John Kerry

Ann Coulter Talks Trump, Immigration

Donald Trump Slams Obama, Kerry On Iran Nuke Deal

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Iran Officials Claim - Obama Admin Lying To American People About The Iran Deal

Planned Parenthood

Court Orders Anti-Abortion Group To Stop Releasing New Videos

Donald Trump

Trump Changes Terms of 2016 Republican Debate

Black Panther Documentary

Taxpayer Funded PBS Propaganda Machine, Produces Black Panther Whitewash Documentary


2,000 Immigrants Try To Storm Channel Tunnel

Hillary Clinton

2 Month Gap In Hillary's Emails Coincides With Libya Violence


Incompetence In Every Department - HUD Gave Low-Income Housing To Millionaires

John Kitzhaber

Oregon Makes Taxpayers Pay Legal Bills For Corrupt Politicians & Bureaucrats

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood Hires PR Firm To Tell Main Stream Media To Start Doing Its Job & Bury All The Stories On Them

Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban - Trump Is The Best Thing To Happen To Politics In Recent History


Voters To The GOP - We Don't Want Illegal Immigrants

Andrew Young - The Wisdom Of A Real Civil Rights Leader

Carly Fiorina Demolishes Emily's List Vice President

UBS Bank

Uh-Oh...Swiss Bank's Donations To The Clinton Foundation Increased After Hillary, As Secretary Of State, Intervenes In IRS Dispute


US Officials Are Withholding Major Parts of The Iran Deal From Us, This Is Completely Wrong

John Kerry

John Kerry Is Blowing The Iran Nuke Deal

Hillary Clinton

How Far Will Hillary Fall

Global Warming

Global Warming Is Now Causing Too Much Sea Ice


GAO Audit 23,000 Fake Healthcare Providers - $60 Billion Fraud, Are Morons Running The Program 

John Boehner

House Lawmaker Files Motion To "Oust" Boehner"

Juan Emmanul Razo

Meet Illegal Alien Juan Emmanul Razo - Within 15 Days Of Ordered Release He Kills A Woman, Tries To Rape And Kill 2 More

Mitch McConnell

Mitch McConnell Forces Mike Lee To Drop His "Repeal Obamacare" Push 

Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh Mystified - Republican Behavior Too Weird - None Of This Makes Any Sense

Ronald Kessler

You Don't Know The Real Donald Trump - Let Jews & Blacks Into His Mara-A-Lago Club From The Beginning 

Chaka Fattah

Another Career Politician In The House Charged With 29-Counts Of Bribery, Racketeering, Fraud


The Farce Has Come To This - Iran Tells The IAEA We'll Take Our Own Soil Samples


The Imposter Will Give $1 Billion US Taxpayer Dollars To Kenya - Americans Lose Again 

Abu Abdullah

"I'm Not A Butcher" An Interview With An ISIS Architect Of Death


Out Of Order! Federal Court Rules Obama's EPA Must Rewrite Its Regulations

Donald Trump

Trump Surges To Biggest Lead In New Hampshire - The Trump Train Rolls On


Ex-White House Staffer "Hillary Must Never Be President"

Planned Parenthood

3rd Planned Parenthood Undercover Video Released - Caution 

Lois Lerner

The IRS Agent From Hell Loved The Department's Instant-Messaging System Because It Didn't Save Messages 



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McConnell Boehner
The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon

Corrupt IRS Chief Gets Grilled

There Is A Reason Why No One Trusts Hillary


Carly Fiorina

Ask Carly - Fiorina Answers Readers Questions, Video

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter At Netroots "Burn Everything Down!" - Video


Stunning - Obama Gives Turkey Green Light To Bomb Former US Soldiers Fighting With Kurdish Forces Against ISIS


Socialism Is Bankrupt In Both Theory & Practice

Donald Trump

It's About Time - Trump Calls Hillary "Criminal"

