N. Korea Threatens To Fire On S. Korea Village  
Voting Booths

Pastor Backing Trump Battles Al Sharpton

Watch A Crooked Hillary Supporter

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Colin Kaepernick

$126 Million NFL QB Refuses To Stand For The National Anthem

Hillary Clinton

"Paranoid Hillary" Goes Anti-White Racist Nutty

Geet Wilders

Geert Wilders - Close All Mosques In The Netherlands

Bill & Hillary Clinton

Former Clinton Global Initiative Moderator Slams Foundation Calls Events "Gross" Buying Access Events


California's "Gunmageddon" Has 2nd Amendment Backers Up In Arms

Huma Abedin

Huma's Journal - Bill Clinton Bombed Saddam To Distract From The Monica Lewinsky Scandal

Women Soldiers

Obama's Disastrous "Women In Combat" Policy Has Failed

Dr. Drew Pinsky

"Dr. Drew" Show Canceled By HLN After He Questions Hillary's Health

University Of Missouri

Black Lives Matter Has Officially Cost University Of Missouri 2,100 Students & Huge Deficits

Rajuawn Middleton

Forced Out Of Home Over A Marijuana Joint

Trump Was Right, Silicon Valley Wrong On H-1B Visas

How Stupid Do They Think We Are?

Army Accountants Make Trillions Of Dollars In Illegal Entries

Corruption Ahead

71 Cities, Counties & States Were Just Charged With Fraud

Cooking The Books

Dishonest EPA Is Cooking The Books & Misleading The American People

Clinton Foster

Now The FBI Files On Hillary's Role In Vince Foster Death Have Vanished 

Bikers For Trump

Sen. Joni Ernst's Iowa "Roast & Ride" Brought Out Bikers For Trump

Donald Trump

Trump Vows To End The "War On Farmers & Minorities"

Robert Mugabe

Brutal Dictator, Robert Mugabe Orders The Arrest Of Entire Zimbabwean Olympic Team

Joe Arpaio

DOJ Will Investigate Sheriff Joe & Not Hillary

Las Vegas

Upset Brewing In Nevada

Blumenthal Clinton

Gowdy - FBI's Description Of Sydney Blumenthal-Hillary Clinton Relationship Will Come As A Surprise 


States Still Stuck With Obamacare Hiking Premiums Up To 60%



Hannity Panel

Hannity Loses Control When All Black Panel Lets Loose On Hillary

Al Gore

Global Warming Nuts Have Just "Jumped The Shark"

Cross Dressing

Christian Business Wins Court Battle Over Employing Transgender

Union For Trump

Hillary's Union Support Is Under Dispute

Bruce Carter

"Black Men For Bernie" Founder Now Campaigning For Trump

Joe Scarborough

MSNBC Morning Joe Host Delivers Scathing Put Down To Clinton Aide

Swedish Police

Swedish Police Overwhelmed By Attacks From Refugees

Howard Dean

Howard Dean - Hillary Shouldn't Hold Pressers Because The Media Isn't Legitimate

Hillary Clinton

Company Hillary Used To Wipe Her Servers Clean, Brags About Stifling The Investigation

Ann Coulter

Coulter Scorches Media - I'm Not "Abandoning" Trump



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The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon
Hillary Clinton & KKK

Trump Has A Lot Of African American Supporters

Mike Pence On The Clinton Controversies, No One Is Above The Law


Minimum Wage

Morons - Minimum Wage Increase Put 1,400 D.C. Restaurant Employees Out Of Work This Year

Black Lives Matter

BLM Shows Up In Louisiana & Gets Greeting They Didn't Expect

Donald Trump

Trump - Clinton Ran A "Vast Criminal Enterprise" At State Department...He's Correct

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage At Huge Trump Rally - "You Can Beat The Pollsters, You Can Beat Washington"

Taco Bell

5 Police Officers Denied Service At Taco Bell

US Debt

US Debt Load Is Second Worst In The World

R. W. Bray

R. W. Bray Got A Standing Ovation For His Speech At A Trump Rally

Chemical Weapons

They Look Like Fools - Obama & Kerry's Syria Chemical Weapons Deal Is Dead

Capital Building

Deficit Is Rising Faster Then Predicted -Again

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter Rioters Burn Down Black Woman's Rehabed Home, Watch



Huma Abedin

1/3 Of Huma Emails Are 100% Redacted - Too Sensitive Even For Congress & No One Can Find Her Security Clearance

Josh Earnest

White House - Quit Investigating Clinton!!!

