Keystone Pipeline

Mind Numbing Lies From The President Of The US

Released Terrorists In Bergdahl Trade Return To The Battle Field

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Ever Hear Of This Federal Department?  They Spend Your Money Like They Are Kings


Senate Demands Obama Turn Over All Communications With The IRS


Benghazi Commission - Admirals, Generals, Pentagon Tapes Indict Hillary

Capital Building

Senate Panel Approves Iran Sanctions Bill, But......

Abu Barkr Al Bagdadi

The Secret Life Of ISIS Leader's Arrested Ex-Wife

Happy Family

Liberals Now Believe Stay-At-Home Parents Cheat The Almighty State Out Of Taxes

Hillary Clinton

Uh-Oh,,,New Tapes Reveal Pentagon & Senior Dems Distrusted Hillary On Libya War, She Was Full Of Crap

V-15 Headquarters

Inside HQ Of "Obama Army" Trying To Topple Netanyahu

US Passport

R.I.P American - Is The US Passport On The Verge Of Elimination

Neil MunroDC Reporter Asks The White House Press Secretary "Do Illegal Immigrants Have The Right To Work In The US?"



Obama's Economic Shell Game

Jeb Bush Fails His Common Core Test

Gas Pump Politics - Dems Laughed At "Drill Baby Drill" 

Castro Obama

Obama's Stupid Cuba Play Just Backfired On Him

Harry Reid

Dirty Harry Is A Shameless Hack

Raging Bill

Raging Bill - A Martin Scorsese Film Stalled By The Clinton Mafia

UN Building

Obama Giving Your Second Amendment Rights To The UN To Control

Clinton Romney

New Poll - Still The Top 2016 Candidates

Muslim Girls

Texas Lawmaker Under Fire For Asking Muslims To Say The Pledge Allegiance & Condemn Muslim Terrorists - Muslims Say Hell No


Obamacare Tax Penalty To Hit Millions, But Not Illegals

Mitch McConnell

GOP To Reform The NLRB


Brilliant - White House Says "Taliban" Not A Terrorist Group

Loretta Lynch

Obama's AG Nominee Defends Amnesty & Dodges IRS Corruption - Another Eric Holder

Barbara Boxer

The Embarrassing, Unpopular Barbara Boxer Jumps 12% In Polls After Announcing Retirement

Morsi Suppoeters

Open Jihad Declared In Egypt By The Muslim Brotherhood

Eric Holder

Federal Judge Slams The DOJ Claiming "Fraud Upon The Courts"


White House Double Talk - Taliban Is Not A Terrorist Group...Sorta

Netanyahu Children

Iran Targets Netanyahu Children For Assassination

Patricia Todd

How Low Can You Go - Gay Alabama Lawmaker Threatens To Expose Adulterous Colleagues That Don't Agree With Her 

Mike Huckabee

Huckabee Caught In A Storm Already - Denies "Trashing" Women Of FOX News

Jan Morgan

Gun Range Owner Bans Muslims & Draws Fire

John Boehner

Boehner Says Only Courts Can Stop Obama's Illegal Amnesty - That Is A Complete Lie

Afghanistan Poverty

Nonprofit, US Afghan Aid Contractor Caught Ripping Off...You


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The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons  The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

Meet Your Possible Next Attorney General – More Lawlessness

Why Is The White House Playing Games With The Taliban


Cristina Kircher

Argentinian President Accused Of Murder

Nancy Pelosi

Cross Party Appeal - Mitt Wraps Up The Critical Nancy Pelosi Endorsement

Obama Putin

Just So You Know - Putin Trying To Stabilize The Middle East While Obama Boosts Iran's "Jihadist Ascent"