Mitch McConnell

His Re-Election Was A Epic Fail - There Is Now Just The Washington Party 

Donald Trump

What Trump Has That Others Don't

Carly Fiorina

"An Abomination" - Fiorina Blasts "Unbelievable Hypocritical" Planned Parenthood 

DNC Event

College Democrats Of America Annual Conference - Empty 

Gina McCarthy

New Study Shows EPA Regulations Will Gut Millions of Jobs For Black & Hispanic Americans - EPA Chief Bureaucrat Says To Bad 


Joe Arpiao

CNN Tries To Snag Trump Through Sheriff Joe's Birth Certificate War


DOJ's Move To "Undermine" Watchdog Groups - Corruption At The Highest Level

Hiiary Clinton

When Asked At An Energy Event Her Stance On Keystone Pipeline, I'm Not Going To Tell You

Margaret Sanger

Black Lives Don't Matter - Planned Parenthood's Dirty Little Secret

Gay Marriage

How Does Gay Marriage Hurt Us? Here Is One Example

Illegal Aliens

8 Years & $360 Million Border Drone Fail, DHS Asks For Another $443 Million

Mike Lee Ted Cruz

"Old Guard" GOP Washington Party Sends Lee & Cruz To The Wood Shed For Doing The Right Thing


Obamanet Is Here & It's Free, Except It Costs Way More Than Private Sector Plans

Planned Parenthood

Major Donors Leaving Planned Parenthood - Your Tax Dollars Are Not

John McCain

Oops...Poll Shows Veterans View Trump More Favorably Than McCain

Cecile Richards

CEO Of Planned Parenthood Has Gone To Far - Now Accused Of Slander 

Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee Makes Obama & Hillary Eat Their Words 

Hillary Clinton

Uh-Oh...IG Contradicts Clinton Emails "Contained Classified Information When They Were Generated"

Mike Enzi

GOP Senators, New Washington Party Leads Push To Tax Internet Sales Tax 

Huffington Post

Left-Wing Huffington Post Jumps On Mike Huckabee's Quote Trying To Help The Horrible Iran Deal


The New California - Mass Immigration Turning Virginia Blue

Puerto Rico Flag

Exodus From Puerto Rico Could Upend Florida Vote In 2016 Race

Loretta Lynch

Thought Of ISIS Cyber-Attack On US "Keeps Me Up At Night"

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

US Marshals Raid Sheriff Joe's Office - Everyone Knows The Real Reason

John McCain

McCain Blocked Amendment To Arm Troops Before Chattanooga Attack

Political Correctness is a doctrine, recently fostered by a delusional, illogical minority and promoted by a sick mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of shit by the clean end!” - H.S. Truman, 33rd President of the United States

Ex Marine From Chattanooga Addresses The President

It's True – Illegal Aliens Interviewed


Eddie Martinez

Liberals Paradise - The State With More Than 500,000 Homeless Children

Joe Biden

Goofy Chafee Predicts Biden Will Make A Run For The WH

John Kasich

If John Kasich Is On The Republican Ticket, Obamacare Repeal Is Off The Table


Ousted Moderate Imam Reveals How Radicals Took Over Boston Mosques 

Samuel Rodriguez

Largest Hispanic Evangelical Group Slams The Iran Nuke Deal

Donald Trump

Trump Leads GOP Field By Double Digits 

Kamala Harris

Of Course - California AG Goes After Group That Exposed Planned Parenthood 

Greek Wimp-Out

Greek Deal Is Another Wimp-Out

Hillary Clinton

The Lying Narcissist Has Risen To A New Low 


Bad & Illegal As It Gets - IRS Used Conservative Donor Lists To Target Audits

Construction Sign

House, Senate Headed For Showdown On Highway Funding

Donald Trump

Top GOP Strategist Runs To "Politico" & Smears Trump Voters As "Clowns"

Thomas Sowell

The Fact Free Left

Bankruptcy Sign

Social Security Disability Depleted By 2016

Donald Trump

GOP Elites Plot To Bar Frontrunner Trump, From Debate

Minimum Wage

Fallout Starting From $15 Minimum Wage - Liberals Hurting The Poor Again


This Gets Really Sick- Dems Seek Federal Investigations of Group Exposing Planned Parenthood - "Not" Planned Parenthood

