Cruz On Forcing An Amnesty Vote

Who Is Really Involved In The “Civil Rights” Protests

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Jason Furman

Another White House "Baghdad Bob" Tries To Tell You Obama's Economy Is Great As Median Incomes Continue To Decline


Our Jails Are A Scandal


Obama Headed On 17 Day Christmas Vacation

New York Times

New York Times Cutting Another 100 Employees

Mosque Protest

City Allows Mosque Less Than 2 Weeks After Rejecting It 

Sharia law

No Joke - Lesbian Rabbi Who Supports Sharia Law Is Dumb As A Box Of Rocks

Muslim Attack

Sydney Siege - Hostages Tell Their Story Of The Jihad Terrorist Attack

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Wants To Be President, She Just Doesn't Want To Run

James Inhofe

Fight Looms Over Obama's $3 Billion Payment To The UN Global Warming Fund

UN Climate Conference

Oops...UN Climate Conference Refused To Use Solar Power - Hooked Everything Up To Diesel Generators 

Enhanced Torture Of Homeless Veterans

Ted Cruz Was Right, Again

Obama's Cringe-Worthy Nominee Withdraws

Sneaky People

States Sneaky Gas-Tax Hikes As Prices Fall


Welcome To Obama's Lawless America, Hombres!

Jeb Bush

Money Men Cheer Bush News


1 In 5 Millennials Live In Poverty & They Voted For It

Jeh Johnson

DHS Announcers New Illegal Alien Facility At Only $296 Per Person Per Day Cost & Sucker You Are Paying For It  


Just So You Know - Obamacare Has Been Tried In Many Places With The Same Result

Vivek Murthy

Meet Your New, Political Activist, Gun Control Surgeon General

Santa Claus

Ho Ho No - School Bans Santa From Winter Concert

Sylvia Burwell

A Red State Moves To Approve Obamacare Medicaid Expansion

Nancy Genovese

Tea Party Mom Wins Lawsuit After Being Arrested For Her Beliefs

Netanyahu Obama

French "Coercion" Plan Against Israel Coordinated With Obama

Navy Sub

Cold War Comeback - US, Russia Locked In High-Stakes Submarine, Drone Race


IRS Still Refusing To Release Court Ordered Documents, That Were Shared With The White House

Elizabeth Warren

What Elizabeth "Pocahontas" Warren Missed In Her Big Bank Tirade 

Illegal Aliens

Did You Know Obama's Amnesty Also Ends Enforcing Immigration Laws

Naomi Klein

Progressive's Deep Thinker, Naomi Klein, "Global Warming Skeptics Are Racists"

Mike Lee

Who Are True Conservatives - Check The House & Senate

John Boehner

The Plan To Dump John Boehner

Paul Babeu

AZ Sheriff - Obama's Illegal Amnesty Is Not 5 Million It's 20 Million


Obama "Deleted" His Website Telling American People They Could Keep Their Plans


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The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons  The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon

Merry Illegal Christmas

First Hand Look At Immigration Issues From The Border

Bill De Blasio

Joe Morrissey

Dem Lawmaker Will Commute To Work From Jail


Obamacare Blamed For Killing Hospitals


Why Obama Fired Chuck Hagel

Social Security

Bureaucrats At Their Best - Social Security Still Trying, Illegally, To Collect Old Debts From Kin Who Don't Owe Anything 


Tennessee Cop Lets Muslim Drive Off With Dead Child In Trunk

Jeanine Pirro

Judge Jeanine Unloads On Liberal Loon Dianne Feinstein

Shami Witness

ISIS's Biggest English Speaking Online Cheerleader Unmasked & On The Run - Pathetic


GOP Caves On Bad Budget Bill - GOP Voters Should Be Marching With Pitchforks

Black Voters

Blacks Still Don't Get It - Obama's Economy Is Hurting Them More Than The Police

Charles Krauthammer

Krauthammer - Feinstein's Excuse For Not Interviewing CIA Agents Is "Total Rubbish" 



Is Obama Blackmailing Boehner? What Does NSA Have On Him?


You Just Paid $446,056 To Study Alcohol Abuse, Among Lesbians


Corruption, Bribery Rampant In Government Contracting


The Deadline, To Get Screwed, By 2015 Obamacare


Confirmed - Emails Reveal DOJ & FDIC Conspired To Target Lawful Businesses

Illegal Aliens

Here They Come - Illegal Aliens Flocking To Workshops To Take Advantage Of Obama's Amnesty

John Boehner

Cromnibus - A Winter Festival Of Unrestrained Spending - Spend Damn-it Spend


Virginians Go To War Over Car Tax


Government Run Amuck - Man Can't Challenge $280,000 Tax Bill He Probably Doesn't Owe


Obama's Anti-Work Agenda



Here We Go - Families Of 9 People Killed In The Newton School Shooting Suing The Gun Manufacturer

Bill Ayers

Obama's Neighbor & Convicted Terrorist, Bill Ayers, Appears On Iranian Media To Claim US Is A Terrorist Nation


This Pathetic Liar Has Directed The Left-Wing Radicals In The White House To Rate US Colleges 


