Obama Harperap

Shepard Smith Grills Josh Earnest – You Decide

Navy SEAL – 90% Of Troops Don't Support Obama

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Administration Admits Obamacare Figures Inflated

Wjite House

White House Fence Jumper Males It Inside Causing An Evacuation


NBC Covers Scandal Plagued...NFL, Not The Administration

Michelle Obama

Americans "Take For Granted" How Much Barack Has Improved The US - New Propaganda Minister

Maxine Waters

Anti-American Maxine Waters, Sides With The Beheaders

Arab Leaders

This Is Not What Democracy Looks Like


California Lead Ammunition Ban To Triple Ammo Prices


Federal Spending & Debt Out Of Control - What Does It Mean For You & Your Family

Janet Yellen

Feds Keep Zero Rate Pledge...For Now


8th Century Neanderthals, ISIS Bans Math, Social Studies, Sports & Music For All Children

US Political Dynasties Still Thriving In 2014

The American Left & ISIS

Is The Islamic State Really "Not Islamic"

Ebola Workers

8 Ebola Aid Workers Killed "In Cold Blood" By Villagers In Guinea

DHS Headquarters

Mismanaged DHS Headquarters Costing Taxpayers $1 Billion Extra


D.C. Schools Gets Am "F" In Academic Achievement


Lies, Damn Lies & Military Sexual Assault Statistics

Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Justice Ginsberg Violates The Judicial Code Of Conduct


ATF Rules Threaten To Put Gun Dealers Out Of Business


Obama To Micromanage War Against ISIS - No Attacks Unless I Sign Off

Samra Kesinovis

Austrian Jihad Jane Who Ran Away To Join ISIS Believed Dead

Fighter Jets

Lawmakers Renew Call To Roll Back Military Cuts Amid ISIS

USC College

College Credit For Participating In Socialist Causes & Recruiting Others - Read It & Weep

The Daily Outrage

Joe Biden

Yes, Joe Biden Blows It Again At Women's Event

Shawn Donovan

Obama's Radical Budget Chief - Denying Global Warming "Makes You A Member Of The Flat Earth Society"


Is ISIS Headed To Russia's Chechnya Next

American Flag

50 Facts That Show How Far America Has Fallen In This Generation

Hillary Clinton

Name One Thing Hillary Has Accomplished Besides Lying, Cheating, White House Furniture Stealing & Fooling You

Psycho Scene

Obama's "Year Of Action" Becomes Year Of Fear For Democrats

American Flag

It's Confirmed, 9th Circuit Court Says You Can't Wear American Flag Shirts On Cinco De Mayo


Mystery Man Stuns Chick-fil-A By Taking "Pay It Forward" To New Heights


ISIS Claim Responsibility For Car Bombs Killing 23 In Baghdad


90% Of EPA Stimulus Funding Misspent - So What, It Was Freaking Free Money


Government Buildings

Amazing – The Liar-In-Chief Will Say Anything & Doesn't Care, Must Watch

Tie-Dyed Tyranny


US Election Map

Count Down - Latest US Election Polls 

Hillary Clinton

Problems For State Department In First Day Of Benghazi Hearings


ISIS Public Beheading Plot Foiled...In Australia

Jack Lew

Brilliant - Treasury Secretary Promises No More "Inversions" - We're Going To Make-em Pay

Rob Rord

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Has Cancer

California College Campus

How "Tolerance" Works At California Colleges - Ousting Christian Groups

Federal Government

You're Lending $1.9 Billion To Banks In China & Russia


Obama's Abortion Funding Promise Was Another Big Lie

 Government Motors

NHTSA Ignores GM's Safety Problems - You Have To Wonder Why

Tom Harkin

Oops...Unwitting Dem Ties Hillary To Obama's Least Favorite Legislation


Will This Legal Gun Owner Get 10 Years In Jail

Bob Corker

Corker Slams Obama & Kerry For "Exercising The Worst Judgment Possible" On ISIS

Mark Levin

Levin On Obama ISIS Policy "We're Surrounded By Knuckleheads"

Jeff Sessions

Republican Jeff Sessions To Mount Anti-Amnesty Push On Senate Floor


Enterovirus D68 Spreads - What Is Causing It? Who Brought It


NBC Airs Story - Survive Home Invasion By Cooperating With Invaders, "Treat Them Like Royalty"


CBO - Cost Of Obamacare Subsidy Will Increase 8-Fold In 10 Years - Unsustainable

Hillary Clinton

"Incredibly Serious" The Benghazi Cover-Up Starting To Unfold

David Cameron

David Cameron Making Promises To The Scottish He Can Not Keep

Hillary & Obama

Obama Covered His Muslim Brotherhood Tracks To Benghazi


ISIS Using Captured US Equipment To Hit US F-15

Tulsi Gabbard

Left-Wing Loon Congresswoman Afraid Of Arming Syrian Rebels May "Overthrow Assad"

Debbis Wasserman Schultz

Democrats Are Finally Going To Dump Wazz-Up Schultz

Illegal Aliens

New Border Surge, Illegals Fear US Crackdown

Morgan Brittany

Women, Latinos, Youth Jump Obama's Ship - Discovered "They Were Conned"