CBO - US Deficits To Explode As Obama Leaves Office

Al Qaeda

General Tells Senate - Al Qaeda Has Grown 4-Fold In Last 5 Years

Pro-Life March

200,000 Person Pro-Life March Dismissed By Media As Non-Event

Russian Navy

Putin Building Army & Naval Base On Islands Owned By The US 


Obama's Free Stuff Army

French Jews

Rising Anti-Semitism - French Jews Moving To Israel

Gun Owners

Gun Owners Of America - State Of The Union


Scott Walker

Scott Walker Calls For Steep Cuts To Wisconsin University System

Capital Building

Senate Dems Back Down On Iran Sanctions Bill

Douglas Elmendorf

CBO Head Testifies - Obama's Bragging About Economic Recovery A Joke

Rick Scott

Florida Unions Still Don't Like School Choice, But Everyone Else Does


Pathetic - Won't Meet With Netanyahu, Citing "Proximity To Israel Elections" - Meets With India Leader, Modi, 10 Days Before Election

Russian Oil Company

Russian Oil Company Funding US Green Groups

King Salman

New Saudi Arabia's King - Likes To Fund Radical Terrorist Groups

Michael Moore

"Jabba The Hutt" Doubles Down On Hate - Bashes Clint Eastwood & Chris Kyle Again

Lorretta Lynch

AG Confirmation Hearings - Senate Hearings To Grill Her On Questionable Past

Jacqueline WarWick

"Gender Justice" Professors Urge Discrimination Against White Males 


Obamacare Is So Far Over Budget, You Might Not Believe It


The Liar-In-Chief Has Deliberately Cut Funding & Grants To "Red States"

Muslim Brotherhood

State Dept. Hosts Muslim Brotherhood, Not Israel

Union Thug

Did You Know Unionized % Of Workforce At 100-Year Low

Economic Freedom

2015 Index Of Economic Freedom

Hillary Clinton

"Smoking Gun" New Benghazi Documents Show Hillary Involved In Cover-Up


GOP's Top 10 - First 2016 Power Index

John Bachtell

Leader Of Communist Party USA Admits, We Utilize The Democratic Party

ISIS Hostage

3 Terror Attacks In 48 Hours, Hey Islamapologists, What's Your Excuse This Time

Raul Castro

Cuba's Talks With US - We're Not Changing Anything In Our System

If you want to go to the Super Bowl in Phoenix, it will cost you a lot of money, double what they were last year. The average asking price is around $6,000 per ticket. Do people not know the game is on television this year? - Jimmy Kimmel

Former Intel Chief Blasts Obama

Yemen, Saudi Arabia & The New Arab World



Obama Targets Americans At The Pump - Can't Stand Low Energy Prices

Apoliner Altamirano

Another Illegal Alien With Numerous Arrests Kills Convenience Store Clerk


Democrats Fighting Obama On One Power Grab

Natalie Bennett

Read It To Believe It - Britain's Green Party Plans To Decimate The Military, But Membership In ISIS OK

Government Worker

House Bill Would Save $35 Billion By Cutting Federal Workforce

Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts Participation Off Limits To Judges, Says California Supreme Court


Obama Furious Over Netanyahu Speaking To Congress - Netanyahu Will Pay "A Price"

John Kerry

What Do You Do When The US Secretary Of State Is This Stupid

Marco Rubio

Big Change - Only Romney Edges Out Rubio In New Poll

Brondon Smith

State Senator Claims He Is Above The Law After DUI Arrest

Mort Zuckerman

Zuckerman - US Credibility In Middle East "Virtually Eliminated" 

Virgina Roberts

"Sex Slave" Claims Bill Clinton Visited Epstein's Orgy Island 

High School

"Free" Community College Will Just Make High School 6 Years Long


Muslim Call-To-Prayer On UCLA Campus

Jay Nixion

The Truth Comes Out - Missouri Governor Ordered The National Guard To Stand Down The Night Ferguson Was Looted & Burned

Jeb Bush

The Real Jeb Bush, & If You're A Conservative Your Not Going To Like It

Sheriff Thomas Lorey

Sheriff Tells Gun Owners To "Toss Gun-Registration Letters In The Trash"


