Will Yemen Become The Next “Iraq”

Sharyl Attkisson Chides The Administration

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DC Protesters

DC Protesters - Vandalism & Looting Is Fine

Government Employee

Every Day Is A Paid Holiday For Some Federal Employees

Cornel West

Left Wing Cornel West - The Age Of Obama Is Over


When The Enemy Of The State "Is" The State


2,500 New Documents Show White House Hip Deep In IRS Harassment


The Real Turkeys - Thanks Or Something

Capital Building

Just So You Know - Congress Can Defund Obama's Amnesty Anytime It Wants

Mitt Romney

Mittmentum - Romney Still Leading In The Polls

Illegal Aliens

Illegal Aliens Will Be Eligible For Social Security & Medicare

Mahmoud Abbas

"Murderers" Are "Victims" In Palestinian Media


Africa - A Tragic Continent

Have You Been Grubered?

If You Like Your Obamacare Plan, You Might Not Be Able To Keep It

Hillary Clinton

Hillary's Rock Star Demands At Her $300K Appearances - Not Pretty

Jerry Boykin

Former Delta Force Commander Urges Hagel To Speak Out Now - The Damage Obama's Policies Have Inflicted

Al Sharpton

Ferguson Obscures Much Bigger Problems In The Black Community

Gina McCarthy

While You Give Thanks - EPA Quietly Unleashes A Mass Of New Regulations

Elizabeth Warren

Why Is Tonto In Israel

Snow Storm

You Think The Weather In America Is Bad - Check Out What The Russians Did When The Plane Froze To The Ground


Obama Admits To Violating The Constitution - Watch

Michele Flournoy

No Thanks - Nobody Wants The Defense Secretary Position

Darren Wilson

New York Times Publishes Darren Wilson's Address & Other Info


Approval Drops To 27% Among Working-Class Whites

Cloward Piven

Obama Amnesty is Cloward-Piven On Steroids


Tensions Among Democrats Surface

Ferguson Witness

Almost All Ferguson Witnesses, Inconsistent, Fabricated, Lies, Or Completely Wrong

John Koskinen

IRS Paying Millions In Bonuses To Employees Who Are Tax Scofflaws


981 Black Babies Aborted In Missouri Since Michael Brown's Death - No Riots

Alaska Mine

Backers Of Alaska Gold Mine Finally Beat The Corrupt EPA

Burning Building

Rioters Laugh As Black-Owned Businesses Burn

Chuck Hagel

How The White House Unloaded On Chuck Hagel While Firing Him

Computer Rage

Nutty Professors "Get Me Off Your "Bleeping" Mailing List" Counted As "Science"




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The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon  The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

Turkeys – Democrats At Work

EPA Claims They Control Your Water-All Of It



Why Thanksgiving Turkeys Aren't Extinct

Black Mob

Black Crime Explosion - Was Happening Way Before Ferguson


The President Checking To See If He Should Throw Away Another Indispensable Ally


Aussie School Prez - What "Emperor" Obama Should Have Said To Illegals

Chuck Schumer

Chucky Schumer Says Obamacare, Which He Supported, Hurt Dems - Doesn't Give A Rats Ass How It Hurt You


Russia Steps Closer To "Annexing" Abkhazia

Wind Farm

Now Tree Huggers Claim Wind Farm Will Be An Environmental Disaster

Jim Webb

Uh-Oh...The Self Appointed Queen Has A Challenger

House Of Cards

The Dreaded Consequences Of Obamanomics

Iran Nuke Talks

Iran Nuke Talks Go Nowhere - Extended For 7 Months



The Food Police Have Arrived - FDA Finalizes Menu Labeling Rules

Robert McCulloch

Darren Wilson Will Not Be Charged Complete Run Down


Uh-Oh...The King Is Already Using Ferguson To Proclaim - We Must Rewrite Criminal Laws

Oakland Riots

LA, Oakland Compete With Ferguson For The Most Violent Night

Mark Steyn

You Won't Want To Miss This - Mark Steyn To Court For Defamation Hearing


Why The US Surveillance State Lives On


A Brief History To US-Iran Relations

Loretta Lynch

New AG Pick Loves To Use "Civil Forfeiture"

Joel Pollack

My Immigrate Father's Warning "When Illegality Becomes The Law" - It Did Thursday Night