Food Stamps

Welfare Sign-Ups Beat Job Creation 2-To-1 In Illinois, Dimwitted Dems Celebrate

Jay Dobyns

Judge Slams ATF Over Treatment Of Agent Who Infiltrated Hells Angels

Syria Fighter

Russia Claims "Free Syrian Army No Longer Exists" - Obama Arming Terrorists

Global Warming

Curtain Drops On Taxpayer Funded Global Warming "Musical"  


Flashback - The 9 Stages Of Civilization - We're In The 7th


The NFL Has Become A Circus Of Political Correctness

College Campus

ISIS Has Some Friends On College Campus - Watch

Gen Martian Dempsey
A recent report says the majority of Americans cannot name the three branches of government — Judicial, Executive, and Legislative. To make it easier, the government is renaming those branches Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney.

Scotland Voting Fraud Caught On Camera

Is ISIS Islamic



Federal Reserve Bank Says Obamacare Killing Jobs

Josh Earnest

No, We Can't Tell You Who Is In The Anti-ISIS Alliance, But You Know We Have...Lots


State Department Employee Comes Forward - Hillary Ordered Purging Of Benghazi Documents


Dereliction Of Duty - Is This Obama's Worst Scandal

Palin Family

The Palin Family's Side Of The Anchorage "Drunken Brawl"


Obama's America Drops To #32 - This Didn't Happen By Accident


White House Claims Arab Nations Offer To Strike ISIS


Federal Government Eroding America's Trust In Doctors

John Kerry

Don't Blame Me

Gwede Mantashe

Israel's Founding A "Crime Against Humanity"

Scott Walker

Wisconsin Gov., Scott Walker, Finds Himself In Re-election Battle


The "Moderate" Syrian Rebels Obama Wants To Arm, Have Already Signed "Non-Aggression" Pact With ISIS


Despite Record High Taxes - Feds Still Running $600 Billion Deficit


Uh-Oh...On Saturday Obama Repeats US Mission Defeating ISIS, But It's Not A War Again

Namcy Pelosi

Pelosi "Civilization As We Know It Would Be In Jeopardy If Republicans Win The Senate"

Obama ISIS

Obama's ISIS War/Not War, Is Illegal As Hell


Oh-Oh...Global Warming Causes Early Snowfall Records In West


School Bans "Offensive" Chick-fil-A Sandwiches


White House Reconfirms, Obama To Break The Law & Change US Immigration Law Without Congress

Dick Cheney

Dick Cheney Clues In The Clueless - Obama "Actually Supports The Muslim Brotherhood"



Hidden EPA Emails Reveal "Progressive" Agenda & Not About Carbon/Climate

Michelle Obama

Study Finds Michelle Obama's Healthy Food Program Elitist, Sexist & Shames Working Mothers

Saudi Arabia

Islamic State's Ultimate Goal - Saudi Arabia's Oil Wells


Obama Sending Millions To Islamic Schools To Study The Quran


7 Facts Every American Should Know


The Syrian Civil War Is On The Verge Of Getting Even Worse

Eric Holder

The Lawless Lawman Is Demanding Attorneys For Illegal Aliens & You Have To Pay For Them

Al Sharpton

BSNBC Host, Al Race Baiter Sharpton, Doesn't Even Know What Party Controls The Senate

General Lloyd Austin

The "Community Organizer" Told US Top Military Commanders To Go Pound Sand

Mary Landrieu

Not Only Does She Not Live In Louisiana - She's Using Taxpayer Dollars To Campaign

Desert Homes

Mindless Bureaucrats Over Spend By $4.6 Million For Border Patrol Agents Homes

Josh Earest

Guess What - Today It Is War, Not Sure About Tomorrow

Ali Muhammad Brown

Have You Heard About The US Jihadist Ali Muhammad Brown Killing 4 People - Didn't Think So


Shocking - Meet The Latest Jihadists Being Recruited By ISIS

Rob Ford

Crack Smoking, Beer Drinking Toronto Mayor Drops Out Of His Re-Election Bid 

Rand Paul Marco Rubio

Rand VS Rubio On Islamic State Intervention 

Illegal Aliens

Obama Administration Sharply Cutting Deportations

Bake Sale

Vermont Bans Brownies 

Dirty Harry

Dirty Harry's Plan To Hand America To Liberal Billionaires

Capital White House

Gallup - By 6 To 1 Americans Think Our Gov't A Bigger Problem Than Situation In Iraq 

Jay Carney

White House's "Baghdad Bob" Heads To CNN - Perfect


Obama's Guide To Catch-&-Release Hostage Taking

Brian Brown

Anti-Gay Marriage Organization Takes Its Show On The Road


Research Model Projects 1.1 To 2.3 Million Ebola Deaths By September 2015

Hillary Clinton

I'm Back - Hillary Does Iowa

John Kerry

Liberal Loon At Work "Waste Of Time To Focus On War" Terminology

College Student

How "College For All" Harms America's Students

Michelle Obama

Great Lesson For Students On Liberals - Peanuts For You, 590 Calorie Honeybuns For Me


