Hits & Misses From First Debate

Trump & Clinton Spar Over Trade

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Hillary Clinton

Hillary Runs From Reporters After Debate, Speaks To No One, Sneaks Out Back Door


Up-Date, Trump Ahead Of Hillary In Electoral College

Bill De Blasio

WOW - Cops Boo NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio

Hillary Clinton

Deplorable - The Smearing Of The Middle Class By Pseudo-Intellectuals


Obama's Climate Legacy On Trial

Napolean Harris

Robbers Try To Mug Pizza Delivery Guy Who Turns Out To Be An Ex-NFL Linebacker

Trump Cruz

Cruz Decision To Back Trump Puts Pressure On Kasich To Get Off Lonely Never Trump Island

Cop Running

LA's New Police Directive - Armed Threat, Run Away

Cheryl Mills

Why Did The Obama Justice Dept. Grant Cheryl Mills Immunity???

Clinton Obama

White House Approved Hillary's Private Server - Lied Again When He Said He Didn't Know It Existed


Dead People Voting In Colorado Sparks Voter Fraud Investigation


Whistleblower Greg Hicks, Hillary Should Never Be President 

Advice For Trump

Obamacare Is UnAmerican - A Personal Story

Trump Clinton

Top 16 Moments Of First Debate

James Comey

Ex-DOJ Official - "Comey Has To Go" He Has Embarrassed The Agency

Michael Savage

Michael Savage Pull Off Radio Following Hillary Health Segment - Who Ordered This?


Hillary's Lead With Millennials Shrinks By 66% Since August


Trump Tells Netanyahu He Would Recognize Jerusalem As Israel's Capital

Donald Trump Rally

Defecting Dems Help Trump Close In On Clinton In Crucial Pennsylvania

Arnold Palmer

The King Is Dead, At 87

1964 Dem Ad

WOW, Hillary Tries To Drag America Back To 1964 To Defeat Trump - Watch This

Lester Holt

How Lester Holt Went From Chicago To Moderating Trump - Clinton Debate

Keith Lamont Scott

Keith Lamont Scott Was A Thug, Assaulting Women, Children, Jail Time & Rap Sheet In 5 States A Mile Long


Donald Trump

Trump Questions Why No Questions On Hillary's Email Scandal, Clinton Foundation, Benghazi & Other Key Stories

Clinton Trump

Just So You Know - In The Debate Trump Gets 6 Follow-Up Questions, Hillary Gets 0

Lester Holt

Debate Moderator, Lester Holt, Faces Criticism For Letting Hillary Off The Hook But Not Donald

Hillary Clinton

"Now Outraged" Over Flint, Hillary Ignored Lead In D.C. Water Which Was Worse


Obama Spits On Texas

Arcan Cetin

Media Wrong Again - Cascade Mall Shooter Not Hispanic, Internet Sleuths, He's A Turkish Muslim & Hillary Supporter

Sandra Langlois

Americans Who Can't Find Jobs Because They Don't Speak Spanish

Arcan Cetin

Washington Mall Suspect Caught, Turkish Immigrant

Fernando Aguilar

Outrage In Iowa - Another Obama Illegal "Dreamer" Kills 12-Year-Old Girl

Ted Cruz

Why Cruz Flipped On Trump


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Gene Simmons
The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons
Jeh Johnson Obama

The Clinton Lie Ratchet

10th Annual William F Buckley Award For Media Excellence – Charlie Daniels


Charlotte Protesters

70% Of Arrested Charlotte Protesters Were From Out Of State


Top Bank Fraud Expert - All The Big Banks Profit Comes From Fraud

Obama At UN

Obama At UN, Which He Wants To Run, American Must Surrender Sovereignty & Embrace One World Government


IRS To Target 20 Million Americans Who Didn't Buy Obamacare

Ed Royce

House Passes Bill Preventing Future Cash Payments To Iran - Can Obama Still Wire Your Tax Dollars?

Hillary Clinton

Bizarre Video, Hillary Shouts At Cameras "Why Aren't I 50 Points Ahead Of Donald Trump"

Hillary Clinton

There's Something About Hillary

Corine Mack

Charlotte NAACP President: "It Doesn't Matter If He Had A Gun"

Charlotte Riots

Charlotte Riots - How Does Looting A Walmart & Burning Vehicles Advance Your Cause?