19 Signs You Are Living In A Country That Has Gone Completely Insane

Dianne Feinstein

One Of Treasonous Dianne Feinstein's Poor Gitmo Released Terrorist Arrested In Spain For Terrorism

Sarah Palin

Palin On Obama/Boehner Cromnibus Bill "It Stinks To High Heaven"

Dirty Harry

Dirty Harry's Final Act & RINOS Voting For Obama's Illegal Amnesty

British Soldiers

British Soldiers Told Not To "Shout" At Terrorists 

Sage Grouse

A Look Inside The Massive $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill


Unions Get Early Christmas Present From The NLRB

 Ted Cruz 
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio recently installed a fence around Gracie Mansion for privacy and security concerns. De Blasio wants to make sure the wrong person doesn't get into the mayor's mansion — while New Yorkers said, “Too late.” - Jimmy Fallon
Syrian Muslims 

Hands Up Don't Shoot – Fact Or Fiction

Why Won't Muslims Condemn Recent Violence


Illegal Aliens

Obama Opens Fraud-Ridden Benefits Programs To Illegal Aliens

Kim Jong Un

North Korean "Cleansing" Its Population Of Mentally Ill & Disabled

Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech Reverses Decision Yanking Conservative Group Funding


A Very Cruel Reality - Obama Using "Legal Immigrants" Fees To Pay For Illegal Amnesty 


Washington State To Vote On "Mileage Tax" & Forced GPS In Your Car

Muslim Sheik

Muslim Sheik Announces "Battle With Jews" Is Coming "Slaughter Them Without Mercy"  

Black Mobs

Memphis Hispanics Plea For Help To Stop Black-On-Hispanic Crime As Eric Holder Visits

Immigration Rally

Plenty of Money For Illegals But None For You - Hundreds Of Millions Spent


Delusional - Contrary To All Polls, Says Race Relations Have Improved On His Watch

Hillary Clinton

Uh-Oh...Benghazi Bombshell Puts Hillary At The Front Of The Video Lie

John Kerry

How Could Someone This Stupid Be Secretary of State - Arabs Call Him "Delusional"

Issa Gruber

Goober Hearing - Fox 55 Minutes, CNN & MSNBC 0 Seconds

Wendy Davis

Wendy Davis Finally Wins Something

Ben Edelman

This Should Make All Lids Proud - Harvard Professor Threatens Legal Action Against Chinese Restaurant That Overcharged Him $4

Illegal Aliens

HHS Paid $86,846 For "Basic Shelter" For Each Illegal Child For 4 Months - Read It & Weep

Child Soldiers

ISIS Training "Child Soldiers"

Greg Abbott

4 More States Join Texas "Illegal Amnesty" Lawsuit


Welcome To "Totcare" - Obama's Progressive Preschool Takeover

Julie Bosman

Take A Minute & Try And Comprehend What This Airhead Liberal Reporter Did - Where Do This People Come From

Eric Holder

The Lawless Lawman Unveils Ridiculous Racial Profiling Guidelines

Sultana Holcomb

Energy Targeting Women


Cities Trying To End Free Parking For Handicapped Drivers - Critics Cry Foul

John Kerry

Kerry Warns Of Global Warming "Tragedy"

Loony Liberal

Wanna Make A Liberal Mad - Shop At These 10 Companies Progressives Say To Boycott


Torturing The Truth - The Real Story Behind The Release Of The "Torture Report"


ISIS Throws Suspected "Gay" Man Off The Roof To His Death

Kamala Harris

Conservatives Sues California AG Over Donor List Demands, "Bullying"

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Sheriff Joe Scores First Victory Against Obama's Illegal Amnesty

Jim Banks

Wife Fills In For Indiana State Senator Serving In Afghanistan


Your Screwed - $700 Million Per Page, 1,600 Page Spending Bill

Hands On Originals

T-Shirt Company Prosecuted For Not Making "Gay" Apparel

Ann Coulter

The College Rape Club

Illegal Aliens

Immigrant Families Benefit Significantly More Than Americans From Medicaid Growth

Rush Limbaugh

This Is More Corrupt Than Anyone Conceived


Federal Document - Obama Has Released 30,862 Foreign Criminals Into US Cities & Neighborhoods

Diana Feinstein

Diana Frankenstein Demands A Partisan Report On CIA Interrogations Be Released - All Agree, Americans In Danger

Sex Slaves

ISIS Cites Quran To Justify Sex Slaves & Child Rape 


Crime Does Pay - Michael Brown Pal & Witness Hired By St. Louis City

Jonathan Gruber

"I'm With Stupid" T-Shirts Selling At Gruber Hearing

Beloit Police

Brilliant - Police Ask Residents To Volunteer For House Gun Search


No Joke - Iran Instructs US To Stop The "Racist" Crackdown On Blacks


New York Flags 278 Gun Owners As Mentally Unstable & Must Give Up Their Guns

Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann Leaving Congress - What Will She Do