McCarthy Foxx

2 Unelected Bureaucrats Sign 700,000 Word Illegal Regulation That Is Going To Cost You Lots Of Money 

Donald Trump

America's Toughest Immigration Opponents React To Trumps New Immigration Plan

Trump Protesters

Trump Haters Outnumbered By 100:1 In Liberal Austin - Watch

Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions - "Something Big Is Happening...People Are Taking Their Country Back"

Donald Trump

The Dirty Little Trump Secret The Media Is Hiding

Hillary & Chelsea Clinton

Hillary Was Emailing Chelsea Clinton Under Her "Fake" Name "Diane Reynolds"

Hillary Clinton

Is Hillary's Lying Pathological?

Leo DiCaprio

DiCaprio Cancels Clinton Fundraiser, As His Foundation Scandal Draws Attention

Bernie Sanders

The "Bern" Is Not Done Burning His Supporters, Socialism For You But Not For Me

Trump Supporters

Trumps Black Support Explodes In Biggest Battleground State

Powell Rice

Condi Rice Joins Powell - Hillary Lied To The FBI About Us

Clinton & Kimmel

Ratings Drop For Hillary's Appearance On Jimmy Kimmel - Rerun Of "Friends" Beat Her


Veterans Administration Just Gets Worse - Whistleblower Fired After Reporting 30 Lost Cars & Credit Card Abuse

Hillary Voter Worker

Watch As Hillary Supporter Commits Voter Fraud & Denies It 


Here We Go - Obama, We Don't Need a Special Prosecutor For The Clinton Foundation

Hillary Clinton

11 Calls From "Left-Wing" Media To Shut Down The Clinton Criminal Foundation

Child Soldiers

The Child Soldiers of Jihad


Oregon To Become The First State To Kill Coal



On Saturday, Hillary Clinton will receive her first official intelligence briefing as a candidate. Officials plan to tell Hillary about threats to U.S. cybersecurity such as Russia, China, and her. - Conan O'Brien

NAACP Calls For Ban On Charter Schools

The Lie Behind Gun Free Zones


Dennis Cheng

Hillary Finance Director Was "Middle Man" Between Clinton Foundation & State Department

Charles Blow

CNN Commentator - Trumps Out Reach Is Like "Urinating On Blacks"

Bill Clinton

The Clinton Foundation Made Same "No Foreign Cash Pledge" When Hillary Was Picked As Secretary of State 


Gitmo - Obama More Concerned About Letting The Terrorists Out Than Capturing More Of Them

Trump Rally Austin

10,000 Turn Out To See Trump In Austin, 35,000 Watch Online

Hillary Clinton

Half Of All Meetings, As Secretary Of State, Where With Clinton Foundation Donors 

Hillary Clinton

Hillary's State Dept. Helped Jailed Clinton Foundation Donor Get $10 Million From US For Never Started Haiti Project

Gary Johson

Uh-Oh...Gary Johnson Is Not A Libertarian - Wants Carbon Tax & Supports "BLM"


Obama's Immigrant Vetting Doesn't Ask If They Are ISIS, Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood

Donald Trump

Trump - DOJ (Department Of Injustice) Can't Be Trusted, Get A Special Prosecutor To Investigate The Clinton Foundation

Terry McAuliffe

Virginia's Gov Gives 13,000 Felons Voting Rights Back Despite Court Order Not To - The Lefts Lawlessness 

Powell Clinton

Colin Powell VS Hillary Clinton & He Won't Let Hillary Blame Her Email Scandal On Him


NYT Columnist Calls On Google To "Fix" Search Results About Clinton's Health


The Insanity Continues - Teachers Banned From Calling Students "Boys & Girls"

Jen Psaki

New Report - State Department Lied, Edited Video & Lied About That

Boy At Computer

Introducing "Grab" - Free Speech Twitter Alternative

Clinton House

Hillary Demands Chappaqua Limit Traffic On Public Road In Front Of Her House

Donald Trump

Trump Rally In Virginia "I'm Not A Politician, Thank Goodness" "I'm Your Voice"

Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe Does It Again - Nails Left-Wing Celebs With Common Sense

Howard Meyers

Dem Mayor Of Bankrupt City Denounces Critics As Racists & Appears To Be Only Semi-Literate


Food Stamps

140 Inner City Chicago Stores Charged With Food Stamp Fraud

Donald Trump

Clinton Campaign Freaking Out - After Spending $200 Million On Ads Clinton & Trump Locked In Virtual Tie


Detroit Has Gone From Being The Greatest Manufacturing City In The World To A Global Joke

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Won't Visit Flood-Ravaged Louisiana - It's A Mess & Nothing I Can Do About It

Voter ID

80% Support Voter ID Laws - Your President Says No

Hillary Clinton

FBI Uncovers 15,000 Hidden Emails & Documents In Clinton Probe

Democrats & Religion

The Democratic Party's Got Religion?????

Milwaufee Riots

Milwaukee Murder - Look Who Is Behind The Killing Spree

Hillary Clinton

Clinton Campaign Tries To Deflect Foreign Money Criticism By Pointing Finger At Trump Campaign


CNN Looney Hosts Rip Trump For Reaching Out To Black Voters...Then Claims They Are Felons

Rick Perry Khizr Khan

Rick Perry Unleashes Bombshell On Khizr Khan "Shame On You" 


Border Patrol Arrest Previously Deported Sex Offender In California - When Will This End?

Hillary Clinton

Hillary's State Dept. Blew $6 Billion In Fraud, Lost, Altered Or Incomplete Contracts


The Walking Dead - Obamacare

Refugee Kids

Refugee Kids Are Suing A Pennsylvania School District For "Being Denied Access To A Quality Education" - Wait There Is More To The Story Than You Think

Donald Trump

Trump Makes Fools Out Of Governor, Obama, Media When He Rolls Into Louisiana With 18-Wheeler Full Of Supplies


Muslim Prayer Rooms Coming To American Businesses - Get Ready

John Kirby

You Must See This To Believe It - State Dept Spokesman "There Is No Evidence That Deliberately Edited Videotape Was Meant To Conceal Information"

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter Cashes In With $100 Million From Liberal Foundations

Donald Trump

Trump Takes Charge - "I Will Be A Champion Of The People"

Pokemon Go

Pinhead Bureaucrat In Milwaukee Tells Developer Of "Pokemon Go" They Need A Permit For People To Use It In Their Parks   

Liberal Speak

Liberal Speak - Watch & Learn

Hillary Clinton

Still Just A Conspiracy?...Bill Clinton Thought Hillary Was Too Sickly To Run For President!


Meet The "Trumpocrats"

Julian Assange

Was There An Assassination Attempt On Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Vows To Shut Down Dissenting Internet Sites If She Wins Presidency

Jason Chaffeitz

Congress Must Do More To Combat Unaccountable "Bureaucrats" Funding Junk Science

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Deleted More Emails Than She Turned Over To The State Department

Hillary Clinton

"One Of The Worst" Responses He's Ever Seen From A Candidate


Court Blocks Obama's Illegal Transgender Restroom Order

Ryan Lochte

Left-Wing Loon Media Links Ryan Lochte To Trump...Even Though Swimmer Supported Obama - Journalism Is Now Dead

Bill Hillary Clinton

Bill & Hillary's "Friends" Fall Off Buildings, Crash Planes, Die In Freak Accidents - 33 Intriguing Cases

Republicans For Hillary

What Republican Turncoats Forgot

Trump Protesters

Left-Wing Protesters Attack Trumps Motorcade & Supporters - Media Yawns & Distorts It 


ISIS Takes Advantage Of Stupid US Rules Of Engagement


Fake Passports For ISIS Terrorists Found In Greek Refugee Camps

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Wears Heavy Wool Coat & Black Pants To Outdoor, August Fundraiser...Something Is Not Right


ISIS Has A New Focus - Killing Christians & Bombing Churches

Eric Shneiderman

NY Attorney General Forced To Walk Back His Attack On ExxonMobil, Enviro-Nuts Not Happy

