Paul Ryan

Hillary Compares The NRA To Iranians & Communists

Oregon Residents Protest Obama's Visit

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Donald Trump

Trump Clarifies - I'm Never Getting Out Of The Race


"BlackLivesMatter" Leader Lecturers At Yale, Looting Is Justified - Yes This Is A Real Story

Sidney Blumenthal

Sid Vicious & Hillary Traded Classified Emails

Mahmoud Abbas

Abbas Responsible For The Terror Onslaught In Israel


Obama Considering Executive Action On Gun Control


Oops...Russian Missiles Intended For Syria Hits There Ally Iran


US Officials Conclude Iran Deal Violates Federal Law - Your President Doesn't Care

Jim Jordan

7 Republicans That Could Be Speaker

Paul Ryan

Boehner Wants Paul Ryan To Run For Speaker

Louie Golmert

Boehner Ran A "Dictatorship" For Years

2 Americas, More Clearly Defined Now Than Ever Before

A Nation Of Discontent

3 Deeply Pro-American Candidates


The American President - Yes To Pot, No To Oil - Yes We're In The Twilight Zone

Cruz Trump

Ted Cruz Makes Two Predictions About Trump's Candidacy


Obama Bans All Pork Products From Prison Menus - Do You Get It Now?

Luis Gutierrez

Amnesty For Everyone, Anti-American Luis Gutierrez Backs Paul Ryan For Speaker - How You Know

Angela Merkel

The Muslim Madness Of Merkel

John Koskinen

It's Time To Impeach The IRS Chief For High Crimes

Child Brides

Clash of Cultures - Child Brides Coming To Europe

Ann Coulter

The Problem Isn't Guns Or White Men

Hillary Clinton

FBI Finds Another Backup "This Whole Thing Really Is Covering Up Some Shady S**t"

9/11 Attack

Only In America - Clock-Kid Ahmed & "Truther" Anti-American Dad Celebrated By Obama 


Lena Dunham

Hollyweird Feminist Rape Fabricator, Lena Dunham, With No Shame Perpetuates Her Fraud

Marco Rubio

Rubio Fundraising Down 50% - Maybe Donors Realized He's A "RINO" 

Gowdy Cummings

Brutal - Trey Gowdy Pens Scathing Letter To Top Benghazi Committee Democrat

Trump Witcher

Trump's Hispanic Immigrant Superfan Confuses CNN Host


Republicans Fuming, Obama Threatens To Veto Major Energy Bill

Justice Or Else

Million Man Fraud Comes To Washington

Netanyahu Ben Ki Moon

UN Secretary General Issues Despicable Statement Condemning Israel


Harvard Debate Team Loses To Inmates From Maximum Security Prison

Ben Carson

Ben Carson Outlines Syria Strategy To Weaken Both ISIS & Assad

Progressive Lunacy

Straight Jacket Required Stupid - Bishop Wants Crosses Removed So Muslims Feel Welcome

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The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon

Ivy League Professor Tweets Racial Slurs At Ben Carson

Anti-Police Message On Coffee Cups Will Shock You


Matthew Yglesias

Hillary's Not Concerned With "The Spirit Of The Rules" & That's The Kind Of Democratic President We Need


There's Zero Correlation Between Gun Laws And Homicide Rates


Justice Department To Release 6,000 Inmates Starting Oct. 30th


Obama's Trans-Pacific Partnership - No Laughing Matter To Americans 

David Jaques

Obama Not Welcome Here Says Oregon Roseburg Community Paper Publisher

John Ashe

Surprise - Former President Of The UN Arrested For Taking Bribes

Donald Tump

Trump Declares War On "Obamatrade" Time To Send A Real "Businessman To White House To End This 

Russian Fighter Jet

Russia Is Putting On A Display Of Fire Power In Syria That The US Media Will Never Tell You About

McCarthy Boehner

Of Course, Boehner Throws Leadership A Curveball

Hillary Clinton

Three Shocking New Interviews - Secretary Of State Was Hillary's Third Job, The Other Two Were More Important



Global Warming

MSM Ignoring Bad News For The Global Warning CO2 Nuts

Piggy Bank

Thanks Liberals - In 12 Years There Won't Be One Dime Left To Fund The Government


Billions In Income Fleeing D.C. For Low-Tax States 


Abandon Ship - Obama's Top Advisers On ISIS, Russia, Cyber Security Have All Resigned In The Passed 2 Weeks

Toyota Trucks

US Officials What To Know How ISIS Got So Many Toyota Trucks

John Kasich

Just So You Know, He's A RINO - Kasich Backs Legal Status For Illegal Aliens

Ten Commandments 

10 Commandments Monument Removed At Night From State House Grounds

Mike Huckabee

Huckabee - Americans "Punched In The Gut" By Obama's Trade Deal

Hillary Clinton

Left-Wing Loon - Hillary Pushes Change To Allow Shooting Victims To Sue Gun Manufactures

Stock Market

The Dow Jones Industrial Average Is A Farce/Hoax


Charles Krauthammer

Krauthammer - Trump Is A Much Better Candidate Now Than He Was At The Beginning


Un-American President Threatens To Stop Funding The Military, Unless Congress Closes Gitmo

