet Yellen

Janet Yellen Warns Feds Proposed Transparency Law Would Be A Grave Mistake

Mitch McConnell

The Senate Must Decide If It's Serious About Ending Obamacare

Black Mobs

Obama's 3 Lynch Mob Movements

Illegal Gang Members

Finally - Lawmakers Demand Answers Why DHS Allowed Illegal Gang Member Released & Attacked Police 



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Former ISIS Commander Describes Life On The Inside

Judge Jeanine Rips Obama On Refugees, Be Honest For Once



Sheriffs Livid Over Obama's Massive Felon Release 

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz Introduces Bill To Designate "Muslim Brotherhood" A Terrorist Organization - Obama Won't

UN Logo

Treason - Obamatrade (TPP) Hands Over US Sovereignty To International Panel

Michael Savage

Michael Savage - We Must Prosecute Obama For Crimes Against America


Democrats Demanded Obamacare - Now Try To Duck Out Of Paying For It 

Jerry Brown

California Governor Ordered State Workers To Research Oil Drilling On His Own Land While Curbing The Use Of Fossil Fuels

Illegal Aliens

Suicide - Illegal Aliens Now Qualify For Medicaid Expansion In California - Every Working American Should Be Horrified


State Plans Ban Of Religious Schools From Scholarship Program


Obama's Plan To Cut Out The Senate Review Of The Paris Protocol - Lawlessness


Pilgrims Rejected Communism & There Isn't A Progressive That Knows Why


Unions - Obama Threw Us Under The Bus - Duh! He Throws All Americans Under The Bus


Lead Or Resign - Or Are You A Muslim

EPA Spill

EPA's Gold King Mine Spill Contractor Cashed In After The Disaster

University Of Missouri Protesters

7 Lessons From The University of Missouri Debacle

Melissa Click

The New Face Of American Fascism

Here We Go Again - VA Officials Plead The "Fifth" Over Abuse & Waste

FBI Director Stands Up To Obama Over The "Ferguson Effect"

The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon

European Suicide, This Will Shock You – The Muslim Mass Migration Is Much Worse Than You Thought

Why Won't Saudi Arabia Take In Syrian Refugees

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Online Shopping

Online Sales Spike Before Black Friday

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos Takes On Elon Musk, Space X & Nails Historic Reusable Rocket Landing


States With The Biggest Heroin Problem

Jered Fogle

Jared Fogle, Subway Pitchman Sentenced to 15-1/2 Years In Jail

Chicken Nuggets

We Tried Chicken Nuggets From Chick-fil-A, Wendy's, Burger King & McDonalds - Guess Who Won


MIT Scientists Tell NASA They Have A Better Way To Mars

Tony Robbins Warren Buffett

Tony Robbins Asked Warren Buffett How He Got So Rich

David Hasslhoff

David Hasselhoff Changes His Name

Burt Renolds Sally Field

Burt Reynolds Heart Breaking Confessions About Sally Field 

Christmas Lights

HOA Backs Down In Dispute Over Christmas Lights


Law School Grads Are Bombing The Bar - Lawyer's Are Getting Dumber

Lazy Worker

13 Best Jobs For People Who Don't Want To Work A Lot, Excluding Government Employees


1,111 Carat "High Quality" Diamond Found

Snow Storm

Blizzard Plasters Denver, Rattle Plains


Anonymous To Wage "War" On ISIS


Alibaba Proved It's More Than Just Some Chinese Company


Americans Less Likely To Travel Abroad - For Good Reason

Laser Beam

Laser Strikes On Aircraft Hit Record Pace

Tech Deals

The Best Black Friday Tech Deals

Bill Nye

Bill Nye Slams NASCAR - It's The Anti-NASA

Burger King

Burger King Throws A Punch In The Fast-Food Fight


The Exxon Shakedown & Everybody Knows It

Tackles Drunk

NFL Player Gives Drunk Fan On The Field A Taste Of The NFL

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen To Announce He's HIV Positive

French Woman

Why France Has Become A Prime Target For Terrorists


Conservatives Win Big In Governor Races & More - All It Took Was The True Majority To Vote

Internet Hub

The Internet Lives In A Huge Hotel In Manhattan

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Even South Korea Is Arresting ISIS Supporters


Indonesia Considers Prison Guarded By Crocodiles - Because They Can't Be Bribed

Faraday Future

Tesla Has A Chinese Competitor

Russian Athlete

Surprise - Russian Athletes Caught Widespread Doping & Could Keep Them Out Of The 2016 Olympics

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The Worst Possible Fit For New Border Patrol Chief- You Won't Believe This

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