Mass Immigration Costs Government $296 Billion A Year & Depresses Wages...This Guy Doesn't Give A Rats Ass

Kerr Putney

Charlotte Police Push Back - Release Videos Of Keith Lamont Scott Shooting

Taurus Rachel

Obama & Black Lives Matter Planned Charlotte Riots

Blacks marching

Obama Doesn't Deserve Anything From The Black Community 

Charlotte Shooting

Charlotte Shooting Video - Fatal Encounter Between Police, Keith Lamont Scott

Charlotte Looters

Charlotte Rioters Loot Store & More - Watch

Iranian Missiles

Obama's "Partner In Peace" Iran Threatens To Turn Israel To Dust 

American Flag

Why Are Americans Migrating To Red States?

Ann Coulter

Trump Busts Muslim Protection Racket

Greg Abbott

Governor Of Texas - We're Withdrawing From Fed's Refugee Program Over Terror Threat

Muslims Beating Christians

Pakistan - Drunken "Religion Of Peace" Muslim Mobs Storm Homes Of Random Christians & Beat Them With Metal Rods




Guccifer Laments Failure To Expose "Crimes" & Rails Against Clinton

Little Girl

Meet A True Hero - Lunch Lady Quits After Forced To Take Away Hot Lunches From Students - When Will You Say Enough 

Betty Shelby

Tulsa Officer Charged With First-Degree Manslaughter

New Bike

Best Story Of The Day - Cops Buy Bike For Teenager Who Walks To Work, 2 Hours Each Way

Charlotte Looters

Charlotte Looters, Hillary Invites Chaos In Pursuit Of Black Voter Turnout

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Tries To Evade Benghazi Lawsuit Liability - Believes She Doesn't Even Need To Respond

Mike Pence

Mike Pence Throws Down - Charlotte Protesters Have "No Right To Engage In Violence Against Our Citizens Or  Police"

Charlotte Protester

White House: Charlotte Thugs, Looters, Car Burning Rioters Have "Legitimate" Complaints - Now You Know Why This Continues

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Does Left-Wing Comedy Show "Between Two Ferns" Comes Across Completely Unlikable


Hillary Clinton
A White House email account was hacked and a lot of their information was leaked yesterday. They're saying the information was stolen from the Gmail account of a low-level staffer. Then Joe Biden was like, "Technically, my title is vice president." - Jimmy Fallon
Poor In America

Peter Schiff – America Is So Broke We Can't Even Afford Peace

WWII Survivor Warns Of Socialism & Gun Control


Charlotte Protester

Charlotte Protester Berates FOX News Reporter - "You Wanna Make A F****g Fabricated Story!"

John Koskinen

IRS Chief Takes Heat At Impeachment Hearing

Cracker Barrel

Insanity - Liberals Want "Cracker Barrel" To Change Its Name Because It's Racist

Robby Mook

Watch Hillary Campaign Manager Dodge Every Question On Morning Joe

Hillary Clinton

Young People Are Still Not Sold On Old, Sick Hillary

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Has Experience Fighting Terrorism, All Right - As A Complete Failure

Donald Trump

This Is The Difference Between Donald Trump And Hillary

Sanctuary Cities

Sanctuary Cities In The US Continue To Obstruct Enforcement & Threaten Public Safety

Charlie Crist

Sometimes Republican, Now Democrat Charlie Crist Says Hillary Is Honest - Audience Breaks Out In Laughter

Coffee For Cops

Now That's America, Watch This Black Guy Bring Coffee For Cops At The NYC Bomb Site

Chelsea Clinton

A Young Chelsea Clinton Learned To Call Secret Service Agents "Pigs" From Her Parents, Claim Domestic Staff

Sprinkler Irrigation

Despite Drought, California Gov't Caught Watering Fake Grass...Their Excuse...