Fists American Flag

Obama Demands Workers Arise - Marxism Is Back 

Hillary Clinton

The Most Transparent Candidate Since Joseph Goebbels Ordered To Release The Rest Of The Emails She Is Hiding   

Donald Trump

Trump Tweets - 99% Of People Would Be In Jail For What Hillary Did - He Is 100% Correct

Michelle Malkin

Disgusting - Far Left Calls Conservative Michelle Malkin A "Monkey"

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan - I Support The Establishment Kevin McCarthy For Speaker


Chick-fil-A Arrives In New York - Guys, Libs, Animal-Rights Nuts Go Nuts

John Bolton

John Bolton Recommends John Kerry Resign Over The Iran Deal

Jeb Bush

Media Slams Jeb For 2 Words He Said In Response To The Oregon Shooting - Pathetic Bias

Train Station
The Vatican has announced that Pope Francis will visit Mexico next year. Now that he’s met all the Catholics in America, he wants to see where they’re from. - Seth Meyers

Flashback – Whittle, Number One With The Bullet

Hillary Supporters Like Donald Trump's Tax Plan


Secret Service

The Secret Service's Rotten Culture - How Low Can They Go

Donald Trump

Donald Trump's Latest Megyn Kelly Tweet Might Surprise You


Current Immigration Policy Will Outpace American Population Growth 7 To 1

Carly Fiorina

Why Feminists Are Throwing Carly Off The Bus 

Cecile Richards

Videos Put The Spot Light On Planned Parenthood Chief


Pretty Much Everything Obama Said About Gun Violence Was Wrong


Tennessee Lt. Governor Says "Christians" Should Arm Themselves

Hillary Obama

Obama Slams Hillary's "Half-Baked" Syria Proposal


Taliban Claims It Shot Down The US C-130 That Crashed In Afghanistan

Carly Fiorina

So, What Does Silicon Valley Think About Carly Fiorina


The Gov't Just Announced The US Economy Has Just Set A New Record Low - If You Still Don't Think It's Intentional, Wake Up 

Shooting Victim

Oregon Gunman Singled Out Christians During Rampage

Shelley Moore Capito

EPA Rules Forcing West Virginia's Energy Cost Up 20%


Russia's Real Syria Goal Explained By Experts Not By US Lying Administration


All Time Low - Only 7% Say They Have Great Deal Of Trust In American Media

Trump Bush

Trump Leads GOP - Jeb Craters To 4%


Netanyahu Says Iran Nuke Deal Promotes War


Fraud - Medicare Paid $30 Million For Ambulance Rides Where No Services Were Performed


Obama Puts US On "Fast Track" To World Government

GOP Debate

CNBC Sets Threshold For Next GOP Debate



Mark Zuckerberg

Chinese President Snubs Mark Zuckerberg's Request To Name His Unborn Child

Donald Trump

Trump Storms Tennessee To Push 2nd Amendment Protection

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Jumps On The Loony Left-Wing Gun Control Bandwagon 

Sharyl Attkisson

Look Out - Honest Investigative Reporter, Sharyl Attkisson, Ready To Rock The Political World 

Hillary Clinton

New Poll - "Giant Drop-Off" With African Americans

Chris Harper Mercer

Umpqua College Shooter Sought "Limelight" 


Colorado College Bans The Words "Lord, God, Jesus"


Big Union Fight Brewing In American Auto

Clinton Sanders

These Two Have Raised A Lot Of Campaign Money, But In Very Different Ways

John Kerry

John Kerry Begs Russians For "De-Confliction" Talks 

Mark Takai

Is An Unborn Baby With Human Heart A Human Being? Dem Rep "I Don't Want To Talk About That"

Tapper Finny

Hillary Spokeswoman Rambles Incoherently About Email Scandal

Hillary Clinton

Uh-Oh...More Classified Emails By Hillary  

James Comey

FBI Confirms Looking For Breach Of Clinton Server

Ben Carson

Carson Uses Empowerment Message To Sway Black Voters - Are They Listening

Syrian Refugees

Kerry, Clinton, Kennedy Demand You Take Refugees, But Not Them 


The Shocking UN Speech Obama Made That You Haven't Heard About 

Cecile Richards

Planned Parenthood Chief Testifies Before Congress


Migrants - Not The Peace Loving, Job Hunting People You Think

Carly Fiorina

Planned Parenthood Protesters Who Threw Condoms At Carly Fiorina Were Paid


New York Daily News - NRA Must Be Designated A Terrorist Organization

Mitch McConnell

Republicans, Obama On Collision Course Over Defense Bill

Capital Building

US Government Agencies Made $124.7 Billion In Improper Payments In 2014 - How Many Idiots Did They Fire?