NSA Threatened Yahoo With Daily $250K Fines For Not Forking Over Metadata


The New Liberal Gilded Age

Al Shabaab

Uganda Foils Terror Attack By Al-Shabaab Following US Warnings

Jeff Evans

Uniformed Texas Trooper Asked To Leave Waffle House Because He Was Armed 

Jennifer Granholm

Fmr. Dem Governor Who Over Saw Soaring Unemployment, Hired To Teach "Job Growth"  - Amazing

Arianna Huffington

After Continually Stealing Content, Huffington Post Gets Banned By Reddit


China Is Mass-Producing Islands To Extend Its Strategic Borders


Russian Dissent As Soldiers Return In Coffins

Grocery Store

Grocers Want To Keep "Food Stamp" Data Secret - You Decide

Jeanine Pirro

After Obama Says ISIS Are Not Muslim Fanatics, Judge Jeanine Asks "What Planet Are You From"


Government Interest Payments Becoming Overwhelming - This Is What Congress Is Really Doing To You

Hassan Abboud

Air Strike Destroys Underground Bunker Killing 47 Syrian Rebel Leaders

Afgan Policeman

As Obama Pulls Out Of Afghanistan - Joint Chiefs Off Staff Give Blunt Assessment

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Moderate Islam A Myth

Imam Hussein Obama


Get Angry Now

Bin Laden Raid

Al Qaeda Wasn't On The "Run" 

Wendy Davis

Dem Wendy Davis Running For Governor Of Texas - I Had 2 Abortions 


Baghdad Bureau Chief - The White House Lied To Americans For Years About The Condition Of Iraq


Brian Fallon

Huge Oops...Holder Aid Accidentally Calls Issa Staff For Help Spinning IRS Scandal




Is He A Muslim Or Just A Muslim Sympathizer

4 Pinoochios

Fact Checker - Obama Lied To Chuck Todd

Janet Napolitano

Uh-Oh...Ex-DHS Chief Says Everybody Knew About ISIS 

Greta Van Susteren

White House Pressured Fox News Reporter To Drop Benghazi Investigation

Common Core

Where Do States Stand On The Common Core Standards 

Benghazi Security Contrators

Yes There Was A "Stand Down Order" & We Broke It To Save Lives



The Bureaucracy Of Building A House

John Koskinen

You Better Watch This Twice - What The IRS Commissioner Says About Following The Law

Michelle & Barack

Champions Of The Middle Class? You Have Been Fooled, Read It & Weep

Global Warming

Oops...Global Warming Consensus Plummets To 7.5%

Luis Gutierrez

Gutierrez - Obama Amnesty Delay Not Just Or Fair, I Wanted Him To Break The Law Now

The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

Cheerleaders Defying Ban On The Lords Prayer

Obama & Clinton Foreign Policy – You Decide

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Nicolas Colsaerts 

Chinese Tires

Consumer Reports Tests On Some Half Price Chinese Tires


Tycoon Buys 30 Rolls-Royces At One Time

TRONify Anything With This New Colorful Glowing Thread

Tronify Anything With This New Colorful Glowing Thread

Cold Beer

Scientists Say This Is The Best Way To Cool A Case Of Beer

Elon Musk

Tesla Gets Obliterated By Analyst

Caitlin Brunell

Meet All The Contestants Of The 2015 Miss America Competition

Hurrican Sandy

FEMA Wants Its Money Back From Some Hurricane Sandy Victims 

Solar Flare

Sun Unleashes Major Solar Flare At Earth - Watch

Black Burger

Burger King Invents Black Cheese For Its Black Burger


How I Blew A $250,000 Inheritance

Larry Ellison

Oracle CEO, Larry Ellison Steps Down


The World's Most & Least Generous People


Apple Sold 4 Million iPhone6 & 6 Plus In First Day

Cell Phone Tower

Who Is Really Behind The Fake Cell Phone Towers

Monster Energy

How Monster Energy Became The Military's Favorite Energy Drink

Ricky & Danica

Danica & Ricky Gone Country


The Pedalist - The Alternative To Real Transportation


High-Tech Survey Exposes Hidden Stonehenge

Mark Zukerberg

Facebook's Value Jumps To $200 Billion & The Zuck Just Got Richer

Jack Ma

Alibaba To Raise $21 Billion In Historic IPO


Boeing "Space Taxi" Includes Seat For A Tourist

Gerard Depardieu

French Actor Gerard Depardieu Claims He Drinks 12 Bottles Of Wine A Day

Mary Kate Smith

No Joke - This 17-Year-Old Homecoming Queen Plays On The School Football Team


Longevity Secrets Of 100-Year-Olds


Successful Treasure Hunter Turned Fugitive Chased By The Feds


4 Reasons Americans Aren't Buying Volkswagens Anymore


Ranked - 50 US State Economies From Worst To Best

College Graduates

The Most Educated Countries in The World

Dodge Viper

Desperate Dodge Slashes Viper Price $15,000

Tim Cook

Everything You Need To Know About Apple's Big Event


Paul Bilzerian  
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