Kristian Saucier

Here We Go - Navy Sailor's "Clinton Deal" Denied, Gets 1 Year In Prison For 6 Photos Of Navy Sub



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Shocking Election Fraud Cases

“Common Sense Gun Control” Debunked



The Obamacare Scam Is Coming To An End All By Itself

New Immigrants

Americans, Legal Immigrants Back Trump's Immigration Vetting Policy By More Than 2 To 1

Wind Farms

Who Owns The Wind? Pinhead Bureaucrats Now Say They Do & We're Going To Tax It

Hillary Clinton

Judge Orders Hillary To Answer Questions From Judicial Watch In Email Lawsuit 

Illegal Alien Sign

Border Patrol Website Offers Illegal Aliens Tips For Avoiding Capture

Trump's Revolution - Taxes Are Too Damn High


Trump Supporter

Trump Supporter Has Sign Stolen 3 Times With Note From The Thief

Ibtihaj Muhammad

American Muslim Olympian Bashes America & Mocks Victims Of Muslim Terrorists  

Fire Fighters

Fire Fighters Union Abandons It's Plans To Endorse Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Photo Of Hillary Clinton Getting Help Up The Stairs Goes Viral - There Is A Problem

Black Guy Milwaukee

Milwaukee Man Tells Us The Problem - Sadly He Identifies Himself 


Hillary Clinton

You Better Understand This - Hillary Renews Vow To "Fast Track" Immigration & "End Deportations"

Bullet Train

Bureaucrats At Work - California "Bullet Train" Is A Taxpayer Train Wreck

Muslim Terrorist

Major Muslim Leader To All Christians - Convert To Islam Or Feel Our Swords...Who Still Doesn't Get It????

Cash Burning

Report - Congress Could Balance The Budget In A Year

Hillary Clinton

Full List Of Hillary's Planned Tax Hikes - Will Decimate The Economy

The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

Welfare Reform At 20 – What We have Learned About Fighting poverty

The Truth About Islamophobia

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Ocean Nemo

Toy-Filled Sports Utility Yacht, (SUY)

Bruce Springsteen

Springsteen Breaks His Record For Longest US Show


20 Extraordinary Facts About Antarctica


2 Small Changes To How I Check Email Have Made Me More Productive Than Ever

Fantastic Fords

Fantastic Fords From Woodward Dream Cruise


Companies Rethink Annual Pay Raises For All

Dunkin Donuts

A Restaurant Recession Sounds Scary, Are We Really On The Brink Of One

Matt Kepnes

Meet Nomadic Matt, Been Traveling For 10 Years & Says This Is The Biggest Mistake Made When Planning A Vacation 



Self Driving Car

Uh-Oh...Self Driving Cars Have A Hard Time Handling Bridges


Fisherman Finds 75 Pound Pearl - Could Be Worth $100 Million


5 Things That Don't Kill Your Brain Cells, Despite What You've Heard

Car Lot

Huge Disconnect Between Car Buyers & Big Brother Government

Luxurious Tent

Luxurious Tent Lets You Go Off-Grid In Style


Henry Ford's Failed Utopian City In The Amazon - Fordlandia

Jeffery Wood

Texas Gets Ready To Execute A Man For A Murder He Didn't Commit

Tow Truck

Watch A Tow Truck Remove An Illegally Parked Car In Less Then A Minute




Why Mosquitoes Target Some People But Not Others

US Navy Ship

US Navy Ships Getting Upgrades Against Russian & Chinese Submarines

Volvo Truck

The 2,400 HP Volvo Truck

House Boat

Life & Style On A Modern Houseboat

Amoeba House

Incredible Fairytale Homes You Won't Believe Are Real


China's Economy Is About To Get Pretty Weird Again

Benjamin Kapelushnik

This 16-Year-Old Makes More Selling Shoes Than You Make


Cargo Ship 
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Hillary Clinton


Shaun Miller

Old Man Turns Out To Be Young Drug Dealer

Google IPO

How Much Would You Have Made If You'd Invested In Google At Its IPO


Macy's Is Shutting Down 100 Stores

School Sign

School Sign Goes Viral - What Do You Think


Clinton Campaign In Complete Damage Mode

Are The Police Racist

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