Gun Free Sign

Dear "Gun Free Zone" Campus Wizards - Your Stupid PC Policy Doesn't Work

Donald Trump

Trump Pulls Out Of Hispanic Chamber Forum


House Republicans In Solid Shape For 2016 Elections

Nancy Pelosi

America's Complete Disgrace Now Says "When Life Begins Has No Basis In Public Policy"


South Africa Key ISIS Pipeline For Jihadis & Cash

Syria Refugees

Brilliant - Feds Admit "We Have No Outside Data" On Syrian Refugees Headed To USA 

Mike Huckabee

Huckabee On Oregon Shooter "It Was A Cop With A Gun That Stopped Him"

Jason Chaffetz

It's On - Jason Chaffetz To Challenge McCarthy For House Speaker

Lauer Bush

NBC Takes A Real Cheap Shot At Jeb Bush


The More You Politicize Guns, The Weaker Your Case Becomes

Hillary Clinton

Latest Batch Of Clinton Emails - 5% Were Classified

Trey Gowdy

Did Trey Gowdy Say He Was Gong To Retire

Government Employee

Government Unions Take From The Poor To Give To The Rich


Obama Quietly Lets 1,519 Terrorists Into The USA

Carly Fiorina

Carly Was Right - Full Abortion Video Released - Warning Graphic Content

Ted Cruz

Cruz "Republican Leadership Leads The Onslaught Attacking Conservatives"

Donald Trump

Trump Announces Tax Plan - Slashes Taxes For Middle Class & Businesses

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Disturbing Video Shows War On Cops Is Real

Celebrity “Dumbass Award”

Speaker Candidates

Gen Lloyd Austin

Watch When US Generals Are Forced To Defend Left-Wing Politicians, It's Not Pretty


EPA Ignores Science, Wants To Outlaw Lawn Mowing, Add Parking Tax & Declare National Parks Toxic

Ben Carson

Carson - "Absolutely I Stand By The Comments" About Muslim President

Kay Daily

Fiery Mom Invites American To Join The "RINO Hunt"


The Most Expensive Regulation In History - New Obama Power Grab

Jagadish Shukla

Just So You Know How It Works - Leading Global Warming Scientist Calling For The Arrest Of Climate Skeptics Was Paid $1.5 Million For Part-Time Work

Cuban Prison

The Cuban Archipelago - Castro's Brutal Communism 

Hillary Clinton

The Economics Of Hillary Clinton


The Question No Candidate Will Answer

Samatha Power

US Ambassador To UN Spews "Communist" Manifesto Telling Americans They Are Going To Pay For Worlds Sustainable Development  



You Better Read This - Imam Explains How Refugees Can Breed & Conquer The West 


US Trained Syrians Give Trucks & Weapons To Al Qaeda 

Ferguson Police Car

Black Lives Don't Matter In St Louis - Murders To Break Records

Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi - Planned Parenthood Videos Aren't Real - America Has Huge Problems With This Nut A The Wheel


Cold War In The Heating Up Arctic

Extortion - White House Warns States They Must Comply With "Cap-And-Trade"  


Ted Kennedy
The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon

Ben Carson's Campaign Manager Responses To A Hateful GQ Article

Farming In Fear – You Better Watch This

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Putin Obama
 Phil Mickelson 


The History Behind 10 Iconic Cheep Beers

Rosie Chelsea

Rosie O'Donnell's Daughter, Chelsea Speaks Out - Rosie Is A Big Fat "Phony"

RAM 1500

Top 10 Fuel Efficient Pickups

New Cars

11 Confessions Of A Car Dealer

Ghost Towns

10 American Ghost Towns You Can Visit


10 Odd Ball Inventions That Made Millions

Jhon Jairo Velasquez Vasquez

Pablo Escobar's Chief Assassin Reveals The 2 Things That Scare Drug Lords

Yogi Berra

Remembering Yogi Berra - 50 Greatest Yogi-isums

Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar - The Life & Death Of One Of The Biggest Cocaine Kingpins In History


11 Trillion Gallons Of Water Fell In The Carolinas In The Past Week

 Alaska Airline

Airline CEO Admits His Own Airline Lost His Bag

Traffic Signs

20 Most Bizarre Traffic Laws In America

Galecki Parsons

Hollywood Salaries Revealed - From Execs To Extras


European Automakers Overstate Fuel Economy By 40%

Oil Rig

Why Shell Quit Drilling In The Arctic


From Naked Selfies, Stolen Penguins, Tourists Are Ruining Everything

Mark Zuckerberg

Zuck, The Liberal Loon Gave $100 Million To The Newark Public Schools & The District Blew It With No Results

Space Junk

Space Junk Around Earth Has Hit A "Critical Density"


Cable Companies Still Have One Big Weapon Against NetFlix


Why The US Is Headed Toward A Retirement Crisis

Linked In

LinkedIn Agrees To Pay $13 Million In "Spam" Settlement


ATM Fees Hit Record High


9 Of The World's Coolest Mazes You Can Visit


World's Fastest Mower


NASA Explains The Liquid Water On Mars

Castle Germany

39 Of The Most Beautiful Castles In The World


Here's What Happens After You Die

Bill Cosby

2 Colleges Rescind Honorary Degrees They Gave The "Prev" Cosby

  China Traffic Jam
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