Tim Kaine

Eye-Opening Radical Facts About Hillary's VP Pick - Citizen Kaine

Mexican Protester

Anti-Trump Protest Falls Flat In Houston Texas

Hillary Clinton

Clinton Insider, Hillary "Losing Her Mental Capabilities" - "I Wouldn't Trust Her With Matches In The Kitchen"


Shocking - UN Human Rights Office Asks If Economic Freedom Is An "Urgent Threat" To Mankind - Why In God's Name Do We Give The UN Any Money

Hand Out

Social Engineering - Obama Hired Behavioral Experts To Get More People On Federal Programs

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Holds 8 Minute, 6 Question Press Conference While Reading Notes

David Stockman

David Stockman - Stock & Bond Bubbles Much Worse Than 1929

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Collapse Coverage Reveals The Absurdity Of Biased Media

Anthony Weiner

The Weiner Does It Again - 15-Year-Old Girl Involved & He Broke The Law


Mexican Police Find "Homemade Bazooka" That Launched Contraband Over Border

Trump Clinton

Hillary Blows $50 Million On Anti-Trump Ads In August...Drops 10 Points In Polls

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Postpones Another Fundraiser "Without Reason"

Red Tape

Rolling Out The Red Tape - Feds Add New Rules To Punish American Manufactures & Kill Jobs


Americans Are 100% Fed Up With All These Flag Protests & Latest NFL Ratings Prove It

Jason Chaffetz

You've Been Served - Hillary IT Guy Who Ignored Subpoena Hit With Contempt Of Congress 

Swediish Flag

"MultiCulturalism Is Failing" Violent Riots Erupt Throughout Stockholm By Muslim Immigrants

Dallas County Commissioners

Warning - Dallas County Commissioners Approves Resolution Claiming Reparations Are Needed For Descendant's Of Slaves


Obama Lectures Press On Weekend Terror Attacks, Refuses To Call Bombings Terror

Mitch McConnell

Senate Nears Deal To Fund Government 

Ahmad Rahami

NJ, NY Bomber Sued The Police For Discrimination

Hillary Clinton

Far-Left Huffington Post Surrenders - Examines Why Hillary Lost 49 Days Before Election

Jill Soloway

Hollywood Trashes Trump At The Emmys

Nicodemo Gonzalez

Trump's Poster Boy - Deported 5 Times, Illegal Alien Continues To Come Back & Rape & Sexually Assault Women

Joe Scarborough

Flash Back - Watch These Libs State Hillary's Campaign Started The Birther Issue

Hillary Clinton Rally

Hillary's Abysmal Rally Record Getting Worse - This Disparity Is Unheard Of 

French Soldier

Increase Of Muslim Jihad Terror Attacks Forces Europe To Batten Down The Hatches

Electroral Map

Trump Catches Clinton In Electoral College As Blue States Turning To "Toss Up"

German Woman

National Suicide - Germany Now Is Promoting Islam, Jihad, Sharia

Donald Trump

Trump Cracks The Electoral College Lock

Al Sharpten

Fraudster Big Al Reverend Sharpton Explains Why Black Cops Are Racist Against Black People

Hillary Clinton

"Smoking Gun" Evidence Uncovered On Hillary's Email Deletion Scheme


ISIS Suspected In Mustard Gas Attack On US & Iraqi Forces

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Gave State Department Appointments To 194 Donors

Donald Trump

Local TV Stations Disappointed In Low Spending By Trump Campaign

Hillary Clinton Obama

Obama To Go On Campaign Blitz For Clinton 

Trump Rally

Trump Rally In Estero Florida & Thousands Couldn't Get In

Hillary Rally

Hillary's Small Rally At Temple University, But She Has To Be Helped Up The Stairs 

Dahir Adan

Life Before, Soldier Of Allah's, Stabbing Rampage In Minnesota Mall


Obama Has Been "Wiring" Money To Iran Since 2015 - He Lied To America Again

Eliot Engel

Idiot Dem Rep Eliot Engel - We Can Combat Islamic Terrorism With Twitter

Clinton Volunteers

Video Captures Clinton's Weak Ground Game In Ohio

Hillary Clinton

Hillary To Millennials - You Know I'm A Money Grabbing, Power Hungry Liar, But You Should Give Me Another Chance

Donald Trump

Hillary's Campaign Panics - Polls Show Trump Skyrocketing In Black Communities 


Pandering In A Pantsuit - Clinton Promises Socialism To Millennials

Bradley Trump

Black Detroit Radio Host Pulled From Air For Being A Trump Supporter


Who Was The First "Birther"? It Wasn't Hillary Or Trump

Hillary Clinton

Michelle Malkin Rips The New "Style Icon" Fashion Queen Setting New Fall Fashions