Oops...eBay Announces Major Layoffs 24 Hours After Obama Touts Company In SOTU


"No Go Zones" Coming To America

Food Stamps

The Harm Incurred By A Mushrooming Welfare State


Construction Worker

Government Housing Is A Bad Idea

Elizabeth Warren

The Left-Wing Fake Indian To Drug Companies "You Didn't Do It Alone, We Built Those Innovations Together"

Maxwell Smart

Sorry About That Chief - Top CIA Spy Steps Down - Infighting In Nations Intelligence Service

Calvary Chapel

California Church Vandalized With Satan Slogans, Swastikas

John Hickenlooper

2 Years Later - What Does The Governor Of Colorado Think Of Marijuana Becoming Legal

School Letter

Unbelievable - Teacher Sends Parents Rude Letter For Packing Daughter's Lunch

German Protesters

The Main Stream Media Doesn't Want You To Know About The German "Anti-Islam" Marches


Obama's Legacy?  His Eligibility Many Face The Supreme Court Again

David Greenfield

WOW - Watch A NYC Councilman Obliterate Anti-Israel Protesters


$8 Million New Afghan Barracks Refused Because Of Shoddy Construction 

Wind Farm

Ill Conceived American Offshore Wind Farm Dealt A Fatal Blow 

Steny Hoyer

Is 20-Week-Old Unborn Child A Human Being? Dem Says "That Is Not A Real Issue"


What Do We Know About Obamacare Now & Long Term


Conservative Base Pressuring GOP Lawmakers To Target Obamacare - Or Else

Pajama Boy

Should We Pay For Obama's "Pajama Boy's" College


Obama's Iran Nonsense

Russian Satellite

FCC Wants To Route US Emergency 911 Calls Through A Russian Satellite System

Border Fence

New GOP Border Security Bill Removes Border Fences - What?

Robert Menendez

Uh-Oh...Friendly Fire, Dems Not Happy With Obama's Agenda

Rebekah Erler

The Fix Was In At The SOTU

Rick Perry

Rick Perry's Texas Responsible For US Job Creation - Not Obama 


Obama's Doubly Deceitful SOTU - What This Man Said Is Shocking

Campus Reform

You'll Pull Your Hair Out When You See The Course This Major University Is Teaching

Muslims In Britain

Terrorism Expert Chastised By Left-Wing Media For Stating "No-Go" Zones Exist

White House

White House "Intimidating Benghazi Witness Into Silence"

Carly Fiorina

Potential 2016 Presidential Candidate, Carly Fiorina, Unlike Hillary I've Actually Accomplished Something

Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe Burns The President & Twitter Roars In Approval

Andrew Cuomo

US Attorney Says "Stay Tuned" There Are More Corrupt NY Politicians, As He Looks At Gov. Cuomo

Scott Walker

Scott Walker Scores Standing Ovation In Iowa

American Sniper

"American Sniper" Hits Stunning $200 Million


Guess Who Obama Says Invented "Colleges"

Eric Holder

Republicans Put Holder On The Hot Seat - Someday I Hope They Put Him In Jail


A Badly Needed Economics Lesson


Obama Tells Goofy Youtuber - He Is Going To Use "Federal Muscle" To Regulate All Local Police Against Arresting Blacks

Bush & Romney

Jeb Bush & Mitt Romney Meet Privately In Utah

Sheldon Silver

Another NY Politician Arrested For 15-Year Graft Scheme


Congress Ignores Obama, Invites Netanyahu To Speak About Iran


Hateful Intolerant Leftists Ban Chick-Fil-A From Major University

Sheile Jackson Lee

You Can't Fix Stupid - Dem Congresswoman Claims The US Border Is Secure

Joe Biden

This Is Not A Joke - Biden "There's A Chance" I'll Run To Succeed My Boss

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Flashback – Colonel Allen West Answers A Marine's Question