Frank Walsh

The Vanishing Male Worker - How America Fell Behind

Elizabeth Warren

The Fake Indian Makes Her Mark

Hillary Clinton

Twas The Night Before Hillary

Michelle Obama

Only 18% Of School Lunch Programs Expect To Break Even As Students Flee New Menus


Stronger Than Ever, Jihadists Kill 5,042 In One Month - Hillary Must Have Missed These Guys

Hands Up

4 "Peaceful" Ferguson Protesters Took Time Out To Brutally Beat A White Guy, Then Go Back To Protesting

Hillary Clinton

State Department Says "Go Pound Sand" Over FOIA Request Of Hillary's Documents

Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage, Maximum Unemployment


Welcome To The O-Zone Where Economic Development Is A Zero-Sum Game

Jonathan Gruber

Goober, I Knew People Were Going To Lose Their Health Plans

House For Sale

It's Official - Fannie & Freddie Begin Offering Riskier Loans

Dirty Harry

Corruption As Usual - Dirty Harry Gives Your Money To Casino Cronies


Rolling Stone's UVA Rape Story Completely Falling Apart 

Lois Lerner

Bombshell - Justice Department Caught Meeting With Lerner To Crush The Tea Party

Donald Trump

Trump - Obama's Jobless Figures Are "Phony" - Economists Agree

Richard Engel

NBC Reporter - Dems CIA Report "Rewriting History" & "Settling Scores"

Aisha Moodie-Mills

MSNBC Guest Blames Landrieu Loss On White Southern Racism

Wally Kowalski

Cops Seize Man's Property, Freeze Bank Accounts & Never Charge Him With A Crime

John Boehner

Exclusive - How The House GOP Leadership Tricked 216 Republicans To Support Obama's Amnesty

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The New Barbarism

Good News – Officer Buys Shoplifting Grandmother Her Food

Gina McCarthy

So What If EPA Regulations Skyrocket Your Energy Bills - We're Fighting Global Warming Here


You Need To Know Just How Radical This Man's Influencers Were

Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham Scolds Congressman For Being "Played By Boehner"


US Labor Force Remains At 36-Year Low, 92,447,000 Not Working

Capital Building

Just So You Know - Congress Can Defund Obama's Amnesty Anytime It Wants 


3 New Ways Government Threatens To Tax The Internet


Nothing Has Changed - Congress Fast Tracks Pork Loaded Bills To Get Out Of Town

Oliver North

Hillary Just Wrote Off The Presidency With This Statement

Cloward Piven

Obama Amnesty is Cloward-Piven On Steroids


Obamacare's Destruction Of Primary Care Doctors Continues

Mahmoud Abbas

Shocking - Mahmoud Abbas, "Hillary Asked Me To Help Dump Mubarak"


Amnesty Shocker - The Secret Behind Obama's Amnesty Order


Child Homeless Report - Surprise, Liberal Run California At The Top 

Black Panthers

Which MSM Told You Obama Has Marched With The Black Panthers?

Black Mob

Black Crime Explosion - Was Happening Way Before Ferguson

The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon

Anti-American Obama Favors Communist Countries

Cleaning Oil Spills Magnetically

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New York Taxis

Confessions Of New York Cabbies


How Much Of Your Paycheck Gets Guzzled By Gas, By Country


Couple Wins $1 Million Suit Against B of A For Harassing Robo Calls

Bank Of China

10 Most Profitable Companies In The World


eBay Will Cut Thousands Of Jobs

Annette Bongiorno

Some Of Madoff's Insiders Sentenced To Prison Terms

Chanute Kansas

Why Is AT&T Trying To Block This Small Kansas Town From Building A Better ISP

Empty Mall

Where Have All The Holiday Shoppers Gone?


Pot Problem - To Much Cash

Gail McGovern

Just So You Know - The Red Cross CEO Has Been Lying To You

Bill Cosby

Cosby Accuser Reveals 2 Witnesses In Sexual Battery Lawsuit


Army Selling Humvees To The Public For The First Time - But There's A Catch

Rolene Strauss

South African Woman Named Miss World 2014


How To Keep Your Car Battery Alive Through A Long Cold Winter

Indian Reservation

Feds Won't Stop Indians From Growing Or Selling Pot

Navy Laser

New Navy Laser Weapon Testing

Snow Storm

52 Coldest Cities In America

Solar Panels

Spray On Solar Panels


Travelers Document Mile-Long Wait For TSA

Gas VS Diesel

Gas VS Diesel - Past, Present & Future


18 Outrageous Food Vehicles

Robot Fish

US Navy Has Robot Fish

Bugatti Chiron 2016

Bugatti Chiron 2016 - Unheard Of Horsepower & Price


What Really Caused Oil Prices To Plunge So Far...So Quickly

Xbox One

Xbox One Now New Game Of Choice Console

Aluminum Foam

New Aluminum "Foam" Lighter, Stronger

Smart ForTwo

2016 Smart Fortwo Coming To The US


Peru To Sue Greenpeace For Damaging Peruvian Monument

Tabatha Bundesen

Her "Grumpy Cat" Let Her Quit Her Job & Become A Millionaire


McDonald's Testing - Have It Your Way


Cody Townsend 
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Bill Cosby Does It Again


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