Dougles Hughes

American Patriot Who Landed A Gyrocopter At Capital Rejects 10-Month Deal

Corey Lewandowski

The Man Behind Donald Trump's Run


"Twilight Zone" Time - The Liar-In-Chief Claims VA Wait Times Reduced To Just A Few Days

Ted Cruz

Cruz Unloads On Mitch McConnell & Gives A Shocking Run Down Of What He Is Doing

Toure Neblett

MSNBC Canning Uber Liberal Bomb Thrower's Show - 3 People Disappointed

Chris Matthews

Loony Lefty, "Obama Has Had Immaculate Presidency With No Corruption Allegations" - MSM Lying Again & Proud Of It 


Clinton To Sorta...Kinda Testify On Benghazi

Planned Parenthood

It Just Gets Worse - Planned Parenthood Paid Disgraced Official More Than $200,000 On The Side 

John Kerry

Kerry Trying To Sell, Israel Screwing Iran Nuke Deal, To New York Jewish Leaders, It Wasn't Working 

Military Base

Muslim Jihad Terrorists Stalking US Service Members In America

Ted Cruz

Mitch McConnell Looked 54 Republican Senators In The Eye & "Flat-Out Lied" To Us

John Kerry

Kerry - Any Action By Israel Would Provide Justification For Iran's Pursuit Of Nukes

Jose Diaz-Balart

MSNBC Reporter Who Confronted Trump In Texas On Illegals - Has To Eat His Words


Trump Missed This One - Illegal Aliens Importing Deadly Third World Diseases, Says CDC


Union Controlled Border Agents Told To Cancel Donald Trumps Border Trip

John Kerry

Truth As The Victim Of Kerry's Promise To Iran

Karl Rove

Flashback - Bush & Rove Both Accuse John McCain Of Being A Traitor In Vietnam

John McCain

Trump Is Right About "Songbird" McCain


Treason - Obama Planning More Illegal Executive Immigration Orders...No One Is Stopping Him

Hillary Clinton

The Deceiving Dictator In Trouble In New Quinnipiac Poll

Iran Nuke Deal

Shocking - Discovered Iran "Backroom" Nuke Deals Not To Be Shared With Congress Or Partner Nations 

Ann Coulter

Trump Opponents Take Nuanced View Of Child Rape

Obama Uhuru Kenyatta

Kenyan President Publicly Rejects Obama's Gay Rights Message - "It's A Non-Issue"

Tom Donohue

US Chamber of Commerce Ready To Unseat Conservatives

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Did Send Classified Emails & Some Of Them Were About Ambassador Christopher Stevens  Whereabouts 

Donald Trump

The 10 Biggest Media Lies About Donald Trump

Mohamed Elibiary

Just So You Know - DHS Security Advisor Considers America To Be A Islamic Country

Darrwll Issa

Disgusting - IRS Is Still Targeting Conservatives


Obamacare Blamed For Insurer Megamergers & Premium Hikes

Scott Walker

Scott Walker Suspended His Campaign To Attend The Funeral Of A Service Member Killed In Chattanooga 


Liberals At Work - Illinois Passes Law Preventing Welfare & Food Stamp Payments To The Dead - Because Some Of Them Don't Vote Anymore


Oops...Meth Lab Explodes In Federal Building

Nuclear Protesters

New Yorkers To Schumer - Kill The Iran Deal Or Find A New Job

John Kerry

Congress To Kerry, "You've Been Fleeced & Bamboozled"

Ben Carson

Experimenting With Failed Socialism Again

Russian Soldier

Russian "Creeping Annexation" Gobbling Up US Ally - US State Depart Does Nothing

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Comes One Step Closer To A Criminal Investigation

Illegal Alien

Illegal Alien Crime Wave In Texas - 611,234 Crimes, 2,993 Murders

Donald Trump

"Donald Trump Act" Passes House - Obama Vows Veto

Trump & McCain

McCain Attacks Everyday Americans & Media Attacks Trump, "Not" McCain

Killed Marines

Reportedly Service Members Returned Fire On Chattanooga Terrorist

Naturalized US Citizens

Obama's America - New US Citizens Can Skip The Part Of Oath That Includes Defending The Country