Jindal Warns Of “Islam Colonization & Invasion” Of The USA


Muslim Fighter

List Of Wars Around The World - Almost All 65 Are Muslim Radicals 


French Police - Gun Control Isn't Working For Us

Andre Carson

Pelosi Names First Muslim Lawmaker To Intelligence Committee - This Will Shock You

Iran Russian Military

Congress, Not Obama, Protests Russia's Sale Of Missile System To Iran   

Women Marines

Women Marines Combat Endurance Test Score 0 - 26


Zhou Yongkang

Communists My Ass - Here's The Ridiculous Amount Of Loot These Corrupt Chinese Officials Were Caught With 

Worried Man

Americans Claim They Have A Much Bigger Problem Than The Economy


10 States Line Up To Limit, Out Of Control Federal Power

Hillary Clinton

Hillary The Hypocrite - You Should Pay Higher Taxes, But Not Me


Great News - The Feds Tell Us They Only Wasted $106 Billion In 2013


Egypt Warns Of Muslim Brotherhood Lobbying In US

Muslim Terrorists

Did The Media Forget To Tell You About 22 Islamic Terror Camps In The US


The Tale Of Two Maps - Are US Air Strikes Working Against ISIS

Hillary Obama

The Truth Is Coming Out - Obama & Hillary "Switched Sides" On Terror In Libya 

Dianne Feinstein

This Morally, Ethically, Intellectually Corrupt Senator's Husband Bags $1 Billion From Government Deal

The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

Gun Control Nuts Will Scream At This

At Hillsdale College - Sharyl Attkinsson, Inside The Least Transparent Presidency

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NFL Referees 
Super Bowl 2015


Forget The Bank - Why Americans Are Hiding Cash


You Probably Already Know The DOJ Spies On You While You Drive Your Car 

Costa Concordia

Prosecutor Seeks 26 Years For The Costa Concordia Captain

Paulina Vega

Miss Columbia Crowned Miss Universe


Obamacare Will Impact Your 2014 Taxes

Tom Benson

WOW - New Orleans Saints Owner Cuts Ties With Children & Grandchildren

1950 GM Futurliner

1950 GM Futurliner Sells At Auction For An Unbelievable Price


What Really Happened To Air Asia - Terror Attack Ruled Out


Watch A Rat Refusing To Eat Broccoli Understands Your Feelings About Vegetables


13 Of The World's Most Breathtaking Waterfalls


Drone Crash

You New It Was Coming - Drone Over Loaded With Meth Crashes At The Mexican Border

Boston Yeti

The Boston Yeti Seen Stalking The Streets In The Blizzard Of 2015

Bill Cosby

Yes Another One, Former Hollywood Executive Cindra Ladd Accuses Cosby Of Rape

In Box

How To Mass Unsubscribe From Emails & Recurring Expenses

Water Resistant

Amazing New Material So Water Resistant Liquid Bounces Right Off 

Truck Drivers

Truck Drivers Have A Big Problem

Lee Wachtsetter

Meet The Woman Who Lives On A Cruise Ship


Here Is How Disney Really Makes Its Money 

Abandoned Mall

Shocking Photos Of Abandoned Mall Once Symbol Of America's Retail Might

Door Way

Prepper's Dream Home Deep In UFO Country

Bradie Ball

Candy Maker Creates The "Bradie Ball"

Computer Table

A Real Computer Table That Runs Windows & Android

Deflated Footballs

Uh-Oh...New Facts, 10 Of Patriots Balls Only 1 Pound Under

Eric Schmidt

Google Chairman "The Internet Will Disappear"

Chansey McMillin

New Video Of Cop Shooting Armed Black Man - You Decide


The BBQ Joint Was Named The Best Restaurant In America By Yelp

Honda Exec

Honda Warns Against "Stupid" Auto Loans Diving US Sales

Man Reading

25 Financial Terms Every Functioning Adult Should Know

F-18 Supersonic

American Military Pride - Watch This F-18 Go Supersonic & Make Liberals Mad

Pope Francis

Record Setting Mass By Pope Francis - 6 Million

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Bill Cosby Does It Again


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