Paris Streets

Check Out These Videos Of Migrants Enriching Parisian Culture

Hillary Clinton

CNN Caught Again Editing Hillary's Embarrassing Response To NYC Bombings - Watch, She is Drugged

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Flashback – With Recent Muslim Attacks, Must Watch

The Real Problem Facing African Americans Is Black-On-Black Crime

Florida Parents

George Soros

Soros - Western Society Must Fall Before One World Gov't Can Be Established - Watch


Muslims Scream F- America!... After Conviction For Food Stamp Fraud

Hillary Clinton

Friends Of Hillary Say She Has Parkinson's - Why Was She Wearing Blue Sunglasses


Treasonous Obama May Have Already Sent $33.6 Billion In Cash & Gold To Iran 

Hillary Clinton

HSBC Case Blows Lid Off Clinton's Offshore Money Empire


Hillary Clinton

Still Just A Conspiracy?...Bill Clinton Thought Hillary Was Too Sickly To Run For President!


DHS Accused Of Sitting On Damning Border Report As Immigration Issue Drives Presidential Race

Ann Coulter

Could Hillary Tell Us What Percentage Of Muslims Are "Deplorable"?


How Hispanics, Blacks Have Fared In Obama Economy

Mark Levin

Mark Levin...That's Right, I'm Voting For Trump!!!

Julian Assange

Wikileaks Has Thousands Of Cables Hillary Signed With "C" For Confidential - She Told The FBI She Didn't Know What It Meant

Philip Haney

DHS Whistleblower, Muslims Waging "Settlement Jihad" All Over The Country & Obama Is Helping Them

Comey & Clinton

Bingo!... FBI Chief & The Clinton Criminal Foundation Connection Exposed - You Need To Read This


Murder Rates Skyrocketing In 25 Of America's Largest 100 Cities 


Your Money Or Your Life - What's Behind The Latest Government Scam To Rob You Blind 

Armed Forces Chiefs
The Daily Account's Daily Cartoon The Daily Account's Daily Cartoons

Are Electric Cars Really Green

Krauthammer's Advice For Hillary & Trump

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Arnold Palmer 

Sally Krawcheck

The Single Biggest Mistake I've Seen Women Make At Work


How To Get The Internet Performance You're Paying For

Multicolored Geyser

6 World Wonders You've Never Heard Of

Oxford University

The Top College And University In The World

Millenniun Tower

Sinking Tower Of San Francisco, New 58 Story Building Has Sunk, 16 Inches

Capital Building

Can You Pass The US Citizenship Test?

Drone Rifle

Skynet Anti-Drone Rifle Jams Signals In The Air


Interesting Job Offer In Canada - 2 Free Acres Of Land If You Relocate



Horseback Riding

10 Things NOT To Do In Costa Rica


Who's Going To Buy Twitter

Veggie Burger

Inside The County's First 100% Vegetarian Drive-Thru Fast Food Restaurant

Gun Fight O.K. Corral

Best Western Films Of All Time

Mark Harmon

World's Highest Paid TV Actors Of 2016

Old House

18 American Towns Every Old House Lover Should See 

Solar Powered Helicopter

Solar Powered Helicopter Flies Into Aviation History

Stuntman Rocket

Daredevil Successfully Completes Evil Knievel's Snake River Jump


51 Favorite Facts You've Always Believed That Are Actually False

iPhone 7

iPhone 7's Three Most Notable Features Tested


Forbes List Of World Billionaires

Ford Water

Ford Lets You Drink & Drive


Engaging An F-35 Would Be Like Jumping Into A Boxing Ring To Fight An Invisible Muhammad Ali


What Hiring Managers Really Think Of Your Tattoos

USS Zumwalt

Navy Debuts Futuristic USS Zumwalt Destroyer

Military Tank

Need A New SUV? You Can Now Buy A Real D-Day Tank


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Real Pirates Of The Caribbean - Yachters Fight Back


Tallest Skyscrapers In The World

Glider Yacht

High Powered "Glider Yacht"

The Beatles

10 Things You Never Knew About The Beatles


Should Edward Snowden Be Pardoned

What Information Can The FBI Hide From Congress

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