Latino Protesters

Latino Leaders - Obama's Amnesty Doesn't Solve The Immigration Problem


Obamacare Offers Firms $3,000 Incentive To Hire Illegals Over American Workers

John Kerry

John Kerry Lies About Iran's Cooperation With IAEA

Winston Churchill

A Cure For A World Adrift

China Military

Russia, China, Iran Waging Political Warfare - US Lacks Any Strategy


Labor Union Work By Federal Employees On "Official Time" Cost Taxpayers Millions


Oops...Black Friday Walmart Protest Forgets To Include Walmart Employees


Dems Warn Backers Obama Could Go To Jail - To Separate The Fools From Their Money

Winifred Roberts

The Nazi Code Breaker

Lois Lerner

This Woman Is Sick - Refused Tax Exempt Status To Hundreds Of Conservatives, But OK'd Underage Prostitution Ring


The acting director of the Secret Service, Joseph Clancy, said they may make the fence around the White House taller because of the recent security failures. When asked if he had any other ideas, he said, "Uh, make the sidewalk lower?" - Jimmy Fallon


Obama's Gruber Amnesty Speech

Tammy Duckworth

Disability System For Veterans Strays Far From Its Official Purpose

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Backs Obama's Illegal Amnesty

Eric Holder

Docs Now Show Holder Knew & Tried To Manipulate The Press


Liberal, Extreme & Contemptuous Of Public Opinion


A Bad Deal Gets Worse

US Soldiers

Obama Secretly Extends US Combat Operations In Afghanistan


Democrats Would Rather Have Voters Than American Jobs

White House

Amazing - White House Blatantly Lies To You On Immigration Benefits

Lois Lerner

30,000 Lost Emails Found

Terry Bean

Character Doesn't Matter - Major Dem Fundraiser Arrested For Sex Abuse Of A Minor 


21 Facts That Prove Dependence On Government Is Out Of Control In America

Jonathan Gruber

Gruber Is Not The Only Deceptive Obama Advisor - Yes There Are More


Museum Must Return WW II Gun Exhibit Because Of New State Gun Law 


Warrantless SWAT Team Breaks Into Homeschoolers House 

Snow Storm

Americans Brace For More Record Breaking Snowfall

Hamas Terror Tunnel

Egypt Has Enough Of Hamas Terror Tunnels Too - See What They Are Planning

Capital Building

Insider - Shutdown Not Out Of The Question


Poll - 1-In-3 Ferguson Blacks Believe Shooting Of Mike Brown "Justified"



Obama Launches "Green" Train Plan For Mexico With Your Money


American's Destroyer Gave $3 Billion To UN Climate Fund Run By Communists & Terrorist Nations

Al Sharpton

The Race "Pimp" Whose Absurdity Is Exceeded Only By Obama's Ego & His Tax Debt

Ann Coulter

Downing Street Memo VS Gruber

Denish D'Souza

Libs Outraged Over Proposed Bill Requiring Students Watch A "Patriotic" Film 

School Bus

Islam, Anti-Semitism Sneak Into Tennessee Textbooks


The American Hater Is Doing What Ever He Wants & No-one Is Stopping Him

US Map

Obama's Illegal Executive Action Will Hurt States

Illegal Aliens

New DHS Immigration Rules - Drunk Drivers, Sex Abusers, Drug Dealers, Gun Offenders All OK To Stay

Sylvia Mathews Burwell

Scary HHS Administrator Admits - Ya...We Screwed With The Obamacare Enrollment Numbers 

John Boehner

House Files Obamacare Lawsuit


Undercover Video Of The Obamaphone Taxpayer Rip-off


Americans Are Screwed "You Cannot Repeal 30 Million People"


Non-Profit Groups Take On Teachers Union Monopoly


30 Roofs Collapse After 7 Foot Snowfall


Medicare Doles Out $45 Billion In Improper Payments This Year & Feds Don't Seem To Care

Government Employee

Taxpayers Paid 8 EPA Employees $1 Million To Do Nothing

Tod Park

Ex-US Technology Chief Pulls A Sargent Schultz On Obamacare Website Problems

Ben Carson

Stupidity Reconsidered - Obama Only Fooled Libs

Jonathan Turley

Liberal Law Professor Joins House's Lawsuit Against Obamacare

Sally Kohn

A Liberal's Liberal Demonstrates The Lack Of Cognizant Thought 

Illegal Aliens

 Flood Of Illegals Pour Into NYC Schools

Hillary Clinton

Obama Throws Hillary Under The Bus

Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachman Reveals GOP Strategy To Deal With Illegal Amnesty - We Will Do Nothing

US Flag

Can You Pass The US Citizenship Test?