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Illegal Aliens Storm Beach During Model's Photo Shoot

Rush Interviews Ted Cruz On Why He Accused McConnell

Mark Levin

10 Years Late, America On Board With Mark Levin's Proposal For Supreme Court Term Limits


Uber Liberal Slate Shocked.....Shocked That Obamacare Didn't Fix Cost Curve

Muslim Women

Obama Admin Intentionally Focusing On Swelling The US Immigrate Muslim Population & Forcing You To Pay For It


Obama Targeting Social Security Recipients For New Gun Control


Poll Of US Muslims Reveals - America Has A Serious Problem


World Trade Towers

Big List Of Muslim Terror Attacks In US Since 9/11

Data Center

Obama's Race Scrutinizing Database Even More Awesome Then You Imagined

Ginsburg Kagan

Legal Expert Claims These Two Acted "Unethically & Unlawfully"

Ayatollah Khamenei

Thanks Infidels, You Will Hear From Us Again

Iran Negotiater

"Anytime, Anyplace Access" Was Pure "Rhetoric"

Illegal Aliens

More Than Half Of New California Drivers Licenses Go To Illegal Aliens

Iran Talks

Nuclear Agreement With Iran A Diplomatic Disaster Of Historic Proportion

Child Soldiers

Summer Camp, Islamist Style 

Charlie Daniels

A Music Legend Dropped The Hammer On Obama After The Chattanooga Shootings 


Huge Fraud - Bogus Obamacare Enrollees Automatically Renewed


The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

Flashback – Why Is Obama Not In Jail For Stealing Taxpayer Money

The Border Crisis – The Real Impact Of Illegal Immigration

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Tom Brady

Hillary Clinton

Millennials Shocked To Find Out Hillary Gets Millions From Wall Street

Bag Of Cash

Brilliant - ATM Workers Forget $150,000 Bag Of Cash & Man Drives Off With It

Founding Fathers

Why Is America Really In The Horrible Shape It's In?

Larry Ellison

10 Biggest Tech Billionaire Yacht On The High Seas

Dodge Dakota

Fiat Chrysler Agrees To Buy Back 579,000 Vehicles

Man Cave

Ultimate High Tech Man Cave

Road Sign

US States With The Worst Roads

Randolph Adair

When Cops Become Robbers

Brandenburg Airport

Germany's $6 Billion Embarrassment

Plastic Roads

Dutch Company Has A Genius Way To Solve The Asphalt Road Problem


Message In A Bottle

Message In A Bottle Found 3,000 Miles From Home

Grocery Store

A Very Unlikely Grocery Store Is Becoming A Major Threat To McDonald's

Gat Wedding Cake

"Gays" Shopped For Christian Clerk To Target

Burger King

Burger King's Business Is Booming Thanks To One Menu Item


I Spent 2 Weeks Using Only Cash, Here's How 14 Days Changed The Way I'll Spend Forever


5 Extraordinary Things Found On Pluto

Ben Schlappig

How This Guy Travels The World For Free

Swamp Buggy

Swamp Buggy Racing Might Be The Best Thing That Came Out Of Florida


LifeLock Is Crashing

Secret Airline

US Government Operates A Secret Airline Out Of Commercial Airports


Microsoft Launches "Free" Windows 10

Grumpy Cat

20 Animals That Make Millions For Their Owners


Beer Prices My Skyrocket Next Year

Arjen Ulrich

This Guy Quit His Job & Is Walking From The Netherlands To New York City

John McAfee

The Insane Life Of John McAfee


Dude, Hackers Hacked My Car - With Me In It

Andy Hallinan

Gun Shop Owner Declares Store "Muslim-Free Zone"

Sam Samsonov

Beloved Toll Collector Fired For Act Of Kindness


Scientists Say There Are 4 Types Of Drunks, Which One Are You

Niihau Island 
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