Rand Paul

Rand Paul Blasts Obama - We Can't Allow That Much Power To One Individual

Electric Grid

Experts Warning - Cyber Attacks No Joke


The Huge Cost Of Obama's Amnesty Falls On Already Hurting American Taxpayers


Congress Warns Obama It Won't Back A Bad Deal With Iran


Let's Screw Americans Some More - Despite Highest Poverty Rate In 50 Years, Obama OKs 5 Million Illegals To Compete For Jobs


This Guy Is Very Good - He Can Destroy The US While Only Working Part-Time

Charles Butler

Black Activists Finally Speak Out Against Obama


ISIS Now Hiring - Needs Mechanics & Technicians To Manage Captured Gear & Weapons

Greg Abbott

Texas Governor-Elect Plans To Fight America's Dictator

Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton Explains Why He Is A Tax Cheat...Because People Don't Like Obama Or Something


Obama As The "Deporter-In-Chief" Is A Complete Lie


Who Really Stands Up For The Middle Class Workers

Carl Levin

Top Democrat - Congress Can Withhold Funding For Obama's Amnesty "It Happens All The Time"

Russian Bombers

Now Russian Bombers Threaten Guam

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Our Enemy The “Fed”

Don't Tell Em


Boehner McConnell Reid

Will These Sneaky Bastards Fully Fund Obamacare Before GOP Congress Is Seated 

Red Blue States

Convention Of The States - Solution Or Suicide

Javad Zarif

Iranian Negotiator - US Must Bow To Our "Inalienable Nuclear Rights"

Russian Nukes

US, Russia Nuke Cooperation Draws To A Close - Hillary's "Reset Button" Was Broke

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth "I Lied About Being An Indian" Warren Attracts Big Liberal Donors

Border Agents

Illegals Taunt Immigration Agents As They Await Amnesty From Obama

Ben Stien

Ben Stein "This President Is The Most Racist President There Has Ever Been In America"

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley "Unintelligent Blacks Brainwashed" To Keep Successful Black Men Down 


Now The Bozo Proposes "Net Neutrality" - Obamacare For The Internet


1 In 5 Army Officers "Cut" From Service Under Obama



It's Time Again To Remind You - Valerie Jarrett's Father-In-Law's Bombshell In 1979


Kurds Claim ISIS Has An Army 7 Times Larger Than You Have Been Told 


Child Homeless Report - Surprise, Liberal Run California At The Top  

Americans Mad

Americans Mad As Hell Over Our Rights Being Taken 


William Harper

Princeton Professor Says Global Warming "Activists" Are Doing It All Wrong - Of Course Gets Hate Mail



The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

Black Chicago Activists Finally Get It

California DMV Expands Hours For Illegal Aliens

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Paige VanZant 

Brad Pitt

Who Is The Biggest Movie Star Of The Century


The Key To Having A Good Memory Is Ridiculously Simple


Highest-Paying Programming Languages Ranked By Salary

Josh Mohrer

Top Uber Executive Caught Tracking Uber Users

Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk Rides A Real Hover Board


11 Surviving Drive-In Theaters


1,000 Square Feet, $1 Million Dollars


CNBC Takes A Blood Bath

ESA Lander

European Space Agency Puts A Lander On A Comet 311 Million Miles Out

Aluminum F-150

Ford's Huge Bet On New Aluminum F-150


10 Things You Didn't Know About Fast Food Drive-Thru

Michelle Hurd

This Famous Actress Says Cosby Tried To Get Me Too


How A Group Of Yale Students Pulled Off The Greatest College Prank Of All Time


Intriguing Lost Cities Around The World

Tara Holcross

Escaping The Wealth Gap Can Mean Fleeing Home Towns

Olive Garden

Cash-Strapped Americans Are Abandoning Restaurants

Sand Castle

WOW - This Sand Castle Is 39' High - See It To Believe It

Motorcycle Airbag

New Motorcycle Airbag

Crime Scene

America's Most Dangerous Cities


USPS Hacked


Oops...Google Engineers Give Up On Renewables


Oil Fell To $74


15 Cars That Refuse To Die

Gulfstream G500

The New G500 & G600 Are Really, Really Fast - But Don't Look At The Price

Bill Cosby

Now Numerous Allegations Of Rape & Sexual Assault - NBC Drops Cosby

Jeremiah Heaton

The Man Who Would Be King

Anita Krohn Traaseth

Liberal Female Friendly Countries, Companies Are Still Dominated By Men - DUH

Toyota Prius

20 Cars For 2015 With The Best Gas Mileage

Richerd Overton

America's 108-Year-Old Whiskey Drinking, Cigar Smoking Veteran


Disney's Magic Kingdom Transforms For The Holidays

 Long Limo 
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After America, There Is No Place To Go

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Thank You Dems, You Now Own It


Chris Christie

Chris Christie For President


Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby Does It Again


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